Things To Do In Pizzuoli

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A region in the city of Naples in Italy, not just Pozzuoli but the entire area of Campania is amazingly attractive and a perfect tourist destination. Being a main city of the peninsula, there is nothing better than the lush green trees against a serene backdrop of the calm skies here. It began as Roman Colony in 194 BC and the name refers to the sulfuric smell which is prevalent in the area. This sulphuric smell is a resultant of the volcanic area where it is located. It still has a rich culture which is attributed to the huge emporium of Grain ships that used to frequent the area. It also houses the largest naval feel at one time and was also the site of the Roman dictator called Sulla and it is even said that this is the place he chose to die in.


A breathtaking view is that of the Cupola of Pantheon, which is still considered to be the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. This place is also famous as the place of death of the famous Saint Proculous and he is still the city’s patron Saint. If you were to ever notice the Cost of arms, you would be able to notice the seven eagle heads on it, which basically stand for the seven martyrs. You can also witness the magnificent grandeur of the Italian Air force academy called the Academia Aeronautics, which was then built on purpose overlooking the bay. This city has also been a witness to one of the most devastating events in its history in 1983, where a Bradiseismic activity reaching a peak destroyed 8000 buildings in the city center and spoiled the lives of almost 36000 people. Though the whole of Italy has been considered to be a tourist attraction, this is one of the places which is amazing when it comes to sightseeing and tourism.

Visit Pizzuoli

Not only does it welcome the visitors very warmly, it also makes sure that tourism is fully catered to. So each of the customers here is entitled to extreme warmth and comfort! Also, the city is well connected throughout and is wonderful as far as the transportation and the ease of commuting is concerned. You can easily reach this place by a bus and can move around locally either by hiring a car or renting out a bicycle; both the options connect you with the interiors of the city and the lives of the people.

When To Go:

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The weather at Pozzuoli is mild and the yearly difference between the temperatures in the summers and the winters is about 14 °C. Considering August to be the hottest month, it should be avoided. Winters are pleasant with an average temperature of about 9 °C and the summers are wetter than the winters. So if you have to enjoy this place, you have to plan your trip between October and May every year. That way you will be able to enjoy all your outdoor activities along with the indoor tours and excursions.

Visit Pizzuoli

These are the top things to do in Pozzuoli…


Vulcano Solfatara

Take a long walk through the Fumarole. Specially, thrilling for geology lovers, this place needs a pair of good walking shoes. A sunscreen is definitely a must and it may get dusty also. There is absolutely no shade in the area and so it seems to be hotter than the surrounding areas. Try walking in the surrounding woods after you have visited the caldera and see the difference between the caldera and the woods. There is apt signage in English to help you through and would not let you get lost. And once you feel tired and exhausted of the walk and the exploration, just settle for a Gelato and refreshments at the small little café which is here. This is the experience of walking in a caldera of a 4000 year old volcano.

Vulcano Solfatara

What more do you want? For being a live volcano at Volcano Solfatara, this is quite close actually. Ever thought what it would be to walk over a pressure cooker? Well, this geographical landmass is just like that. This place is hot and you can actually hear the sulphur leaking from the ground and making its noise. For the amount of sulphur that leaks this place does not smell excessively. It is easy to identify the stench of the sulphur but it does not affect you much. To explain everything to you at depth and detail, the staff of the cafe is very helpful and make sure that you have seen and understood the concept of the place in totality. There is nothing more exciting than seeing this place the way it is and then get to know the geological and historical facts about this place. You do not even need to take a bus to reach this place and you can easily walk up to the caldera. Enjoy your breathtaking views from the top of the locations while you also enjoy the scenic beauty of the town.


Macellum of Pozzuoli

There was a time when Sea water could flow into the city. This is a unique concept of Bradyseism. This temple of Serapis or Serpeum is considered to be the unique symbol that represents the city. Though misinterpreted, this city derives its name from the fact that a statue of God Serapis was found here.

Macellum of Pizzuoli

Earlier it was market place and now it includes, three great columns made out of Cipolin Marble. This place is ancient and dates back to a time when the place was very much under the sea. One of the best historical sites to visit, Macellum of Pozzuoli is amazing when it comes to the originality of the historical structure.


Amphitheatre Flavium

Actually this is the third largest Amphitheatre after the Colosseum and the Capuan Amphitheatre. Though most of the remains were absorbed by the other surrounding building structures, some of the remaining arches can be seen by the Solfatara and the Via Vigna. You can cross this place by a metropolitan railway and the arena of this amphitheater is still buried. A huge and magnificent structure, it can accommodate almost 20,000 people in the area and is magnificently built. You may not be permitted to visit the main arena of the seating area, but you can visit the underground chambers and cells, which were allotted to the gladiators and the beats that either killed them or got killed.

Amphitheatre Flavium

In any case, there was bloodshed and pain and it is the same eeriness which is etched on the walls of the Amphitheatre Flavium. Beautifully carved masonry lines the interiors and the exteriors which basically come from the nearby temples, and forts. This is an amazing piece of architecture. Italians had to be great engineers. While you walk under this you can walk freely. Though there are no signboards, some information boards make you aware of the history of the place. If lucky you would be able to find the scratches made on walls by lions in one of the chambers. Imagine what is must have been like to be gladiator fighting animals for life. Animals that had been starved! The rooms and the channels that have been constructed are amazingly linear and boast of similarity in structure and engineering. A beautiful way to spend a day at Pozzuoli!


Lago D Averno

Nothing makes the geography look prettier than a lake in a beautiful setting and that is what this is. A pretty lake, with clear waters in a lovely setting! There is nothing better than a good spot to relax the eye. A part of the major tourist adventure tours, a trip to this lake is a must when it comes to Pozzuoli. Considered to be one of the best locations in the city, this place is a bit crowded due to the many tourists who frequent this place.

Lago D Averno

A short visit to this place is a must . A ruined temple of the god Apollo and some ruins here and there, this place is beautiful when it some to the archeological quotient. Preserved beautifully, the ruins of the temples are many and intact.  There is more to this place than what meets the eyes. A lovely walk around the lake is the perfect way to relax and have some peace in. Just mildly exploring the temples can give you an idea about the richness of the Roman Culture. A perfect getaway from the hustle of the busy life, spend a day at the lake to reconsider your life and create a retrospection option at Lago D Averno.


Jolly Roger

If you are an avid enjoyer of nightlife, then this is what you should be seeing. Ranked among the best areas in Pozzuoli, Jolly Roger is beautiful nightlife bar and pub. Serving almost all the drinks that can be fit on to a menu; this place is amazing when it comes to paying bills. Coupled with excellent music that plays to soothe your senses, Jolly Rogers sure knows how to make you enjoy the evenings.

Jolly Roger

Try the various food items on the menu to refresh your taste buds. Constructed with the roman architecture in mind, the lighting and the seating gives you enough privacy to have a private evening spent with your loved one. The service of the staff is amazing and so is the ambience. Jolly Rogers is a must visit for the lovers of chilled out evenings. Do visit this place once and enjoy a lovely evening of fine dining! Shaped like a pirate ship with a brilliant collection of appetizers, you cannot miss a meal at this place. It is stupendous!



One of the best sites that you can ever see in all your life, Cumae is a sight to hold your breath. While you may have to trek and walk quite a bit to enjoy the place, a good pair of shoes will do the trick for you. The temple of Apollo may interest you quite a bit and so will the caves. Some of the sights here are extremely ancient and have been mentioned in early legends and myths. The price of visiting this place would be every minimal as compared to the kind of fun and adventure that you have here. Though you are allowed to click many pictures at Cumae, but commercial photography is not permitted and restricted. You cannot post them online and if you intend to do just that, then you have to share your passport details with the authorities here. Though that is quite acceptable, but then all the people coming here do not carry their passports.


Make a note of carrying your passport and ID if the pictures are what you are here for. Conveyance is not a problem if you have additional budgeting to hire a car. Getting here in a car from Naples is a huge challenge. If you are using a bus service, make sure it is not a public holiday else you would be stranded midway not knowing what to do further. So the best would be to have a car or a taxi to help you out, which will definitely cost you a bit but then again, it is a matter of personal opinion. There is a small gift shop here. You may not find the best of the gifts here but you can definitely choose from a couple of souvenirs for your loved ones and your own self ofcourse; to remind you of the delightful experience that you would have here. Though this place may not be included in your tour package, request your tour operator to make arrangements for you to visit this place. You will surely remember this place as the best thing on your trip and is well worth the effort.


Sibyl’ Cave

This is one adventure trip that you have to experience. The cave is beautiful and so is the approach to it. Ancient but well preserved, these caves will make you drift away from civilization for a bit. Named after a Prophetess of the cult of Apollo, this place is visible from the top of the Temple of Apollo. Though this place is not very well known and remains quite through most of the year, one visit to this place will have you longing for more. Hauntingly beautiful and eerily captivating, the elongated cave is a sight to see. The walls of the caves have murals and cave paintings which make this place even more explorable. Best seen on a sunny day, the location of the caves is very beautiful. Sibyl was a prophetess and the followers revere her enough to have maintained the place as if it was a recent construction. The feeling of being in a mystical cave can give you goose bumps at times and hooks you to its presence. 

Sibyl' Cave

The cave represents a birth canal and where the Prophetess would sit would be a remnant of the uterus. Now, Sibyl got her immortality as a boon from Apollo in return for her virginity, a part of the deal she did not fulfill. So she did stay immortal but not youth full and withered away with time. Eventually, her body reduced to nothing and the only thing that still demarcated her presence was the singing and her voice. She would sing and that also finally withered away with her notes on the maple leaves. So when you enter the cave where she lived for a thousand years, you almost expect the maple leaves to start falling from nowhere. The chamber where she used to sit being the uterus is connected to the neighboring chambers with tube like passages representing the ovaries and the fallopian tubes. Basically this cave represents feminist and womanhood.  Considered to be the beginning of fertility cult worship, this cave is mystic and gives you a feeling of her presence in the cave- even today!


Scuba and Snorkeling

For the water lovers, this is what you need! Any day that you feel it is too hot for an outdoor excursion or an adventure tour; this is what you should be doing. Expertise is not required and the instructors make sure that you are safe even if you have touched water for the first time in your life. Book your tour with the Centro Sub Campi and let them handle everything from the group to the apparel to the technical and the equipment for you.  The best instructors and world class safety equipment will make your experience even worthwhile. The life beneath the waters is amazingly beautiful and any sight on the surface of the water or above it cannot beat the feeling of being under water. They also permit photography and also have the requisite equipment for it. So if you request for it, they would be mailing the accommodating adjustments for it.

Scuba and Snorkelling

Being at Pozzuoli is not a matter of a tour or a visit. This city makes you live it’s past and present with it. Beautiful and welcoming, though this city is not too evidently present on the world tourist maps, but it is one place which is not to be missed. In fact it is good if this place is not publicized much. Will keep the useless crowds away, giving you the opportunity to have this place all to yourself! 

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