Bhopal To Ankleshwar By Bus

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Bhopal has one of the oldest Buddhist site in India. It is a peaceful place where squirrels play and frolic through the ruins. Of course you can see the portals with their sculptures. The great stupa is a bit too much but the restored corner is conducive to meditation.

Bhopal To Ankleshwar by Bus


Ankleshwar is a city in the Bharuch region and a prime industrial center in the territory of Gujarat.The city of Ankleshwar is associated with Indian different urban areas by phenomenal street frameworks.

Here are the available modes of transport from Bhopal to Ankleshwar.

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Bhopal To Ankleshwar By Bus

The distance from Bhopal to Ankleshwar is 622 kms. A sum of 2 bus administrators offers transport administration from Bhopal to Ankleshwar, interfacing two urban areas of India. it takes around 15 hours and 20 minutes to finish this trip relying upon the bus administrator. The principal transport takes off around 04:30 PM and last transport at 05:00 PM. The most minimal Bhopal to Ankleshwar transport admission begins at US $ 14.00 and the most elevated at US $ 17.00. For more details, visit:

Bhopal To Ankleshwar by Bus

If you prefer land travel via private vehicle it is more convenient and faster as the travel time is reduced to 12 hours and 50 minutes from Bhopal to Ankleshwar.

Bhopal To Ankleshwar By Train

There are 50 commercial train routes available from Bhopal to Ankleshwar. The estimated travel time is 10 hours and ten minutes. The first train departs at 07:00 AM and the last leaves at 10:00 PM. The lowest offered train transport fare is at US $ 6.00 up to a high of US $ 16.00. To know more about schedules and fares, check:

Bhopal To Ankleshwar By Plane

There are at least 3 commercial planes that travel on a weekly basis from Bhopal to Ankleshwar. The estimated travel time between two urban cities is one hour and ten minutes. The first flight departs at 06:00 AM and the last flight leaves at 10:00 PM. The lowest plane fare begins at US $ 30.0

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