The Unexplored Tel Aviv

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The unexplored Tel Aviv

Last December holiday, I decided to take my wife to the place of her choice in order to enjoy ourselves. She then informed me one week prior to departure that her best choice was the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. I was extremely thrilled and happy to hear her mention the city which I knew could be potentially rich in marvelous sites to be seen and discovered. Fundamentally, the city of Tel Aviv is widely known to have many historical sites that have existed since ancient times. The city is blessed with so many stunning and tremendous attractions that awaits any adventurer to see. Some of the sites include the historical museums, antediluvian ports, incredible beaches among many other tourist attractions that have made the city awesome thus flooded with millions of tourists annually. We then took our flight to the city of Tel Aviv which lasted almost half a day before we landed. The city itself was spectacular and very sensational.  Definitely, the city is worthwhile and magnificent to make your holidays great.

 The unexplored Tel Aviv

We first set our adventure at the old port of Jaffa. The Jaffa port is among the largest primordial ports existing in the city of Tel Aviv arena. Though old, it had so many spectacular and amazing features. It was still very modernized and full of current equipments for loading and offloading goods from the ships. Furthermore, it had a big depot where many goods are stored. It also had a deep harbor where several cruise ships anchor in the port. The port on the other hand was packed to capacity with day-to-day activities. Besides, the port was also full of many first class resorts, bars and restaurants and many other religious places. It was indeed a nice experience to be in such a beautiful old port where we were able to see many things of ancient time.

 The unexplored Tel Aviv

We then advanced to the great Nahum Goldman Museum of the Jewish Diaspora. It was another wonderful place that we enjoyed most. The museum is strategically located within the core center of Tel Aviv University. We were privileged to see and learn various Jewish culture and history especially from the time when they were in the Diaspora. It was indeed an interactive session that made our moods jovial and happy. We then proceeded to the next section where we interacted with various anthologies of sculptures and artifacts. Within it was the Jewish centre for music where all songs were collected from various places, piled and stored. It also had a genealogy where interested parties registered themselves to plant trees in order to be conserved. It was indeed another unforgettable place that we vowed never to miss during the next visit.

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 The unexplored Tel Aviv

The white city was also another enthralling place to be. As the name suggests, it left us with more curiosity to discover more about the small town within the city of Tel Aviv. The city was surely packed with many buildings with excellent Jewish architectural design of ancient times. It is also recognized as the best world heritage in Israel at large. The city was used by the Jewish community who fled and migrated due to harsh conditions and dictatorship in Germany during the reign of Hitler. It was indeed an important asylum where about 4000 relics were discovered. The place was so amazing that we didn’t leave anything a chance. We even took several photographs and films to aid us in remembering the startling place in some years to come. It was certainly a tremendous place that we made us to think of looking for another time to revisit it again.

 The unexplored Tel Aviv

We then moved to the Ha Yarkon Park. It was also another awesome and alluring place to be. The park is located on the river banks. Alternatively, the river offered so many exciting activities that made our day. We were able to hire a boat for about five hours that made us to really enjoy the fun when riding. The boat ride was actually an awesome experience that made us to prolong our adventure at the park. Furthermore, we involved ourselves in several activities like climbing the wall which was the funniest and most enthusiastic of all. The park also had great fields where people could engage themselves by either playing basketball or football games depending with their choice of interest.

 The unexplored Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv museum was another mesmerizing place that made our day to be gratifying. The museum was packed to its capacity at our arrival time that made us to find hard time moving from one place to another. At around midday, the crowded people started moving away and paved the way for us. Actually, the museum was exclusive and unique in its own kind with remarkable features. It had so my anthologies of art works, some of them dated back to about 15th century ago to the present day collections. It was indeed a place that you couldn’t miss anything of your choice. Furthermore, the Jewish art work and cultural endeavors were also present.  Alternatively, the museum had so many films which were displayed on the screens and exhibitions. The displays made our adventure impressive and wonderful.  We were able to see things displayed at our comfort without maneuvering around to look for individual items. We ceased our day with so many things in our minds. Basically, as many say the longer you live the more you see. Indeed we saw many unexpected awe-inspiring and marvelous things.

 The unexplored Tel Aviv

Ertz Israel museum was another worthwhile place we adventured. It is made up of small other museums of about eleven in number. The glass and the ceramics museums are just but a few of them. Essentially, the museum was constructed about three centuries ago. It is also an important and a vital archeological site where it contains so many valuable things. We were able to see the copper and coins which dated back in ancient times.  We also came across cultural remains like the arrows and other items which were used long time ago. It was certainly the most alluring place. We then dust our feet at this point after exhausting everything and having satisfactory fun.

 The unexplored Tel Aviv

We finally ended our journey at the famous Beach of Alma. It was a place full of many activities that almost made us to prolong our stay in Tel Aviv city. The beach was surrounded by fine looking sand and soft textured ground. We started with swimming at the shoreline. We also collected numerous cowry shells that were found on the shoreline. The landscape was also terrific and wonderful as it allowed flattering breezes to reach the beach in a very amusing and satisfying manner. Thereafter we took our respective positions at the beach to enjoy the good scorching sun and warm our bodies. Additionally, the beach had numerous motor boats which were ready for hire by any interested party who wanted to enjoy the ride. It also provided a good viewing point where the towers, ports and the old port of Jaffa could be seen clearly. We also recorded the events that were taking place at the beach. Finally, our adventure came to an end. It was the best place of its kind which left us with many things to admire and recall. I didn’t forget to thank my wife for coming up with a great decision to visit the city. We were left with an urge to revisit the great city again during our next holiday. Indeed Tel Aviv city was the best place to adventure which made our trip awesome and worthwhile.

 The unexplored Tel Aviv

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Wow, you just made me really want to visit Tel Aviv on my upcoming trip to Israel! I was thinking of only going to the holy places, but Tel Aviv seems like a lot of fun.

Thanks for sharing!

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