Attractive Tourist Sites In Cork

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Tourism makes a whole lot of sense in Cork, Ireland’s second biggest city.  It is referred to as the 'real capital of Ireland', surrounded by waterways, great restaurants and hotels. The River Lee brings you to a standstill as it flows around the city’s centre.   This island is cramped neatly with pubs, commercial area, arts centers and music arenas. The crossing of bridges is what gives the city’s coat of arms motto 'A Safe Harbour for Ships'. If you love music, the water world and tourist attractions, then Cork is where you should be.

Attraction Centers In Cork


St. Finn Barre’s Cathedral is a 17th century monastery that was built by the founder, St, Finbarr. You are going to hear the epic stories of how the Viking sea-pirates raided and burned the city in this place. Once, this city was called the ‘Rebel Cork because it had this reputation of stubborn resistance and independence.

There is this signpost walking tour that would give you direction of where to be in Cork. The Tudor-Gothic University College has this riverside quadrangle scenario, where the Honan Chapel is located. You can visit other religious places such as the St Mary's Cathedral, where there are lots of notable carvings; St. Mary's Dominican Church, that has the "miraculous" statuette of Our Lady of Graces.

There is the Patrick’s hill where you can hike and stroll depending on your mood, and then the Cork Heritage Park at Blackrock. You will see the monument of Father Theobald Matthew, a 19th century Apostle of Temperance. This is the city main landmark and there are other places you can still visit when you are here.

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Do not forget to taste the exotic meals at restaurants, and have a great experience of the live music from the locals at the pubs.



Cork Airport (ORK)

Cork Airport is the third busiest airport on Ireland’s island, the second busiest in terms of passengers, situated  6.5km south of Cork, Farmer’s Cross. It served 2.34 million passengers in 2012. This is the airport that would bring you in and take you away from the city. The airport is designed to a world class state and you can easily get every basic need you need from it.

Hotels and Accommodation

When you visit Cork, you are not in a rush to run which is why you need a good accommodation. There are lots of five star hotels with internet wireless facilities for visitors who may want to use the internet. For visitors who may need to make reservation for budget hotels, Travelstart can still make your reservations.

 cork housing

Car Rental Services In Cork

Flight booking to Cork is not complete without car hire service that would take you from the Cork Airport to your destination in the city. There are different car hire services that would support your movement when you take advantage of these car hiring services when you are in Cork..

Best Time To Visit Cork

The best times to visit County Cork are from mid-March to June and in September . This does not mean that the other months are not great. However, a lot of people are seen around this time.


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