Dublin To Galway By Bus

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Dublin’s Chester Beatty Library highlights one of the oldest and largest collections of Korans, various manuscripts, and religious documents that date back as far as the second century. No admission fee is charged and it can be done in no time, which results in a more attractive option than to visit.

Dublin To Galway By Bus


Galway has a lot of ancient structures, but the Galway Cathedral is more than 50 years old and still well maintained. It has a cross plan, wood, beautiful stained glass windows and an impressive mosaic. Everything is centered on the altar in the middle.

Here are the available modes of transport from Dublin to Galway.

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Bus Ticket From Dublin To Galway

The distance between Dublin to Galway is 208.6 kms. There are at least 19 daily bus service transport that is provided by only one bus transport company (GoBus.ie). The travel time by bus is estimated at 3 hours and 9 minutes. Bus transport leaves at an interval of 2 hours apart. To know the best fares and exact bus schedules, visit here: http://www.gobus.ie/timetable.php

Dublin To Galway By Bus

The other option to reach Dublin to Galway is driving your own car or by renting a coach/van for your family. The time travel is 2 hours and 22 minutes.

Train Ticket From Dublin To Galway

The train is the perfect method of transportation when going from Dublin to Galway. The trip time is around 3 hours and ten minutes. A bar and restaurant administration is accessible (with free Wi-Fi) while on board these trains. Return excursion tickets change from €25 - €40 relying upon the time of the week. The Dublin/Galway train leaves from Heuston Station Dublin and ends at Ceannt Station in Galway. The Dublin/Galway course is presently the main direct rail course to Galway. To know the best rates and train schedules, check: http://www.galway.net/tourism/transport/rail/

Airplane Ticket From Dublin To Galway

The travel duration by plane from Dublin to Galway is 45 minutes. Only one flight service company covers the route on a daily basis. The cheapest plane fare is offered at € 221.

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