Indian Ocean Island Of The Lost Tribe

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This island can only be visited by the dare seeking tourists because of the lifestyle of the people and the location. This is the land of the lost tribe that is located at the Indian Ocean Island. This island is called the North Sentinel Island that has been in existence over 60,000 years back.  The locals are not friendly because they always want to kill visitors.  The people have not been recorded on videoed or their pictures taken because it is very dangerous to try visiting that the Indian government has given up trying to make contact with them. There is a three mile exclusion zone that has been developed for those who wish to come a little close to this place.

north sentinel island

When you look at this Island from the sky, you would find it to have a lot of beaches that a lot of people would have loved to explore. The locals have rejected civilization and would not want any business with those who are coming or trying to make them feel better with modernization. Violence will erupt each time that there is a contact with visitors. They are exceptional in making use of arrows that it is best that they are left alone to live their lives.

The Sentinelese people have been protected by the Indian government by the provision of what is called a three mile exclusion zone. This people may be the most secluded set of people on earth and the Indian government are not ready to disrupt them. Entering in this zone can be a crime because you can be arrested if you move past the exclusion zone. The people has been dubbed the most vulnerable on earth and they have no immunity on diseases which is alarming. Thanks to Google map and sky photo shots that have it possible for some pictures to be taken. 

north sentinel island

How can this place be a tourist destination? The mystery and the seclusion of the people have made it one of the places where a lot of people would have loved to visit. The locals are not seen except during some rare oceans. People who have defiled the warning of not entering this place have lost their lives. The land of the lost tribe has become one of the places that could have become an amazing tourist attraction site on earth especially in India but that may not be possible.

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north sentinel island

There is fear that this people may be eliminated by diseases or even natural disaster which is the reason there is a grave concern about the people. They are vulnerable and if there is a widespread of disease or epidemic, the people may lose it all. However, for years, this people have suffered in their primitive nature. The way they are living baffles the world and it may be in the future that the history of the people may be studied to give the world an insight of what is happening or must have happened in their small world.


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