Beautiful Places In Kerala

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beautiful places in keralaI had heard a lot about the cultural and natural beauty of India and I always wished to visit India at least once in my life. To give a start to my desire of exploring India, I decided to visit Kerala along with my girlfriend. I really feel that my decision of spending time in Kerala was the best decision I have ever made. There are tons of memories that I love to Cherish.

Our journey from Trivandrum to Wayanad started with our first stop at Kovalam beach. It is the most beautiful beach of Kerala. As the meaning of Kerala in English is city of coconuts, you will get to see hundreds of coconut trees on this beach. These trees add to the beauty of Kovalam beach and make it the most sought after beach of Kerala and India as well. It remains thronged by the people from every corner of the world throughout the year. One thing that I would love to share with all is the thrilling experience when you see some jaw-dropping semicircular bays. Once you start gazing at them, you would feel that the bays are illusion but there will be no one around to pinch you and say wake up man, you are dreaming! Watching those bays was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. It is one of the finest beaches of the world. I could imagine the sunlight kissing earth and making sky to blush. It was an awesome view on this beach. You could see hundreds of people chilling out on this beach. We spent some quality time over there.  If you are planning a tour to Kerala, this place is highly recommended. You could feel yourself falling for this place.

beautiful places in kerala

After Kovalam beach, our next destination was Poovari Islands. This is a “must visit” place in Kerala. This place witnesses the meeting of Backwaters and beaches. Backwaters are one of the greatest attractions of Kerala. Backwaters are generally water of rivers that has been backed up with the help of some obstructions. We made one day stay in Backwater resort, which was basically a houseboat with all the modern facilities. If you are planning a tour to Kerala, do experience the ultimate feeling of staying in Backwater Resort. Our next stop was “Shanghumghum Beach”.  There is an exceptionally beautiful sculpture of a mermaid. My girlfriend just loved it. She was clicking pictures of that mermaid and appreciating the art work. If you want to see wonderful artistic work, you should visit this beach.

After visiting all the famous places in Trivandrum, we moved to our next destination Kollam. Munroe Island was our beautiful places in keralafirst stop in Kollam. This is a very unique kind of Island. Actually, this Island is a cluster of eight small Islands. The coconut trees on the banks of river and large number of migratory birds give a beautiful view. We enjoyed boating between two shores. One nice thing was that every boat was decorated with flowers and also had a music system. We enjoyed a lot. I can assure you that the Munroe Island will give you some never-ending memories. Our next destination was Palaruvi falls. It took some time to reach there but this place is worth it. Palaruvi fall is a beautiful waterfall. You can see the water falling through the crests of two rocks. The water was so clean that we decided to take bath. What can be more enjoyable than taking bath in waterfall when the water is falling from a height of about 100 meters? It was really a mind refreshing experience. I could imagine the beauty of this waterfall in monsoon. I would definitely recommend you to have this mind refreshing experience and if you are planning a tour to Kerala in monsoon, then it would be a bonus for you.

 Next day, we woke up early and left for Kochi. Like all other women, my girlfriend also loves shopping. Well, girls always possess some passion for shopping. Princess Street of Kochi is the best spot for shopping. So, I took my Princess to the Princess Street to fulfill her desire of shopping. The place has lots of shops and restaurants. You would beautiful places in keraladefinitely enjoy shopping here. The quality of the items is good. Right from the moment we had stepped into this beautiful city, I was wondering about something. There were pictures of some painted faces everywhere. I just wanted to know that who are the people with these painted faces and what do they do? To get the answer, we moved into Greenix Village. We got all the answers. Actually, the people with painted faces were dancers and they make use of their painted faces to give nine different expressions. It was great to be a spectator of such a fantabulous performance. They were simply spreading the fumes of Indian Culture everywhere. Greenix Village is a must visit place in Kochi.

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After the show end when we stepped out of theatre, sun was about to set. We didn’t waste a single moment and rushed towards Fort kochi Beach. We have heard about the awesome view of sunset at Fort Kochi beach. When we reached there, we found that we hadn’t heard anything wrong.  You would never forget the moment when you view sun through those Chinese fishing nets. I could feel that moment whenever I close my eyes. That was a life time memory. I slept with a great peace and pleasure that night. If you are a nature lover and you want to capture nature’s beauty in the best beautiful places in keralaway, you just visit this place. Next day, we moved to our next destination. It was “Athirapally Waterfall”. It is one of the most popular and most liked tourist spots of Kerala. It is also a famous picnic spot so we could see some families enjoying picnic. The “Athirapally Waterfall” gives a spectacular view and the flora and fauna surrounding it, give a miraculous touch to its beauty.  You could imagine a freshness infusing your tired soul. If you are planning a tour to Kerala, add this place to your “must visit” places. After this, we hit the Cheeyappara Waterfall.  The view of watching water coming down from seven steps was really out of this world. You may add his place to your list for a tour to Kerala.

Next day, we headed to Munnar. It was the second last destination of our journey. I had never imagined this kind of natural beauty in my entire life. I was more than amazed. We spent two full days at Munnar.  It won’t be wrong if I call Munnar as “heaven on earth”. I highly recommend this place to all. Nothing can be better than Munnar.   This is the perfect option for the couples planning their honeymoon.

The last destination of our journey was Wayanad. It’s a place offering you to capture tons of natural beauty in your eyes. We spent the last two days of our tour enjoying the most beautiful self of the nature.

Our journey has come to an end and we had to come back to our country. We have lots of memories and some spectacular visions in our mind that we love to cherish. It was really a memorable journey.



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Wow, what a wonderful post. Your detailed and passionate descriptions have really convinced me to travel to what sounds like a truly beautiful place.

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India India
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Last year I have visited Wayanad and Munnar.....Wayanad,the popular tourist destination of South India is all about greenery, wilderness, history and water-bodies.Enjoy nature at its best with Wayand tourism package and get the opportunities such as jungle trails, trekking, and hiking.Really mindfreshning experience there....

When talking about Munnar,,,,,,,,,Great feel....Munnar is a place with lots and lots to see. This day is also reserved for visiting Munnar and its surroundings. Take a trip to Iravikulam National Park ,the rare Nilgiri Tahrs, trek through the misty mountains, go shopping for home made chocolates- there is so much to do.

But get help from any government approved travel planners ...aboutkeralatourism...

enjoy the beauty of kerala.....

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India India
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 Wow! Amazing article. i like it. Kerala is a beautiful place.

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