Train Ticket From Milan To Nice

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Walking the streets of Milan is like venturing to a lot of visual surprises of structures that you do not expect in every corner. The most impressive of which are its architectural designs that are truly mesmerizing. Milan, the city of glamour, fashion, finance, and industry is more than it shows. The encounter with art is hidden in small doses and it is only a matter of giving enough time to explore each attraction.

Train Ticket From Milan to Nice


Nice is an ancient city along the French Riviera that is well maintained with; fabulous beaches, all neat roads, full of shops, souvenirs, cafés, bars, where everything is unmatched starting from the coffee up to its famous French cuisine.

Here are the available modes of transport from Milan to Nice.

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Milan to Nice By Train

There are 8 high speed trains that operate between Milan to Nice on a daily basis. The average train journey time is 4 hours and 4 minutes. The first train departs as early as 07:05 AM and the last at 23:18 PM. Ticket rates and schedules can be accessed from this site:

Milan to Nice By Bus

The distance between Milan to Nice is 320 kms. The travel time via railway transport is 6 hours and 30 minutes. The cheapest bus fare is offered at € 25. Free Wi-Fi can be availed while on board. To get the full information of bus transport service, timetables and compare fares, visit:

Train Ticket From Milan to Nice

If you prefer to travel by land, renting a private vehicle is another great option if you don’t own a vehicle. The route is made via a10/E80 and travel time is estimated at 3 hours and 20 minutes. Aside from saving money on travel, you get to see the impressive landscape from Milan to Nice.

Milan to Nice By Plane

The distance between Milan to Nice is 154 miles by air travel. There are two airline services that cover the flight route twice weekly and most of it offers non-stop flight options. He cheapest plane fare is offered at US$ 157.

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