Bus Ticket From Bologna To Modena

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In Bologna, the square is beautiful and original in its architecture. You enter the complex of Santo Stefano, also known as the 7 churches and follow a route going from church to church, which were established from different periods without ever going outside.

Bus Ticket From Bologna To Modena


The Palazzo dei Musei is a building in Modena that encloses many museums. Primarily the Galleria Estense on the 4th floor contains a lot of artistic masterpieces; the 3rd floor the museum of art retraces the history of Modena and a lot of finds from the province. The ground floor features the plaster casts of sculptor Graziosi and the various tombstones and artifacts of medieval Modena.

Here are the available modes of transport from Bologna to Modena.

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Bus Ticket From Bologna To Modena

The distance between Bologna to Modena is 46 km. There are four bus transport companies that cover this important route in Italy. The fastest option is via Bus Marino Autolinee. You can choose from their five bus lines when travelling from Bologna to Modena. If you pick the Marino Autolinee, you will reach the city of Modena within 36 minutes. The bus leaves every eight hours. The one way ticket is approximately US$4. To get the latest schedule and fare rates, visit this site: http://www.marinobus.it/orari_corse_nazionali_diurne.pdf     

Bus Ticket From Bologna To Modena

You can also drive or hail a cab to get from Bologna to Modena; the travel time is 30 minutes.

Train Ticket From Bologna To Modena  

Travelling by train is another practical option to reach the city of Modena from Bologna. Take the Trenitalia Eurostar (you can choose from; Line Eurostar Italia, Intercity, and Regional) from Bologna train station that goes straight to the city of Modena. The frequency of departure for this route is every 20 minutes and the travel duration is 23 minutes. The one way ticket is approximately US$13. To know the updated timetables and help you plan your trip well, check out everything about railway transport from this site: http://www.trenitalia.com/cms/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=ee13721bdd69a110VgnVCM1000003f16f90aRCRD

Airplane Ticket From Bologna To Modena

There is no available flight route from Bologna to Modena. 

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