Adilabad To Hyderabad By Train

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If you plan to visit Adilabad during summer, you better bring your swimming suits or rush guard outfit because aside from sacred temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and water dams, Adilabad is famous for its two waterfalls; Kuntala and Pochera. You can plan a picnic at the rocky caves below the falls or spend time swimming on its cold cascading waters.

Adilabad To Hyderabad By Train


It is a must to visit Charminar, an important landmark while in Hyderabad City. It is located right on the central part of the city with a mixture of colors, creeds, and histories. Charminar is an interesting place for those who enjoy shopping and want to know the origin of the old city.

Here are the available modes of transport from Adilabad to Hyderabad.

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Adilabad To Hyderabad By Train

There are 50 direct and express trains that cover the Adilabad to Hyderabad route on a scheduled basis. The travel duration is 9 hours and 25 minutes. The lowest train fare is US$ 60. There are railway transport companies that provide once a week service and there are some transport companies that operates three times a week, to know about their rates and train schedules, visit this site:

Adilabad To Hyderabad By Train

Adilabad To Hyderabad By Bus

The distance from Adilabad to Hyderabad is 343 kms. Only one bus transport company covers the daily bus transport service between Adilabad to Hyderabad. The travel duration is 5 hours and 15 minutes and a the railway distance is 465 kms. Along with having 7 boarding points, the bus usually leaves as early as 10:00 AM and the last at 10:00 PM. The lowest fare starts at US$ 48. To know the exact bus schedules and rates, please visit:!today

Driving your car or hailing a taxi cab is another convenient option when travelling from Adilabad to Hyderabad, the travel duration is estimated at 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Adilabad To Hyderabad By Plane

There are no direct flights available from Adilabad to Hyderabad, however, the most accessible and easy options is to take the bus or train route. 

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