Bus Ticket From Chennai To Cumbum (tamil Nadu)

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Chennai is not only rich with religious sanctuaries; it also has lots of lively and friendly neighborhood. You can visit several temples; shopping bazaars, great cosmetics shop products, Himalayan markets, delicious fruit and fresh vegetables.

Bus Ticket From Chennai To Cumbum (Tamil Nadu)

Cumbum (Tamil Nadu)

The town of Cumbum has numerous temples and it is closely associated with urban roads, close knit villages, and near the highway. Its nearby towns and cities are more accessible via bus or cab transport.

Here are the available modes of transport fromChennai to Cumbum (Tamil Nadu).

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Bus Ticket FromChennai To Cumbum (Tamil Nadu)

The Chennai to Cumbum (Tamil Nadu) highway route has a distance of 603 kms. This route is covered by 9 bus transport companies that offer 18 daily transport services from Chennai to Cumbum. The adventure takes 8 hours and 15 minutes to finish this excursion relying upon the kind of bus transport and road traffic. Transports from Chennai to Cumbum(Tamil Nadu) are all accessible starting from 18:50 PM to 22:15 PM. The least Chennai to Cumbum(Tamil Nadu) transport toll is US$ 88. To get the latest and most updated fares and timetables, know all from here: http://www.redbus.in/bus-tickets/chennai-cumbum-tamil-nadu.aspx

Bus Ticket From Chennai To Cumbum (Tamil Nadu)

If you are quite adventurous and love the view of the landscapes of Tamil Nadu, you can choose to take the long drive via private car. The travel time is 10 hours and 42 minutes.

Train Ticket From Chennai To Cumbum (Tamil Nadu)

There is no direct railway transport that services the Chennai to Cumbum route, but you can take the direct train from Chennai to Guntur which takes 6 hours and 15 minutes at US$25. From Guntur,you can take the direct train that is bound to the town of Cumbum which only takes 2 hours and 35 minutes at US$ 22. The entire railway journey takes about 13 hours and 9 minutes. To get the latest train schedules and transport fares, check it here: http://www.ixigo.com/by-train-rail/chennai-to-cumbum-by-train

Airplane Ticket From Chennai To Cumbum (Tamil Nadu)

There is no commercial flight available for the Chennai to Cumbum route.

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