Travel To Milan, Italy

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Last holiday our tour was one of the most enjoyable and fascinating adventure we’ve ever had before. My brother Daniel and I had the privilege to visit the most wonderful and beguiling city of Milan which is situated in Italy on the European continent. The city of Milan is not only known for its diverse museums but also for its great cathedrals, castles, distinctive streets and many other awesome tourist spots.  Daniel had longed for this city for a span of time.  We were most thrilled and overjoyed when we successfully secured our tickets to the city of Milan. It was like a dream come true especially to my close associate and best friend Daniel who was the most pleased with that great opportunity.  We chose Milan city because of the availability of numerous and startling tourist attractions. Undeniably, Milan city was surely one of the enthralling places that made our holiday marvelous. It was indeed the best city that made our adventure worthwhile.

 Travel to Milan, Italy

Cathedral of Milan was the first attractive structure we came across. It was actually a large and big structure having many exceptional features. By fact, the cathedral took quite more than 500 years to reach completion. It was one of the biggest renowned gothic cathedrals in the city of Milan arena. The cathedral had many wonderful protruding towers. Actually, the towers were about 135 in number. It also had more than three thousand statuette on its upper crown. We used an elevator to reach its upper side because it was the easiest means available, though one can still use the stairs to climb up to the top. The top of the tower was with no doubt an awe inspiring and overwhelming viewing point. We had a notable and clear view of the other buildings in the entire town. We also spotted many attractive and pleasant places of interest within the city. The cathedral also had Piazza del Duomo square which was another interesting feature in the hub of Milan which abode the Duomo museum and the present day art museum. It was certainly the most enthralling place which made our adventure great and exciting.

 Travel to Milan, Italy

We then advanced our great journey to the enthralling Opera house and the Museum of La Scala. It is one of the historical and extraordinary Opera houses in the whole city of Milan and Italy at large. Additionally, the museum of La Scala had many awesome and amazing traditional items like the musical or melodic instruments, the exciting drawings, unique carvings and without forgetting the stylish monuments. We took many photographs from the museum which was to help us to remember and have great memories of the interesting items that we encountered.  The opera house also encompasses the largest hall in the entire city. The hall in capacity can accommodate thousands people at a go. We ceased our tour at this marvelous place having maximized all the interesting and attractive points.

 Travel to Milan, Italy

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We then proceeded directly to the Gallery of Vittorio Emanuele II. The gallery was constructed in the 18th century. It is one of the stunning places with glasses on its crown and on the roof. Besides, it had many outstanding shops, entertainment halls and restaurants among many other business premises. We had to buy some unique items at the shops to carry with us. The items could help us to boast of our great adventure and remember the city in the coming days. Moreover, the gallery hosts one of the largest and biggest mosaics which peacefully rest at the wall. It is used to display many useful places, among them being some of the new and enticing cities in Italy.

 Travel to Milan, Italy

Storza castle was our next place we adventured. It is situated within the heart of Milan city. It was indeed another wonderful place that made our holiday great. The castle used to house the most famous and renowned imperial families. It was later used as the dwelling place for armies. It was certainly another great and wonderful experience to come across such a palace which historically was used long time ago for state purposes. Moreover, the ancient palace contained drawings, sculptures and other traditional items.  Lastly, we exploited most of our time looking at the primordial works of art, the ancient musical instruments and the museums of archeological origin. We didn’t leave anything a chance to go without exploiting its source and use. It was certainly a great place to be and we vowed to return again in our next holiday.

 Travel to Milan, Italy

We then advanced our tour to the great Basilica of Saint Ambrogio. It was the most appealing and alluring place being one of the earliest and oldest churches in the city of Milan. The exterior features of the church displayed tremendous Romanic construction style in its architectural design. Moreover, the church had vestiges and statues of ancient times. They were beautiful in their own kind which also portrayed certain unique characteristics. Additionally, the church also had the flaxen altar which mostly was used in the ancient times ago for sacrifices and offerings. We also came across the monument of the vault of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the church. It was surely an interactive place and to which we vowed to revisit again.

 Travel to Milan, Italy

Park Parco Sempione and Giardini Pubblici was another mesmerizing place worth mentioning. It was a place that had many excellent concerts for fun, recreation and entertainment.  It was a brilliant place that married our thoughts and feelings. The park is strategically located just within the city thus more convenient after a very tiring exhaustive work. The terrain profile of the place was indeed an admirable one as it was fully covered with emerald green grass that gave it a pleasant and charming environment. We relaxed for a moment before dusting our feet again to the next point. Moreover, the place had an attractive and most amazing fresh water springs. It is indeed a good place which is fully surrounded with good nature that offers satisfying and pleasurable moments. It is certainly a friendly and interactive museum full of fun.

 Travel to Milan, Italy

Brera Picture Gallery was the next place on the list. The picture gallery was definitely the most alluring place to be. The gallery contained the statue collections which have stored since primordial to date. The collection of arts dated back from the 14th century to the modern day. We came across numerous anthologies of more the 600 collections of artifacts. We also had the privilege to stumble upon the good works of the renowned and popular artists like the Piero Della Francesca and Raphael only to mention a few. The gallery also had a wonderful hall where more than 38 exhibitions were displayed to the audience. We ceased our lovely adventure at this place with an urge to adventure this great place if gotten a chance again.

 Travel to Milan, Italy

Lastly, Via Dante in the city of Milan was another worthwhile place worth visiting. It was so exciting that we almost extended our trip. It is one of the most superb streets in the world having various entertaining leisure activities. The street was packed to capacity mainly by the locals. It had several artists who were performing at the time of our arrival. It was certainly an amusing place that strategically ended our adventure with great fun and in good style. The trip was indeed a remarkable one and more mind-blowing. We definitely without doubt agreed to revisit the same city during our next trip to Milan city in our next holiday.


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