The Great Indian Mathematical History

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Indian produced many methods of mathematics before many years. Even there was a decimal in place in the period of Harappa. Mathematics has become a part of education today and there can’t be any sort of education without mathematics. Therefore the ancestors in India developed many methods and short cuts of mathematics for the purpose of counting numbers and education hundred of years ago.

Decimal system became an integral part of Indian mathematical history many years back. Even in the Vedic period there are a lot of uses of mathematics by the people for their common work and counting. India is the only country which introduced mathematics to this world first.

In the ancient times the Indian mathematics was very famous and popular among the people a lot. India is a country which provided the great mathematician to the world who was Aryabhat which methods and techniques of mathematics was great and based on his own analysis. Indian mathematical history is quite unique and has a lot of achievements in the field of mathematics.

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