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Indonesia merupakannegra potential in tourism. Many areas - areas in Indonesia has a beautiful attractions that can not be skipped right away. Slah one area that has an attractive tourist beauty is Magelang.

Magelnag merupaka sebuha city famous Borobodur temple tours. This temple menajdi a prima donna in Indonesia. Borobudur Indonesia is able to make penasar everyone with stories of grandeur that he show. This temple is the largest temple mrupakan in Indonesia even in the world. But surely you also want to know what the ad travel around cadi great place to visit.

For that we have mnyiapkan some interesting travel around Borobudur Indonesia. These are the names - names around the Borobudur in Indonesia. travel:

1. Mendut

If the tone looking sebauh destinsi besides Borobudur temple tours. Then you can visit the temple Mendut. Although the shape is smaller than cadi Borobudur. Not making this temple empty of visitors. The temple is also one of the interesting spots in Yogyakarta. The temple is located d jaln Mayor of this frame, has a style similar to that style of Buddhist Borobudur Indonesia. Distance Borobudur to Mendut temple around 3 km away.

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2. Home Camera

If you are looking for wisat near Borobudur circuitry. Then the camera can be your home amsukkan dlam visit list. This unique family Wisat pernha amsudlam muri record as the largest camera replikas. Kamra concept used is a DSLR camera. This camera into a house a collection of paintings of artists ocal magelang. Travel ang dektan with Indonesia's Borobudur is located in the village of Majaksingim, Keamatan Borobudur, Magelang. You can refering throughout your closest friends for this unique destanasi menkmati.


3. Rafting Progo

For lovers of extreme olaharag rafting, then you should mncoba to ber rafting on the Progo Sunga. Tourism near Borobudur is becoming one of our recommendations untu you. If you like this olahrga, walkin hurt you to try this progo menahlukkan river. the strong current and malignant makes travel in a subscription-rating ang been to Magelang.


4. Taman Kyai Lasting

One more family attractions that suits you. Taman Kyai lasting a park near Borobudur Indonesia travel. In this park, you coud refering your children see dinosaur statue that has the original size. Banayk facilities - attractive facilities can be found within the destination of this one.

Well, was exactly some of the attractions that are in sekiatr Borobudur. Semoag this article you can make a reference when they wanted to visit the city of Magelang, smega bermnafaat and good-bye. 

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