Enjoyed My Naples Travel To Fullest!

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Travel to Naples

I remember the first time I visited Rome; I missed to visit the southern Italian romantic city Naples which was just a two hour journey from there. But in June 2011, I got a chance to visit Romeagain, so without wasting any time I planned my visit in the second day of the journey itself. I booked my tickets online through Italiarail.com. The country has one of the top class high speed rail services. I booked my seat in the business class which cost me about $79, which is quite a nominal amount as compared to the safe & fast services provided by it.

My train no. allotted was #9603 Frecciarossa having schedule departure time at 9.05 hrs and arrival time at 10.15 hrs. I woke up early in the morning, got ready on time and reached the station to catch the train. The train arrived sharp on time. It took only 1 hour 10 minutes to reach my dream destination. The train journey was just like closing eyes lid and opening after some time. I had also pre-reserved my seat in a hotel. So I directly went to the hotel to take a shower & light breakfast to start off with my curious traverse to Naples.

Travel to Naples

I have been always enchanted by cruise travel in the pleasant blue ocean. Beside this I had heard about the thrilling dolphins play in Naples Bay. So I decided to catch a local ferry to enjoy it to the fullest. The moment the ferry started, I felt like I was in a dreamland. Cool breeze passing my ears as if trying to whisper something, the chirping of coastal birds was loud and clear. The whole environment was so mesmerizing. Within few minutes of the journey the real panorama of dolphin play started.

The cluttering voices of dolphins, as if talking to me was quite clear. The splashes of water produced by falling dolphins were so thrilling that my fellow travelers started jumping and shouting on their feet. I captured the beautiful moment on my superb quality SLR camera. In midst of beautiful journey delicious food and wine was being served. The ferry ride was extreme. There are so many ferries to choose from and the best thing is that those ferries are available whole day till sunset. No need to run due to fear of missing.

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Travel to Naples

The sea journey memories were not going out of my mind, so I thought of doing some outdoor activity based on sea journey. I called up a local guy who was my business allied employee to enquire about some sea related exciting activities. He asked me to try the rental boats services to take the tour on my own hands. He started describing about the thrills I am going to get. But before he could speak few words I said “Hey please don’t unfold the excitement now, I want to experience with my own eyes”. We discussed some business related matters and he went away.

In the evening I went to a local market behind the hotel to enjoy Naples special cuisine. I also bought some local snacks, can of beers, binocular, hat, sun glasses, fishing rod and one guitar. I like playing guitar when I am in romantic mood. My preparation for next day boat ride was complete. In the morning I decided that instead of going directly to boating site of Golfo di Napoli (popularly known as Bay of Naples); enjoy some panoramic view of Bay of Naples from Posillipo.

Travel to Naples

I was right, the plan was successful. If I had directly gone to adventure ride, then I might have missed to capture the beautiful scenery of Mount Vesuvius, Isle of Capri, Procida and Islands of Ischia. Dancing with local people, enjoying chilling sea food and everything that I could have ever wished got here on the Bay.

It was 10.00 hrs and right moment to catch a boat for sea ride and enjoy on the beach Islands. I booked full day rental boat to enjoy the whole thing completely. For few hours I sailed through one corner of beach to another in full gear to enjoy the thrill. Then I decided to lay down flat on the cool sand of the Island. I closed my eyes and forgot for a moment that ‘who I am”. When I woke up I was feeling little hungry so I went to the boat and enjoyed snacks & chilled beer that I was carrying along with me. I could not stop myself, took my guitar and started playing & singing my favorite song.

Nearby guys and girls also joined me and we sung and danced. That was a really wonderful moment. There were so many other activities to enjoy on the island like swimming, diving, fishing, surfing, sand play etc. The time passed away so quickly, it was near to sunset. I had to return before 1 hour of sunset as per rules. So I came back to beach on time.

Travel to Naples

During handing over the rented boat, I heard from the manager that there is a beach party especially organized during summer season at the nearby clubs. During this high tourist season famous local celebrities also tap their foot on the dance floor that adds so much glamour to the party. Though I am not a good dancer but I also tried to dance like a rock star. When I finished off everybody clapped for me, some even patted on my shoulder. I felt so honored and happy. I even got a chance to get snapped with lovely celebrities.

Next day I went for sea kayaking atNapoli. It was a guided tour. A very amiable guide took me along with few other persons on a group tour to Napoli coastline. We kayaked through the coastal line to ancient ruins of Romans. The caves were so enormous, eroded by sea. We got a chance to walk under these thrilling caves. The beautiful ancient home ruins made me feel with my own eyes, the royal past of the empires who built such big dwelling places long ago, which I use to read only in books.

As Naples city is mostly crowded, like a busy city of any country, with heavy flow of traffic especially near rail stations, so I planned my sight visit and adventure mostly on the coastal areas.Naples is famous for the birth place of ‘Pizza’ so I couldn’t afford to miss it. And I enjoyed so many pizzas during my tour. On the last day of my journey I enjoyed full day at Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana) which was south of Bay of Naples. This is Italy’s one of the most celebrated seashore. And so it is extra expensive too. I knew this beforehand, so I had saved enough money, not to miss the excitement.

There was bus ride also available but I chose boat ride, as I don’t wanted to get bored on the bumps. I captured the picturesque view of the charming coast lines to all possibilities. The sight of coral reef and colorful fishes shimmering in the sun made the tour more wonderful. I enjoyed sea food and local wine on the beaches. There were so many luxurious resorts & clubs near the coast to enjoy. Positano, Ravello and Salerno were some more nearby places which I couldn’t visit due to time shortage. Next day early in the morning I traveled back to Rome. Though Italy has many famous destinations for tourist from all parts of world, butNaplesis a name worth remembering and a fun loving traveler must not miss it.

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