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Travel to BaliI had never thought of travelling to the Indonesian island of Bali until recently when my husband decided to take me on a three-day tour of a surprise destination. From my experience on this Island, I can definitely recommend travel to Bali for anyone who is still debating on a suitable destination where they can both relax and enjoy some adventure. From the great coastline that is complimented with white beaches that are great for diving to the dense jungles that have monkeys, you can enjoy so much when you travel to this Island.

With many destinations to choose from, my husband had settled on Seminyak that has a number of beaches that are considered the most glorious in Bali. Seminyak is one of those places that you are bound to fall in love with the moment your set foot here as you will not only enjoy watching the sunset in a tranquil environment but also explore so much ranging from shopping to having a feel of cultural experiences. We were in Bali for three days that was good enough for us to have a taste of this island by visiting the high priced attractions as well as those that do not require any admission fee.

Travel to BaliMy husband had made reservations for our accommodation for the three days that we were in Bali at the Samaya Bali Hotel that has great offers especially for couples. In fact, if you are looking forward to spending your honeymoon in Bali then I recommend that you make your reservation at this villa in advance. Our stay here was great as we were entitled to various amenities such as the swimming pool, the spa, restaurant and bar, daily shuttle service to Seminyak, internet connection, a safety box, satellite television, the 18 hole golf course, hair drier, laundry as well as dry cleaning services among other things. What made it even special is that y husband had arranged for a special themed dinner for the three evenings that we were at this hotel and this made our tenth anniversary memorable.

We visited various places on this island among them Kuta Beach that offers a great experience for all senses. To begin with, you will hear the noise of the sea that is not only powerful but also dominating even though the intensity depends on the time of day, tide, wind as well as the weather. In addition, you will also feel warm wind that is occasionally strong that you can easily underestimate the rays of the sun. Even then, the sand is usually wet even though warm thus, you may need to have your beach sandals on. Finally, you will definitely feel the sea air that mostly smells fish. At first, this was quite unpleasant but I got used to it with time. We took a stroll along the unwinding Travel to Balistretch of this clean and beautiful beach until we managed to see the clear blue sky.

The Jimbaran bay is another interesting beach that we visited, this time not to enjoy the feel of the beach but enjoy some seafood. Unlike Kuta beach, this bay is quiet and nice even though it transforms to a fairytale in the evening as you can eat on the beach with your feet touching the sand as you enjoy the breeze. The location is quite beautiful. The most amazing thing that I enjoyed most is that fresh seafood is grilled while you wait. Moreover, the prices are reasonable even though there is nothing fancy about the setting.  

We also had an opportunity to attend the Devdan show that is also a treasure of the archipelago. This spectacular show combines contemporary as well as modern acrobatic as well as dance performance that is inspired by the culture of Indonesia as it takes you through a journey that begins at Bali all the way to Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Papua. The show takes place on a stage that has special effects such as lighting, fire effects and sound. Most importantly, the music, costumes and everything else blends in perfectly to complete this magical Travel to Balishow. The monkey forest is another must visit attraction when you travel to travel to Bali. The monkeys in this place are just incredible as they will do everything to get food when you offer them. These fascinating creatures have human like behavior and are very gentle that you will be surprised. This forest is also ideal for families because children will definitely love to see the cheeky monkeys of all ages that are also known to steal from visitors. It is advisable that you do not bring any bananas unless you are willing to see the monkeys take them from you as they climb on your shoulder. The forest is also a great and has beautiful scenery.  

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We also went to Puri Saren Palace that is a local royal palace that has a number of pavilions that house ornate musical instruments. The best place to visit this palace is evenings, as you will be treated to amazing dance performances. This place has an amazing backdrop that has a beautiful entrance. The old statues as well as structures are also good to look at. Even then, you need to ensure that you get your tickets early enough to avoid disappointments because the show is usually staged twice a week.

You will also do well to visit Gunung Kawi that is one of Travel to Balithe complex temples that is centered on royal tombs that were carved into stone cliffs during the 11th century. This monument is located at the scenic rice terraces and you must be prepared to do a lot of walking up and down the stairs. It was great exploring the sacred historical places even though there are no guides to furnish visitors with the important information so we only walked around this huge place. We also got the opportunity to explore some holes and caves. You also must be prepared to take off your shoes in some places as this is considered a sign of respect. Overall, it is touring this temple is an awesome experience that I strongly recommend to anyone who is planning to travel to Bali as it not only offers great exercise but you also get to see amazing architecture.

Another temple that you must visit while in Bali is Pura Saraswati that is also known as the water palace. This temple is very beautiful and plays host to some very exciting dance performances every Thursday evening. The good thing about visiting this temple is that you do not need to pay any admission fee. However, if you are interested in watching the dances then you will need to pay a small fee. Spending time at the beautiful water garden that is within the precincts of this temple is also rewarding. We concluded our visit of this temple by enjoying some Indonesian delicacies at the café that is next to this temple while enjoying the tranquility of this place.

 Travel to BaliWe also went to Chez Monique Silver Smith Class where we saw expert silversmiths teaching students how to fashion 10 grams of silver into jewelry. We enjoyed our visit of this place because the two men we met here were so helpful and they even taught us how to make our own pendants based on our designs of choice while ensuring that the finished pieces had a professional look. It was such a great experience and a good way to spend the afternoon especially because the environment was also relaxing.  Although most people do not love visiting museums, a visit to the Bali provincial state museum is definitely rewarding. This is because this museum displays classical Balinese architecture as well as cultural and religious artifacts. In fact, this visit gave us an excellent overview of the culture of Bali. I strongly recommend that you visit this museum when you travel to Bali.

The art Centre is another exciting place that we went to and as the name suggests, we were treated to an amazing collection of artifacts that captures the Balinese artistic heritage well enough. Even then, you need to make travel arrangements prior to your visit because this centre is not within the proximity of the other tourist centers. Also not to be left out is the Kuta Theatre where we Travel to Baliwatched a magical culture theatre show that was not only hilarious but also fun and educating. Interestingly, the hour-long performances that are staged here carry six morals of the story. Generally, the show was awesome and so was our experience thus I strongly recommend this destination to everyone looking forward to travel to Bali.

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