Dindigul To Salem By Bus

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Dindigul is blessed with a cool water attraction called the Silver Cascade Falls and the best time to get there is during the cold season and not in summer. 

Dindigul To Salem By Bus

Other noteworthy attractions are the lake, hills, and old temples that surround the city of Dindigul.


The city of Salem has breathtaking sites and natural attractions like; The Agaya Gngai Waterfalls. It is one of the top crowd drawers of the city. An entrance fee is collected before given access to the hilly part of Salem. Along the way you can see water dams that are essential for the crop and agricultural products of Salem.        

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Here are the available modes of transport from Dindigul to Salem.

Dindigul To Salem By Bus

Dindigul to Salem covers a distance of about 177 kms. There are two bus transport companies that offer daily bus transport from Dindigul to Salem. The travel time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The transports begin from 02:15 PM to 06:50 PM. The choice of bus type is by your own discretion. Dindigul to Salem transport charge ranges from US$ 82. If you need to book tickets in advance, you can check out all the details from here: http://www.redbus.in/bus-tickets/Dindigul-salem.aspx

Dindigul To Salem By Bus

If you like to travel by car or drive your own vehicle from Dindigul to Salem, travel time is estimated at 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Dindigul To Salem By Train

There are 38 railway transport service that provide railway service from Dindigul to Salem daily.The shortest travel duration is 5 hours and 5 minutes and the railway distance is 200 kms.The railway service begins at 12:30 AM up to 20:00 PM.  The most affordable train fare is priced at US$ 40. To get all the details about train services and schedules, visit this site: http://www.90di.com/travel/lite/getResultPage?search_type=free_text&NearPlaceFrom=CHINNA+SALEM~TRAIN&NearPlaceTo=DINDIGUL

Dindigul To Salem By Plane

There are no available flight schedules that cover the Dindigul to Salem route. However, the most advisable mode of transport is to take the bus express service. It is not only convenient it is also the most affordable.

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