Things To Do In Positano

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Positano is a panoramic coastal town that is perched ruggedly on a steep gorge overlooking the Amalfi Coast and a busy harbor. The mountainside is designed with pastel- colored houses while the baroque inspired huge blue and gold dome of the Santa Maria Assunta Church sparkles as it stands overlooking the beach with its windows facing the sea. If you drive along its serpentine roads during summer, you will be greeted by an assortment of colorful bougainvilleas along the way. The winding lanes thread their way towards the town, the beach, then circles around in a style which gives you no other option but to walk and admire the natural beauty of Positano. If you look at this town even from afar during sunset, the landscape and the red-orange colors of the sun make it look like an 18th century painting; absolutely stunning!


When To Go:

The climate in Positano is characterized by the charm of its Mediterranean atmosphere with mellow winters, colorful spring, and humid summer. The opportunity to visit this town any time of the year is possible; however, it is important to know when to really go and what to bring in your luggage during the specific months and seasons of the year. The peak season starts from the month of April (starting from the week of Easter observance when most Christian travelers schedule their week long holiday) all the way up to October. During these months, the climate is very friendly with agreeable temperatures, but if you don’t like the huge crowds in major attractions, May is the most ideal time to make a visit.

Visit Positano

If you want to enjoy the beaches and indulge in water sports activities, it is wise to come during the peak of the summer season from July to August which has a tolerable 85 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Rainfall and the stormy/winter season usually occurs from October to January; and it is around these months when travel or tours are greatly discouraged because most of the attractions, beach resorts, restaurants, museums and tourist offices choose to close because of the unfavorable weather.

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The following major attractions and things to do is what wait for you when you visit Positano…


Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta Medievale

The Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta Medievale is an old church located in the heart of Positano. Walking down the stairs you will find yourself on the beach with many restaurants and be spoiled for a variety of choices of Italian cuisine. The church of Santa Maria Assunta is the largest church in Positano which was built around the year 1100 AD. The story behind its creation states that the church was built when local fishermen on a boat found a Byzantine icon of the Madonna that had stopped right in front of the bay of Positano due to lack of wind. The church built in honor of Santa Maria Assunta is not anything fancy but it helps make a picturesque and quaint impression of Positano. It is situated right on the beach and given the location and the fact that it is always visible; it is recognized as the official symbol of the coastal town.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta Medievale

This ancient church is not hard to find and after descending along the road enclosed by various shops (boutique, handicrafts, etc.) and located right next to the marina; you will arrive in the square in front of the sea and find this small church nestled among shops and houses and stands out for its dome. If the church is open, the interior is well worth a short visit. You will be overwhelmed by the intricate art pieces you will discover inside like; the collection of marble products, the altar that is made of marble and wood, and the antique paintings displayed on the wall. If you observe closely, the style is not really old and you’ll be impressed by the rise of the marble columns, the long aisle and luxurious chandeliers. Once you’re in Positano, it is impossible not to visit this church.  


Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Grotto)

The Grotta dello Smeraldo or the Emerald Grotto is a site not to be missed if you are visiting the Amalfi Coast in Positano. The cave is not very big and you need to pay €5 to get in (on board a raft coming from the Conca dei Marini) and prepare something to tip the boatman after the tour. The best time to visit is from 12:00 PM to 15:00 PM when the sun is reflected best in the cave creating beautiful lighting effects  and shines like an emerald stone (from where it derived its name).

Grotta dello Smeraldo

This generates a glow of an intense turquoise and looks very impressive. You will see huge stalactites and meet the local tour guides that speak Italian and English with the usual touches of humor making the tour relaxing and entertaining. The boat ride is very pleasant and it’s nice to enjoy the coast and other scenic spots that you will see from the water before reaching the cave.


Spiaggia del Fornillo (Fornillo Beach)

The Spiaggia del Fornillo or the Fornillo Beach is very small and intimate, but it is still very relaxing even when there are many people. It is accessible from the main beach (Spiaggia Grande) within a walking distance of about 15 minutes that passes along a scenic trail. The final part of the trail is the most impressive and it is where you will find the Fornillo Beach.  It is located next to the tower Clavel, a historic outpost of the thirteenth century. The small beach of Fornillo is the most suggestive place in Positano.

Spiaggia del Fornillo

It is exhausting to be achieved because of the more than 300 steps that separate it from the road, but it is definitely worth all the effort. You can see the mountain behind and the beautiful seafront. Do not miss a good meal at Ferdinand which is directly on the beach, and you must do the "Walk of Gods" both in daytime and at night. A moment of great value that you can enjoy here at Fornillo Beach is taking a stroll by the sea with only the sound of lapping water breaking on the shore and with the sight of Positano village that is printed on the rock full of its eye-catching colors and its beauty known throughout the world.


Spiaggia Grande (Main Beach)

Spiaggia Grande or the Main Beach is a wide beach where the facilities are quite expensive. The best time to be here is during the season of spring because the beach serves as a shelter from the wind and retains the heat of the atmosphere.  Positano’s most fascinating sight is to see it at sunset and watch the colors slowly light up the whole night. The Main Beach is located opposite the pedestrian square in the sea (the heart of Positano nightlife). It is about 300 meters long with an ocean floor that has a mix of small pebbles, rocks and sand. 

Spiaggia Grande

There are two large establishments here that offer sun beds and umbrellas and possibilities to eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The beach ends (right in front of taking the sea) with the port of Positano, once frequented only by small boats, which are unfortunately (after being expanded years ago) also now dock large ships (ten per day) which discharge hundreds and hundreds of foreign travellers (imagine the chaos on this beach with small dimensions). This beach becomes chaotic and noisy and becomes the center of tourist activities in the Amalfi Coast.  


Bagni d'Arienzo                                                                                                     

The Bagni d'Arienzo is a magical place in Positano and to see this captivating beach you have an option to hail a boat from the beach of Marina Grande and discover its public and private areas. The sun beds are clean and well arranged at a cost of € 8, an affordable rate in Positano. The restaurant here is even exceptional.

Bagni d'Arienzo

The food is really good with unique dishes, the fish is always fresh and of excellent quality. Prices are like all the other restaurants of Positano, high but worth all the effort to spend and enjoy life. It has very nice bathrooms in a beautiful and typical environment of the coast with excellent cooking and can easily be reached by a boat that leaves every hour from the busy port of Positano.


Palazzo Murat

The Palazzo Murat is a fantastic facility with a relaxing garden, spacious park, restaurant and cocktail area that looks extremely luxurious. The cocktail area overlooking the sea is a relaxing courtyard with a central well filled with wrought iron chairs with soft white pillows where you can sip the usual Positano drink like; limoncello, orange juice and prosecco. It is an excellent building located in the center of Positano and a few hundred meters from the beach. The atmosphere of the courtyard is truly magical, especially along the driveway that is completely covered by a pergola. The Palazzo Murat is highly recommended for all couples looking for a romantic atmosphere in Positano.

Palazzo Murat

The nature park is set among the narrow streets crowded with flowers, enough sunlight during the day and protected by a botanical garden that smells of citrus and Mediterranean spices. The place was created in 1808 by Joachim Murat - brother of Napoleon and King of Naples. He was first enchanted by the atmosphere of peace and extraordinary rooftop view of Positano and chose it as his summer residence. Now, it is famous and referred to as the jewel of romance in Positano. If you pass by the main entrance door, you will be greeted by the warmth of the Attanasio Family, who for three generations lovingly guards this historic building that is now completely restored and leaves an indelible mark in the memory of every visitor.


Grotta di Fornillo                                                                                    

Going down in the country (then taking the one-way street that makes you go around the inside of Positano) after about 1 km downhill in a narrow curve to the left you will find the Grotta di Fornillo carved in the rock and made by the people of Positano from many years ago. You cannot miss it, it's just up the street (beside the Fornillo Beach), and the crib is done well and beautifies the internal Positano bus stop located in the same corner.

Grotta di Fornillo

It is worth a quick stop to take great photos. When you get to Positano from the Sorrento peninsula, it is the first thing you see and it must be said that for the rest you can imagine how the small crib was created by locals in this cave dug course. It is in one of the corners of the main street that winds to the city and it has a small chapel, row of houses and is close to the strategic bus stops in Positano.


Blue Star Boat Tours

The first thing you should do when you arrive in Positano is to contact the Blue Star Boat Tours and book a trip on the beautiful coast up to and around the island of Capri. You can try the wonderful experience of "That's Amore" and enjoy the boat ride experience because it has limited the number of guests to a maximum of 12, which allows everyone to sit comfortably in the shade or on the comfortable deck to have a little dose of sunbathing. Captain Peppe is known for his sympathy, his polite manner and with his kindness can put people at ease and develop the camaraderie of his group to entertain guests.

Blue Star Boat Tours

The girls at the reception are very polite, nice and professional and the two sailors on board re well prepared about their tasks on the cruise. The tour of Capri is a wonderful experience and you can swim as long as you want while they are busy preparing meals with the resident chef. There are so many things to tell about this package tour, but the best recommendation is to try this unique experience in Positano.


Ceramica Assunta

The Ceramica Assunta is a historic ceramic store that is located in Via Cristoforo Colombo Positano. It specializes in tableware and home furnishings. If you need to have your orders customized, you can make a request from the owners and the owners and they will do their best to decorate and customize the chosen dishes and shipping them even to your home when ready. The shop is cozy and it is very nice to get in there and be enchanted by all these colors and objects of all kinds.

Ceramica Assunta

The owners are very friendly and will assist with great professionalism. The shop carries a wide selection of plates, jugs, cups for limoncello that are all ceramic glazed and baked.  The mere entrance to this ceramic shop is an experience not to be missed; John welcomes you and makes you feel as if you were at home. The warm colors fill you with energy and the desire to buy the fantastic dishes, tables and whatever else that is offered here. The staffs are very friendly and everyone is conversant in the Italian and English Language.


Artigianato Rallo

It is in Artigianato Rallo, a wonderful craft shop in Positano where you will be enchanted by the quantity, variety, and quality of Italian made sandals. You cannot say you have been to Positano if you have not visited this shop. You can choose the colors, accessories, and customize your own sandals according to your preference and they will artistically translate what design you want to achieve in the finished product. The final outcome is always innovative and of excellent quality. You can even have two orders or pairs done on the same day and admire an original art that is laced with finishing touches of cork.  They are great shoemakers with a lot of patience and skill. You will also be impressed by their hospitality and make your waiting time flow nicely while you’re inside the shop. They are definitely true masters, talented in their art, make sandals in leather and are able to satisfy even people with the most difficult or selective taste. These quality hand crafted sandals make great gifts for your friends back home and a souvenir of your trip to Positano.

Artigianato Rallo

Positano is a progressive town in Italy that is located along the Amalfi Coast or the Costiera Amalfitana. The village is lined not only with fine sand beaches, but also with hiking trails and steep mountain slopes characterized by lush vegetation and pristine atmosphere. This type of adventure is ideal for all those who would like to hike/trek, connect with nature and discover the impressive sceneries that lead to the Walk of the Gods and a chance to admire the Valley of Ferriere. A walking tour is strongly suggested to truly discover the secret magic and charm of Positano and at the same time discern the commercial realities the village can offer like; quality leather shoes, clothes, perfumes, and ceramics. Positano is a captivating tourist and holiday spot for most celebrities and travelers because of the variety of attractions to discover and they see this quiet town as a serene place to retreat from their busy lives. This is one of the main reasons why it is one of the most visited places in Italy. 

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