Bus Ticket From County Kildare To Kilmessan

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County Kildare

The Castletown House is one of the attractions to see while staying in Maynooth and Dublin. A tour costs six Euros per person and is very rewarding. There is much to see and a guide explains everything in a fun and easy to understand manner.

Bus Ticket From County Kildare To Kilmessan


The Trim Castle is a pretty interesting site to visit even if it's a bit far from the center of Kilmessan City. The guided castle tour with a resident tour guide is highly recommended.

Here are the available modes of transport from County Kildare to Kilmessan.

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Bus Ticket From County Kildare To Kilmessan

The distance between County Kildare and Kilmessan is 84 km. From Kildare, take the County Coach Bus transport service that is bound to Dublin Airport. From here, take the Bus Eireann that goes straight to the city of Kilmessan. The total travel time is four hours and 47 minutes for US$35. For details, check: http://www.transportforireland.ie/

Bus Ticket From County Kildare To Kilmessan

If you prefer to drive from County Kildare to Kilmessan, the travel time is one hour.

Train Ticket From County Kildare To Kilmessan

Take the Irish Rail train ride that travels daily from Kildare to Kilmessan. The journey begins at the Kildare train station and an hourly train that departs towards Heuston. From here, take the Luas train that is bound to Kilmessan. For details: http://www.irishrail.ie/

Airplane Ticket From County Kildare To Kilmessan

There are no commercial flights that cover the County Kildare to Kilmessan route.  

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