Erode To Bangalore By Train

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Erode is the second largest producer of leather in India. It ranks second from the city of Ambur. The city is also leading in the business and field of paper manufacturing. Erode stands close to the waterways of Kaveri.

Erode To Bangalore By Train


Bangalore has interesting markets like the Basavanagudi. The place is very charming and when you explore the bazaars, there are fruit, spices and vegetables piled up artistically, fragrant flowers woven into baskets and braids and cows that simply live and walk in the middle of the road.

Here are the available modes of transport from Erode to Bangalore.

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Erode To Bangalore By Train

There are 74 railway transport providers that offer the Erode to Bangalore railway route. The travel time is approximately 6 hours and 10 minutes. The trains begin their route as early as 00:10 AM up to 23:45 PM. The cheapest train fare can be purchased at US$ 60. All trains are air conditioned and have Wi-Fi on board. Most travelers prefer to take the train journey from Erode to Bangalore because of the convenient amenities and features. To get the schedules and fares, check from this site:

Erode To Bangalore By Train

Erode To Bangalore By Bus

The distance from Erode to Bangalore is roughly 272 kms. It has a total of 17 scheduled bus transport service offered by 7 bus transport companies. The travel duration usually takes up 5 hours and 23 minutes. The bus transports from Erode to Bangalore are accessible from 08:30 AM to 23:55 PM. The lowest bus fare is offered at US$ 72. For the details of bus transport from Erode to Bangalore, check it here:

Traveling by land or driving all the way via private vehicle from Erode to Bangalore is a good choice, you not only see great landscapes, and the travel time is reduced to 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Erode To Bangalore By Plane

At a distance of 176 miles by air, the Erode to Bangalore route is more accessible by land travel as there are no direct flights available for this route.

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