How To Get From Bali To Surabaya

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Water Bali is a water park that is well maintained in Bali, Indonesia. It is not very big, but very nice with slides and original designs. Most interesting are the Climax and Boomerang.

How To Get From Bali To Surabaya


Surabaya’s Sampoerna Museum is also the biggest cigarette factory in Indonesia, so there is a bit of everything including two Rolls Royce of the family. This museum organizes short circuits in the bus, bilingual guide, and free.

Here are the available modes of transport from Bali to Surabaya.

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Bus Ticket From Bali To Surabaya

The distance between Bali to Surabaya is 127 km. You can take any bus that hails from Denpasar Ubung and bound to Gilimanuk, Bali. Then take the Indonesia Ferry from Gilimanuk Harbor that is bound to Ketapang Java. From Ketapang, take the train that is bound to Surabaya Gubeng. The total travel time is 11 hours at a total cost of US$22. For details, check:

How To Get From Bali To Surabaya

If you prefer to drive: the travel time is six hours.

Train Ticket From Bali To Surabaya

You must reach the terminal junction in Ketapang Java to avail of railway service from Bali to Surabaya. Take the Kereta Api train (Line Mutiara Timur) in Banyuwangi station bound to Surabaya. The travel time is eight hours at a cost of US$15. For details, visit:

Airplane Ticket From Bali To Surabaya

Take the 50 minute Lion Airlines flight from Denpasar airport to Surabaya City. The plane ticket costs US$45. 

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