Jakarta To Semarang By Train

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Jakarta's Istiqlal Mosque has a modern and minimalist interiors, not glitzy, but conveys the idea of the Islamic world its culture and its tradition. Entrance for foreigners are seated in a separate room where registration is sought, so wear a sort of kimono and leave a tip (at the discretion of the amount) and then be partly taken on a short guided tour.

Here are the available modes of transport from Jakarta to Semarang.

Jakarta To Semarang By Train


Semarang's Masjid Aqung Jawa Tengah is the most beautiful thing to see in Semarang, although it is a recent construction. The mosque is very large, shiny, and clean and feels a mystical atmosphere that leads to reflection and prayer.

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Jakarta To Semarang By Train

Take the Kereta Api train ride from Jakarta Gambit junction to Semarang Tawang Station. The total travel time is six hours at a cost of US$21. For more information, check: https://tiket.kereta-api.co.id/

Jakarta To Semarang By Bus

Jakarta To Semarang By Train

The distance between Jakarta to Semarang is 494 km. Take the Bus Nusantara that hails from Jakarta Daan Mogot bus station and bound to Semarang bus terminal. The bus travel time is 12 hours at a cost of US$13. For details, check: http://nu3tara.com/schedule

If you choose to drive from Jakarta to Semarang, the travel time is seven hours.

Jakarta To Semarang By Plane

Take the Sriwijaya Air from Jakarta airport to Semarang airport. The travel time is one hour and 15 minutes. The plane ticket costs US$75. 

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