Things To Do In Jodhpur

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Have you ever been to the “City Of Lakes”? Jodhpur, India, which is also popular as “City Of Lakes” is a very popular tourist place in India. If you want to enjoy the beautiful lakes and hills in a very beautiful city, then you should plan your trip to this place Jodhpur. In between the Rajasthan’s Aravalli Ranges, lies this awesome city Jodhpur.


There are many other names with which this place Jodhpur is popular like “Venice Of East” and also called as one of the most romantic places in the world. This place is considered as second popular place among the most popular places in Rajasthan. The first place goes to Jaipur. This is also a very interesting and romantic places in Rajasthan.

Vist Jodhpur

This place Jodhpur is having many names, butthe more common name is the “City of Lakes” but there are many other things in this awesome city apart from the lakes. You have many things like palaces, Museums, gardens, lakes, monuments and above all there are many colorful festivals which are celebrated in this place. This is a place which is going to be a treat to your eye, you are going to enjoy everything that you get to see in this place and you will not feel like leaving the place once after you visited it. You are definitely going to cherish the memories of the holiday that you spend in Jodhpur as everything here is colorful and just awesome.

When To Go:

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This place Jodhpur is really huge and there is a lot to see here. You should always plan your trip in those days when you will be able to spend a lot of time in sightseeing and enjoying your trip. That means winter would be the right time and Winter in Jodhpur is really excellent and you are definitely going tohave the best time of your life here. You will have winter fromOctober and will last till the end of March in Jodhpur and you can see a huge number of tourists visiting this place Jodhpur during this period of time only. You will see extreme winter in the months of December and January and especially in the night time.

Visit Jodhpur

You will have a summer season between the months of April to September. The temperature during this season will cross even 40 degrees and can reach up to 45 degrees, sometimes and hence it is always better to avoid planning your trip during this period of time. But if you are planning your trip during this time, then it can be really cheap as all the hotel offer rooms for pretty lower rates but you will not be able to enjoy your trip. Rainy season starts from July but even that climate is not suitable for enjoying your holiday in Jodhpur.

There are many other reasons why people prefer visiting Jodhpur during winter apart from just the climate. One of the most popular festivals and which is celebrated grandly in Jodhpur is Mewar festival and this festival is celebrated in Winter season only. The festival is full of dance and music and it is celebrated during the March and if you can plan your trip during this time, then you are going to have a treat to your eyes. You will see many international tourists visiting this place, in this moth just to enjoy this Mewar festival celebration. Your trip is going to be a bit expensive if you plan during this time, but it is definitely worth it. Do not miss the fun.

Have a look at the most interesting things to do in Jodhpur:


Jodhpur City Palace

An amazing place to spend at least 3 to 4 hours of your trip to Jodhpur is Jodhpur City Palace. This is a three storied palace, which is really amazing to see and when you enter in the palace, then you are just going to love this place. This palace was built almost 400 years ago and is still just amazing place to visit for all the tourists who visit Jodhpur. This place was built in flamboyant style on the hill top and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire Jodhpur city when you reach this place.

Jodhpur City Palace

The place is really huge and the building is designed fantastically. If you love visiting old palaces and buildings, then you will love this place as well, even if you don’t like this kind of things do not worry as you will start liking it now. It is good to hire a guide when you are visiting this place Jodhpur City Palace so that you can get the complete knowledge about this palace, and its history. Do not forget to click a lot of pictures at this palace as it is going to be amazing here.


Lake Pichola

A lake which is considered as the heart of Jodhpur and is having a lot of history associated with it is Lake Pichola. This is an artificial lake which was built in the year 1362 AD. This name was given to this lake because of the a nearby village whose name is Picholi. The water of this lake is really fresh and amazing place to visit on your trip to Jodhpur. There are many lakes around Jodhpur which were constructed to meet the drinking water needs and irrigation needs in and around Jodhpur.

Lake Pichola

This is also one among such beautiful lakes which is maintained very well for years and is still having clean and fresh water. You can also enjoy boat ride on this lake and it is really an amazing experience to enjoy a boat ride on these lakes. Do not miss to go for a boat ride of these lakes as it is going to be really pleasant when you are going for a boat ride during the evening times. If you are travelling along with your kids then they are going to love this boat ride and if possible take speed boat rides.


Fateh Sagar Lake Jodhpur

There are a lot of beautiful things that Jodhpur is offering to its tourists and FatehSagar Lake Jodhpur is one of such beautiful things to see. The lake is really fantastic and you should not miss visiting this place at all. You have a lot of hotel available near this lake and it would be really great if you can book a nice hotel room in any of these hotels facing the lake then you can enjoy the lake view anytime you want to.

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

There are a lot of things to enjoy in this place like boating riding. Many kinds of boats are available like speed boats, motor boat and many others. Whatever boat type you select, you should not miss the ride. Near the lake you can also enjoy the horse ride which is something more interesting for kids. Yes, if you are going with kids then get ready, they are going to have a lot of fun here. You also have a small island like thing in this lake and that is also interesting. Do not miss the lakes of Joghpur at any cost and you will love them all.


Saheliyon Ki Bari

Saheliyon Ki Bari is another interesting place that you should not miss as part of your trip in Jodhpur. This is a garden place which is having a huge marble elephant, lotus pool and many fountains as well. The meaning of Saheliyonki Bari means it is a garden of maidens, which was built by Maharana Bhopal Singh. You can also see a very small museum in this garden. This garden was constructed by the king of Jodhpur and gifted it to his queen of Jodhpur.

Saheliyon Ki Bari

This was a garden constructed for 48 young women who came along with the princess as part of her dowry. All the fountains here are different and each of them had its own sound. All the sounds together made this place very interesting for the young maidens to relax along with the Princess. All the fountains that are used in this garden were imported from England and they are dancing fountains which danced along with the maids and King enjoyed the dance of maids and fountains everyday in the evening. Nice place to relax and enjoy the history of this place. Hire a guide to get a detailed history of this place.


Monsoon Palace

SajjanGarh Palace or Monsoon Palace is a very beautiful palace in Jodhpur. This was built in the year 1884 and belonged to the Mewar dynasty. The Monsoon Palace is located in the top of a mountain and you will have to travel to the top of it. If you like trekking then you can choose to go trekking to reach this Palace. The view from the top of this Palace is really amazing and you are going to have a lot of fun as well.

Monsoon Palace

On the way from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill, you will get a chance to see many wild animals as well, but only if you are lucky as they cannot be seen every day. It is always good if you can hire a cab or if you are having your own car as the taxi facility here is really problematic. But this should not be a problem for your trip to this place and hence you should plan it well to enjoy the view of Monsoon Palace.


Jag Mandhir

Jag Mandhiris a place that you should not miss at all. This is a Palace which is constructed on the small island in the Pichola Lake. The construction of this palace started in the year 1551 and was completed in 1652 after so many problems. This palace is also known as the Lake Garden palace and you are going to enjoy this place in the evening. It is going to look really romantic in the evening and you can plan a nice dinner with the entire family or just you and your partner.

Jag Mandhir

The beauty of this place is so attractive that there are many tourists who visit this place more than once in their vacation to Jodhpur. The boat ride to reach this Palace is going to take at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes and that if you are planning for a dinner, then do not forget to plan your dinner in advance and book the table else you will have to postpone your dinner plan. Amazing architecture of the palace and beautiful view of the lake is going to make your dinner really special.


The Celebration Mall

One of the best places for shopping and spending some interesting time with your family and friends is The Celebration Mall. This very beautiful and gorgeous mall is designed in Rajasthani architecture and is making it really special for the tourists. This celebration mall is one of those huge malls in Jodhpur and this place is maintained really well.

The Celebration Mall

This is a place where you can drink, eat, have fun, shop and many more. You get some handicrafts at this place for a very cheaper rate. You get many things to shop at this place and you will be really amazed with the design of this celebration mall. People visit this place more for viewing the architecture than for shopping and dinning. This is a very good place to spend a few hours.


Jagdish Temple, Jodhpur

A very huge temple which is always crowded and is located in the heart of the city if Jagdish Temple, Jodhpur. This temple’s main deity is Lord JagannathRai, who is now popular as Jagdishji and this temple constructed was completed by 1651. This is two storied temple and you will just love this temple because of the pleasant and calm experience that you get in this temple and also the design of this temple is really breathtaking. It is designed just well and you will like it a lot.

Jagdish Temple, Jodhpur

This temple is very close to the Jodhpur City Palace and you are going to love the experience that you are going to get here. You will have a lot of stairs to climb in order to reach the temple and you will also have to pay in order to enter inside the temple. It would be less than $1 and it is definitely worth watching. If possible, try to attend the evening Aarti as it is going to be really treat for your eyes and you will remember it for your lifetime and it is just lovely.


GulabBagh and Zoo

A large garden which spreads almost 100 acres in Jodhpur is GulabBagh and Zoo. This garden is also known as the SajjanNiwas Garden. The construction of this zoo and garden was started in the year 1878 and is one of the oldest zoos in this semi-continent. The name GulabBagh was given because of the varieties of roses that you get at this place.

GulabBagh and Zoo

You will just love all those roses that are available here and you might have not seen so many different kinds of roses before. Apart from the roses plantation, you can also enjoy nice and beautiful lotus ponds in this GulabBagh. And there are also many other trees like banana trees, neem trees, lemon trees and thousands of other varieties of trees are available here. Do not miss this place if you are someone who loves flowers and gardens.


SaasBahu Temple

As its name implies, this SaasBahu Temple is something different from other temples where there is no God or Goddess. You will find two huge statues of women, which represents Saas and Bahu. There are many stories associated with the carvings on the walls of this temple. You get to know about Ramayana from these carvings.

SaasBahu Temple

It is good to take the help of a guide when you are visiting this place, if you want to know about the history associated with this SaasBahu temple else it is going to be really difficult for you to understand the history and the wall carvings as well. If possible, hire a guide at the entrance itself as it would be difficult to find one once you enter inside this temple.



There is a place MotiMagri or also called as the Pearl hill which overlooks the Lake FatehSagar and on the top of this hill is the ChetakSmarak. You will find a bronze statue of MaharanaPratap who was the royal hero of Rajputs. This statue is of MaharanaPratap and his favorite Chetak, which is a horse and he loved his horse a lot.

Chetak Smarak

You will just find greenery around this bronze statue of Chetak and it is going to be really amazing to view this black statue. You will have a telescope on the top of this Pearl hill and the view from that telescope will give you a chance to see even people who are staying in hotels at the bottom of the hill. This is a great picnic spot for the local people.

Along with these, there are many other interesting things to see in this very beautiful place Jodhpur. So, if you want to miss the fun, you should plan your trip in Winter Season. Have a great trip to Jodhpur. 

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