Delightful Holiday To Italy

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Holiday to ItalyIt was just one month of courtship and a few days of our marriage that I decided to take my wife to a short honeymoon trip abroad.

Since ours was a traditional arranged marriage and we had only a month of courtship period, this holiday was vital for us to know each other and be comfortable with each other’s company taking into consideration that we had to spend the rest of our lives together.

We chose Italy as our holiday destination and decided on discovering Italy and each other together.

I had heard a lot about Italy being a very interesting destination ranging from scenic mountains, glistening shorelines, ancient history and superb cuisine. So I thought Italy was the best option to go in for.

We stayed at a plush luxurious boutique hotel in Rome. Rome, the capital of Italy is a popular travel destination in Italy. It was bright and sunny when we arrived. We relaxed in the hotel for a while. A lot of coach companies run day tours from Rome to a number of local tourist places. We took one such day tour from Rome to Naples. Naples, located south of Rome is the largest city in South Italy. It is home to many historic statues and monuments and hence it is also called an open-air museum. We visited the Castel dell'Ovo (Castle of the Egg) which is a seaside castle located on the island of Megaride. This castle is one of Naples most famous tourist sites.

Holiday to ItalyThis castle is huge, breathtaking, romantic, interesting and worth exploring. Our guide led us along the causeway to the main entry point for a quick photo sessiom. He told us the colorful legend of the Roman poet and magician, Virgil placing a magic egg in the foundations to protect it. Hence, it was named ‘The Castle of the Egg’. We then visited the Royal Palace, located in downtown Naples.  Inside the palace, a beautiful staircase leads you up to the royal rooms adorned with lavish furnishings and lifestyle of the era.  Each room is beautifully decorated with painted ceilings and doors. The building itself is impressive, and the grounds are free to walk around. There is a theater, throne room and other impressive areas. We spent more than three hours exploring the Palace and clicking snaps. After discovering the Royal Palace, we halted for some lunch in Gran Cafe Gambrinus.The place is very authentic and nice. I was concentrating on the main course while my wife was more interested in pastries. We spent some time here chatting and lunching. After lunch, we headed towards the city of Pompeii. Pompeii is a partly buried Roman town near modern Naples in Campania, one of the most popular tourist attractions of Italy, with more than 2,000,000 visitors every year. Pompeii is a noteworthy archeological site that provides an amazing glimpse into the daily life of an average Roman town over two thousand years ago. We did a lot of walking since it’s a large area and lots of stuff to see. After this, we proceeded towards Sorrento, a small city in Campania. There is small fishing village at Marina Grande. Overall, a lovely place to take a nice stroll with your loved one. Our first day was extremely tiring since we had to walk a lot in the Royal Palace as well as in Pompeii. For dinner, we had a whole lot of classic Italian dishes like Lasagna, Holiday to Italypasta primavera and caniscioni cheese and meat pies as well as lovely desserts to binge on. I had not even finished with starters while my wife finished her dinner in about ten minutes and was hovering around the dessert counter. I realized that she was not a foodie like me but definitely had a sweet tooth. I am sure, by this time she also must have recognized my unconditional love for food. We stayed at a nice villa in Sorrento.

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The next day excursion was to visit Capri, an island with picturesque views and a magical beauty that surrounded the place. The weather was nice and sunny. We got great pictures of the island from the top. There were a lot of expensive designer shops where I gifted one nice designer bag to my wife. She also did some exquisite jewellery and handicraft shopping. Our guide took us all over the the island, and was very knowledgeable about the history of the island. While I was keenly listening to the guide, my wide had gone far away with her camera to click photographs.

We then took a boat ride to Blue Grotto. We squeezed ourselves in a small row boat of 4 and entering into the cave, our guide told to lie down, so we that wouldn't hit our heads. We saw the opening of the cave which was the most beautiful view. The blue color of the sea at that time was too good to be true. It was a pure visual treat for our eyes. The entire experience was romantic, magical and quite. I felt very fortunate to experience this incredible view of nature with my soul mate.

Our next destination was Amalfi which is situated on the western coast of Italy. This town is surrounded by cliffs and coastal scenery. We wanted to visit the church of Santa Maria Maggiore since we had heard that it was one of the best attractions of Amalfi and is situated in the center of the main shopping area in Amalfi. The church has a long staircase to climb but the climb Holiday to Italyis worth it when your eyes become glued to the stunning architectural style, attractive paintings and delicate marble and mosaic work. The church also has a museum containing lots of religious items.

We returned to our hotel in the evening. The hotel had arranged for a special dinner and music which was great. It was a romantic evening and the live opera session completely set the mood for a nice dinner.

Our holiday was slowly approaching the end. On the last day, we decided visit Pisa since we couldn’t leave Italy without seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Pisa is a city in Central Italy. Apart from the Leaning Tower because of which many people know about this city, there are a lot of other historical monuments, churches and various bridges to explore. We took about three hours to reach the place from Rome and we had 294 steps to reach the top of this historic monument. We had only seen it in pictures but seeing it in person was a completely different experience. My wife and I both admired this leaning beauty! And she willingly took lots of photographs of us and the monument. After the leaning tower, we visited the Baptistry of St. John in Pisa, a 55 meters high religious monument. The architecture and the interiors were worth a view. Every half an hour a guide would do the acoustics demonstration which was fantastic.

We returned to our hotel to enjoy the last dinner and last night in Rome. We ended our night sipping nice wine and talking sweet nothings, viewing the eternal city from roof of our hotel.

A lovely holiday ultimately came to an end with us departing from our hotel. We had indeed discovered a little bit of Italy in these few days and also a little bit of each other. We returned to our homeland carrying lots of beautiful memories of the city and of the time we spent with each other.

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