How To Get From Bhopal To Chhindwara

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Bhopal has many historical sites and Sanchi is the cradle of Indian Buddhism. It has lots of stupas and the so called grave hills here are in large numbers too. Visit the Great Stupa; it is already over two thousand years old and said to contain relics of the Buddha.

How To Get From Bhopal To Chhindwara


Chhindwara is famous for its Patalkot Valley. On good weather, it is nice to take a hike on this valley. It is easily accessible from the main highway of the Madhya Pradesh territory.

Here are the available modes of transport from Bhopal To Chhindwara.

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Bhopal To Chhindwara By Train

There is one train service that provides daily transport from Bhopal to Chhindwara. The travel time is approximately 9 hours and 10 minutes. The train has a regular departures schedule of 12:40 AM. The cheapest fare can be availed at US$ 35. You can get the full information about railway transport from Bhopal to Chhindwara from here:

How To Get From Bhopal To Chhindwara

Bhopal To Chhindwara By Bus

The Bhopal to Chhindwara bus route covers an estimated distance of 505 kms. There are at least 2 bus transport company that give bus transport administration from Bhopal to Chhindwara with 2 daily bus routes. The Bhopal to Chhindwara transport timings differ with every distinctive bus service and it takes around 8hrs 20min to 8hrs 30min to finish this excursion relying upon the administrator, sort of transport and movement conditions. The transports begin from 05:30 PM to 20:10 PM.The lowest Bhopal to Chhindwara transport admission is US$ 48 and the highest at US$ 64. To get the boarding point location, schedules,and fares, visit here:

Land travel via private vehicle or renting a van is also a good option to travel from Bhopal to Chhindwara. The travel duration is shortened to 5 hours and 25 minutes.

Bhopal To Chhindwara By Plane

There are no direct or commercial flights that provide air transport service from Bhopal to Chhindwara. The other option to connect the two cities in India is via taxi which can be availed at US$ 900.

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