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Wonderful Glaciers, snow-capped mountains, raging rivers, astounding volcanoes, spectacular waterfalls, beautiful huddles of birds, and amazing wildlife of Iceland are the temptations which attract numerous tourists towards it. The unsurpassed majesty of Iceland makes it one of the most liked tourist destinations. Situated at the convergence of the Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic; Iceland is the one of the most captivating countries of Europe. A travel to Iceland is always jam-packed with fascinating natural beauty and adventures. Last month, I travelled to Iceland with my friend to spend our holidays and we had the most excellent holidays in this stunning country. It’s a perfect holiday destination. You could enjoy tons of exciting activities and miraculous beauty. We had the best time of our life in Iceland. bigtupTravel to Iceland

We started our vacations from Reykjavik. Gullfoss was the first place we visited. Its English translation is “Golden Waterfall”. Gullfoss is a double waterfall. The history of golden waterfalls is very interesting. There is a stone memorial of a girl, Sigridur Tomasdottir. Some People believe that she saved this waterfall from being used as a means to produce electricity; however most of the people don’t agree with this story. The stone memorial depicts her profile. The beauty of this place could not be described in words. It is awe-inspiring. There had been rainfall before our visit and there was lots of water. The sound of water added a thrill to our experience. Golden falls has been featured in the video of ‘Single Heaven’. It was a song by Band Live. I had seen this waterfall in that video but this place is far brilliant than it looks in the video. We had to climb up many steps to reach the top of the waterfall but the views were breathing and worth our effort. The previous day rain had given a magical touch to this dazzling place. We even saw the rainbow. The seven colors of the rainbow were giving a miraculous look to this waterfall. It was the most wonderful view that I have ever seen in my entire life.

We were so touched by the magnificence of Gullfoss that we decided to book a tour of golden circuit range. We wanted to see the sparkling beauty of Iceland. There were few other travelers accompanying us in this beautiful tour. First of all, we were taken to a Tomato farm. We bought some drinks and soup from this farm. It was a nice place. After the tomato farm, they took us to Gullfoss. My friend and I had already visited this place but it is an integral part of golden circuit range and we had to stop here. Other travelers were climbing up with great eagerness. This place is exceptionally beautiful and we didn’t mind climbing up for the second time. We were watching its magnificent glory for the second time but it was still a unique and amazing experience.Travel to Iceland

 After this, we headed to explore another magic of Iceland. We were taken to the geysers. Geysers are the natural hot springs which turbulently eject from the ground. The water is always accompanied by the steam. I had never seen a natural geyser and this natural wonder stunned me. The steam coming out with the water was making the view even more enchanting. To add to it; nature gifted us with a rainbow in the backdrop. Watching a natural miracle in splendid environ was just like a magic for me. I was very happy that I chose Iceland for spending my vacations. My friend was also amazed to watch this splendor. After filling our eyes and soul with the grandeur of this place; we headed to the next place. It was the place where European and American Tectonic Plates meet. It took 20 minutes walking through a valley. The views were very pleasant. We were extremely happy that our tour went superb. I must say that a travel to Iceland could never be complete without experiencing the fantastic Golden Circuit Range tour.

We also enjoyed horse riding in the beautiful ambiance of Iceland. We rented horses from Islenski Hesturinn. It is the only company in Reykjavik which provides horses on rent. I had never done horse riding before. My only experience with a horse was falling off. But the staff was very helping and they made me ready for the ride. Their instructions made horse riding easy and enjoyable for me. We really had great fun. Experiencing the joyful horse riding in Iceland was very special for me. It was our last day in Reykjavik and we wanted to make best out of it. So, after enjoying horse riding, we headed to see the Solfar Sculpture. The meaning of Solfar in English is Sun Voyage. This sculpture is a masterpiece of artistry. There was snow and ice all around this sculpture when we visited it. The snow and ice were giving it a miraculous touch and it was looking even more majestic. The splendid bay in the backdrop was looking amazing. Our journey in Reykjavik was filled with matchless beauty and ecstasy.Travel to Iceland

Our next destination was Akureyri. The flight from Reykjavik to Akureyri takes only 45 minutes. Akureyri is another charming place in the knees of Iceland. You could see the most amazing landscapes in this area. The prominent attraction of Akureyri is a night tour to the northern lights with Saga Travel. It’s a creative company which organizes sightseeing tours. We had booked a night tour with Saga Travel. Our guide was exceptionally informed about this area. He pointed some spectacular sites which we had not heard about.  We did see the northern lights and it was an incredible experience. We also got an opportunity to bathe in a hot spring. Soaking my body in a hot spring with no one around except for snow-capped mountains was very relieving and delightful for me.

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After a tour with Saga Travel, we chose Mud Pot as our next stop. Mud Pot is the grand example of magical and mystical beauty of nature. It is supernaturally beautiful and it would take your breath away. In the mid of snow blanketed mountains, it is a place which makes you feel like being in another world. We were fascinated to see the view. The steam and gurgling was adding a charisma to the views. We clicked many photographs of this dazzling natural wonder. The color contrast really adds an appeal to the photographs. It was awesome to feel the blend of hot and cold, and to watch the charcoal-colored mud bubbling out. I was feeling as if I’m watching an episode of Star Trek. If you are planning to spend your vacations in Iceland, then don’t miss out this place. It’s the gem of Iceland.Travel to Iceland

After Akureyri, we headed to Selfoss of southern region of Iceland. The last place that we visited in our Iceland travel was Kerid Crater. It’s a stunning crater lake located in the Golden Circle. It is the most gorgeous and colorful lake that I have ever seen. I fell in love with the colorful beauty of this Crater Lake. The water was also stunningly colorful. We decided to watch the sunset from this place and we were mesmerized by the views. The colors and hues of this spectacular Crater Lake made it the best sunset scene of my life. I would surely visit this place in my next travel to Iceland.Travel to Iceland

Our journey in Iceland was full of matchless beauty. It was beyond my expectations. Iceland is amazingly beautiful and unique. It added enormous splendor to our vacations. I know that there is a lot more to explore in Iceland but we can’t do it in a single trip. I am planning my next trip to Iceland in the next month. I feel that everyone must visit this paradise at least once.


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