County Kildare To Newcastle By Bus

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County Kildare

The Newbridge Silverware Visitor Center is a good place to eat on the road and a nice spot to look at the many exciting things that they sell after having a great meal. The location is rather far from the city of Dublin.

County Kildare To Newcastle By Bus


The Tollymore Forest Park in Newcastle, Northern Ireland is a very large park with a variety of trees. This scenic park was the setting in the shooting of the series "Game of Thrones". The place is enchanting and it is relaxing to walk among its towering trees.

Here are the available modes of transport from County Kildare to Newcastle.

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County Kildare To Newcastle By Bus

The distance between County Kildare to Newcastle is 195 km. Take the Dublin Coach that goes to Tallaght Bus station. From here, take another Dublin Coach bus that is bound to Dublin Airport. From the airport, take the Bus Eireann ride that goes straight to Newry. From Newry, take another Bus Eireann that will bring you to the city of Newcastle. The total travel time is four hours for US$42. For details:

County Kildare To Newcastle By Bus

If you choose to drive, the travel time is two hours and 19 minutes.

County Kildare To Newcastle By Train

There is no railway transport service that covers the County Kildare to Newcastle train route.

County Kildare To Newcastle By Plane

There are no commercial flights or flight service that covers the County Kildare to Newcastle flight route. 

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