Easy Tourist’s Bus Trip From Kuantan To Singapore

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One of the most beautiful road journeys you can make from Malaysia is taking a bus from Kuantan to Singapore.  There are attractive sightseeing landscapes and tourists delights that you would experience from Kuantan  which is the capital of Pahang.  The journey has been made to be comfortable with the type of buses that are used to ply the route.  The exciting bus ride is another tourist attractive activity that has a lot of memories to always to remember at the end of the journey in Singapore. A lot of people are seen making this journey during weekends or even on special days like holidays.

Bus route Kuantan to Singapore

Sometimes, you just have to let go of airlines and see what the grounds have to offer you. You suddenly have another feel of traveling. Most people may not be able to give up this trip for anything. For those who have never used a bus trip for a long trip, this journey may be an exciting one for them.

The journey from Kuantan to Singapore takes about four to five hours which depends on the day that the journey is made. The traffic varies on various days which is why the duration can be up to five hours. Some of the buses that would provide this route travelling include the Transnasional and Konsortium Express.


The pick off can take place at the Kuantan Terminal Sentral. This journey can be stopped along the way for some minutes so that passengers can take a refreshment break before proceeding.  The buses that are used are well equipped and spacious with air conditioned environment. This makes travelling from Kuantan to Singapore a very exciting trip.   The availability of television accompanied with music and latest movies makes the journey to be action packed.

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The advantage of making use of the online bus ticket system is huge because it is faster, cheaper and very safe. There is no need hurrying to make payment at any bus terminal because with the different bus ticketing sites, which has become the biggest bus ticketing website in Singapore and Malaysia , you can do that on its Facebook fan page too. Bus from Kuantan to Singapore trip would help you save time and money .

You would enjoy the joy of making a lovely trip to Singapore from Kuantan. You are going to meet a lot of friends, you may even sing along when the passengers are excited. The surprise on each trip is amazing because you may never know what to expect when you are coming to Singapore.  The bus is well designed to suit you. The landscapes to pass through are much and you would not be able to miss anything. Everything is very possible when you are taking a bus trip to Singapore.

If you would want to have a quality time while moving around from one city to another, you should make use of a bus trip. The bus companies that are available are trusted and would safely bring you to Singapore.


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