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Visit the places which are not in any travel list….these are not big cities but small and little world which are out of radar of tourist guides.

Rajasthan Travel vacation explores ample opportunity to discover the unseen Rajasthan. We will take you in the small world of villages where the great hospitality will touch your heart; these villages have no famous names but having all charms to visit.
The charm of spending a holiday in a village is no less than staying in heritage place of Rajasthan. Unlike the complicated multi-stored buildings and cemented roads, the rural scenery is embellished with the many muddy castles and a few pucca houses. A chimney following the upper roof of the house spreads constant fumes of cooking fires. People here furnish their house with cow or buffalo dunk. The village land holds the zig-zag road which bypasses across the length and breadth of the area.
You can observe a simplest form of lifestyle here, travel on a camel’s back amidst the wind-swept, sand dunes, and see the men with rings in ears and their feet in gaily embroidered shoes. Start your day in fresh farm air with a glass of hot milk and fresh backed out of earthen kilns than move out with local folks to the sprawling green fields for amazing sightseen in the golden light of sun. The bucolic and beautiful rural lifestyle encourages you to experience the “Trump Card” of Rajasthani villages.
Think as a tourist that you never been to any village and this is a first opportunity for you, what happen when you enter in village and a group of people welcomes you with garlands and traditional music instruments with turban on head and a colourful and vibrant dress, you see the affection in their eyes that you are like a god to them which they want to welcome in their home to spend few days, really it will be a great moment to feel you like a special person in the world.
Now you have entered in the world of Indian villages where great hospitality will take you on the verge of excitement and mesmerize your vast area of memories for life long, you are eating the typical Rajasthani food cooked by woman of host family and the spices are on higher side, you will remember this taste for rest of your life and, think what happen when a man in traditionsl dress serve you the food with a sweet smile on his face and you will see the whole family is ready to give you a warm welcome.
These villages are still unexplored but really heritage to experience for a tourist who never been to Rajasthani villages and worth visiting for simple reason because they present the life of rajasthan in India.

When you walk out for a sight seen you will see amazing thing, woman around the community well, group of man sitting under a tree and discussing comman topics like politics, open air school for children and their gesture toward you is unique and hospitable and sitting around these groups is differentiate the urban and rural life style this group conversation is part of their daily rutine and villagers share their vision toward life.
Now the turn is to enjoy, after a little rest in hut, turn to village adventure, enjoy the pottery which is the popular form of art in villages, you can learn how to design clay pot with you hand, may be you not be perfect in first attemp but really it will be a grat fun, no word for camel safari in villages, take a tour of whole village on camel and you feel mesmarize really camel safari on sand dune creat a unique image in your mind to enjoy your tour to Rajasthan.
Enjoying the wild life and bird-watch in villages is no less then to visiting and national park.
When the day ends……. the most awating real fun starts……………….
Being in a group of local woman who are in traditional dresses and you are dancing like anything on a landscape or in a heritage home, men are playing many kind of old musical instruments in dim light and whole villages is there to see you…meanwhile you feel that there is nothing more then this real and authentic fun, the hukkah session is ultimate to spend a night with villagers.
Spending night under the sky, watching stars and remember the day’s activity will store in your memory for life long.
Whatever it is…The day or night you will experience fun every second of your time
See for yourself the hospitality of the people of Rajasthan, when they keep you as top priorities in their own houses and as is locally said, "they would make you sit on their eye lashes."
Here is an attamp to take you on the verge of excitement of Indian villages for ultimate dlight….

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Even though I have traveled to India, I couldn't visit Rajasthan, so sad.. The trip was organized hurriedly and i couldn't plan well. I got my job confirmation through a letter from American airways sooner than expected. I thought i wll have more time beofre joining but i dint! By the way i explored Delhi and Punjab and some of the religious places. It was a learning experience for me in the land of diverse cultures and different languages. I have made up my mind to visit Rajasthan next time aorund..

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Rajasthan Travel vacation

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Well Rajasthan is a great experience for any traveler, you can find hare great and old forts of Royal families, Amazing lakes, Best national parks, world class monuments and temples.

Rajasthan is rich in culture each area have a different culture here,

We explore the opportunity to stay with host families in villages to explore the rural lifestyle and actvities of interest.

our tours are well managed and under budget, you can visit our fan page on facebook named as "Rajasthan Travel vacation" for amazing photographs and information...


Hope you will be in India soon....



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Rajasthan is amazing place and unique in culture for visit where tourist can discover the culture of india very well and enjoy their dance,music and food.

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I have also heard lot about the great forts and the culture of Rajasthan. This place is really great if we talk about architecture.

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Well Rajasthan is a great experience for any traveler, you can find hare great and old forts of Royal families, Amazing lakes, Best national parks, world class monuments and temples.

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Rajastan is an amazing place for travellers. I was there once. With so many forts, palaces and remnants of ancient Indian kings, it is a must visit destination.

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