How To Get From Rome To Vienna

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Rome is a fascinating city in Italy with an incredible artistic and religious heritage. The historical and artistic value of the Arcibasilica di San Giovanni in Laterano is truly outstanding. Highly recommended is the audio guide that also includes the Scala Santa and the Baptistery.

How To Get From Rome To Vienna 


Vienna is an ideal holiday destination and the State Opera House exemplifies it. The ticket price is not especially cheap and it is best to book in advance. It is a feast for the eyes and ears and a delight until evening. Even if you are not an opera fan, break the bank and go see a show in what is one of the best opera houses in Europe.

Here are the available modes of transport from Rome to Vienna.

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Bus Ticket From Rome To Vienna

The distance between Rome to Vienna is 1,230 kms. The travel time is estimated at 12 hours and 18 minutes. There are three bus transport service companies that provide transportation from Rome to Vienna on different schedules of the week. The lowest fare begins at € 49. To check for more details about the bus transport service and their accurate timetables, visit this site:

How To Get From Rome To Vienna 

If you choose to drive all the way from Rome to Vienna, the travel time is reduced to 10 hours and 50 minutes.

Train Ticket From Rome To Vienna

Overnight trains are more advisable when traveling from Rome to Vienna because it is cheaper and comfortable. The railway travel duration is 11 hours and ten minutes. The first train departs at 04:00 AM and the last trip leaves before midnight. The cheapest fare is offered at € 108. To get the full details of railway transport service from Rome to Vienna, visit this link:

Airplane Ticket From Rome To Vienna

There are at least four international airline providers that offer flights from Rome to Vienna. The travel time is 2 hours and twenty minutes. The earliest flight leaves at 10:30 AM and the last at 21:25 PM. The cheapest fare begins at € 127.

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