Things To Do In Abidjan

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Abidjan being the capital city of Coast Ivory (Côte d'Ivoire) since the country got its independence is an important centre. It is the second largest city of West Africa. With the amazing night scenes, this city is a must see and visit place which boasts excellent restaurants, visiting sites, hotels and other sites that are worth seeing and experiencing. Quite exotic, this city will be an amazing vacation after a hectic work life.

Things To Do in Abidjan

When To Go:

Abidjan is located in the equatorial part of Africa so the weather is different than the rest of the world. The rainy season lasts from the month of May till November while during the other months rain is quite uncommon with some occasional showers but the temperatures and humidity levels are high. It would be advised to avoid the months of January and February when the sand laden wind from the Sahara desert blows in the country making everything filled and covered with sand. The best time to visit would be during the cooler months of the year, which are from November till January and also tend to be drier than the other humid months of the year.

Things To Do in Abidjan

These are the top things to do in the city of Abidjan:

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St. Paul’s Cathedral

The church of St. Paul is a church that is unique in its own way and turns out to be a pleasant surprise for those who tend to find churches boring. The St. Paul’s Cathedral was chosen by the first president of Coast Ivory (Côte d’Ivoire) whose ambition was to make a world class cathedral in the capital of the country. This church was designed and built by the Italian architect Aldo Spirito. The construction started in 1980 and now the church has become a huge landmark of the city on the skyline with the state of the art and modern crucifix designed to dominate over the city sky.

St. Paul Cathedral

The church has been bestowed with the honor of having been visited by Pope John Paul II twice. The panoramic stained glass windows are the main attraction and beauty of the church. Also the church displays artistic and modern mosaics which depict Catholic Stations of the Cross. These attractions make the St. Paul’s Cathedral a must visit in the city of Abidjan. You will find these artistic things to depict African landscape and people with Biblical stories. Climb the 230 steps of the crucifix balcony to view the wondrous view of the city and the lagoon. Take a tour of the church and be amazed by the architecture and arts.


The Plateau

The Plateau is the business center and hub of the city which has quite some good attractions like some great shops, restaurants, cafes and places to visit. Walking in this area of the city will make you feel like you are on the streets of Washington City rather than in a city in Africa. The office buildings with many business centers are like skyscrapers of the city with more than 30 floors are interesting to look at from near and far when walking in this area. You will find many shops with interesting things to buy from and also some souvenir shops for buying things.

The Plateau

The restaurants here with varying cuisines are good for trying out. This place is good for walking about and exploring to what the city has to offer. The skyline with these buildings is amazing and the lighting on special days and holidays make it one of the best sights in the city. Take a trip to the metropolis of Abidjan and find some nice art galleries and clothing shops which provide African attire and also a lot of variety of other cultures. The Plateau is one place that you definitely explore closely due to the variety that it has.


Star Spa

The Star Spa in the Abidjan population is one of the best places to relax. After walking around too much and having done a lot of sightseeing this is the place you should visit. This retreat in the city provides many massages which are not too expensive and relieve you of any stress within your body. There is a Thai woman who gives the best massages and uses very exotic ingredients which soothe your body to the core and make you fresh all over again.

Star Spa

The Star Spa also provides many other facilities like manicures, pedicures and a whole assortment of relaxing techniques. Going to this place will re-lift your senses and make you feel absolutely light. Try the shitake and herbal massage which is known to be special and stress relieving. Star Spa is the best place to relax with exotic surroundings and ingredients. Don’t forget to check it out!


Amani Gallery

The Amani Gallery is one of the best galleries in Africa which features African culture with many contemporary pieces of art and furniture. The furniture and other things are made from wood and metal used together and creating a different look of the piece altogether. Some pieces of furniture are shaped exquisitely and uniquely like tables, mirrors and chairs. Going through the gallery you will find bronze statues of Benin which are extraordinarily beautiful to look at. If you want they can ship the products to your country or city.

Amani Gallery

If you go to the Amani Gallery in the city of Abidjan, then you notice the specific culture and style the people of the country follow. The furniture and other designed products are distinct taste of actual Africa and its traditions. This place is definitely up for a visit with the lovely taste that it caters to. You might find something unique for your house and it will be truly out of this world. You cannot walk out of this place without finding something truly beautiful!


The International Club and Paintball Park

This oasis is located on the west side of the city of Abidjan with a corner linked to the lagoon where you can enjoy the seaside and relax. The International Club and Paintball Club is a good place to enjoy with your family. The park has many restaurants and places to get refreshments from. The lagoon side is pretty with scenic views of the blue water of the ocean touching the land of Ivory Coast. The park provides facilities like volleyball, table tennis, petong, kayaking and also the opportunity to swim in the lagoon.

International Club and Paintball Club

The restaurants around have very delicious food, but if you want you can have your own barbecue in the while enjoying the surroundings and the party around you. The Paintball Park is another enthusiastic place to be in while enjoying this site. Take the guns, load them with color and hit your friends and family with it. Make teams and make the game more enjoyable. This is one unique way to enjoy your vacations in the city of Abidjan. Take a trip to the International Club and Paintball Club to enjoy your time in this exotic city of Africa with extra fun.


Ivoire Golf Club

This golf club is a good retreat from the hustle and bustle of the main city. The grounds of the Ivoire Golf Club extend over a large area, making the game more exciting with more rounds. There are ponds built inside the club which have actual crocodiles in it. This experience is thrilling yet relaxing. Plan a day out with your family to this golf club and play along with them.

Ivoire Golf Club

This golf club is a good way to get out of the city and relax with your family and friends while playing the game with them. Going to the Ivoire Golf Club to spend some time in playing the game is enthralling in the city of Abidjan. The instructors are friendly and help you learn the game if you are a beginner. So why not go ahead and give it a hit?


Createur de Bonheur

Createur de Bonheur (Creating Happiness) is a sweet little haven created by Alexandra Duparc right in the middle of the hubbub of the city of Abidjan. They invite people over with Miss Akissi as a host along with her friends. This place is filled with vibrant colored things made originally by the owners. The mild and sweet atmosphere of the place fills you completely and takes you to their world. Miss Akissi is the signature of Alexandra Duparc who is a little magical fairy and along with her friends she decorates and covers salt shakers, tote bags, fabric, mirrors, plates and notebooks.

Createur de Bonheur

Not just this, Createur de Bonheur (Creating Happiness) also masters in weaving furniture, stools, chairs and tables which are very African culture based. These different types of decorations and pieces of art can make you smile and literally create happiness. These artistic artifacts are something that you can buy and then keep on later to gift someone or just to cherish the memories of your trip to Abidjan. Taking a tour of Createur de Bonheur will re-lift your mood and make you smile. What are you waiting for? Find happiness in the little place of Miss Akissi and her friends.



This place in the city of Abidjan is the hub and basic attraction for an amazing nightlife in the city. The Treichville commune is known to be as one of the liveliest communes within the city.  The name comes from the French resident of Coast Ivory (Côte d'Ivoire) Marcel Treich Laplene who lived here during 1860 till 1890. Treichville is known to be filled with the best bars, clubs and cafes for an amazing night out in Abidjan. Treichville came into view in 1910 right opposite the Plateau on an uninhabited island. After the port of Abidjan was built in 1950 Treichville became a very important centre of the city with a lot of attention being given to its development and many industries and factories opened up here making it an industrially sound place in the city.


The nightclubs street is filled with people coming from around the city to enjoy their night with friends. This part of the district is known for the excellent food offered by a whole variety of restaurants and is famous for the drinks too. Filled with every kind of shop, this commune has everything, literally everything, to buy from. Going to Treichville means exploring the streets and the different shops here while partying in the clubs and bars. This exclusive place is a must visit if you are in the city of Abidjan because of the party that it beholds and the significance of its location. Go here and enjoy like you never did before!


Bicici Abidjan

Banque Internationale Pour le Commerce et l'Industrie De la Cote d'Ivoire (BICICI) is the biggest bank of Abidjan and a quite often visited place. It provides financial assistance to individuals and companies who require them. The BICICI has 3 main branches Abidjan-Plateau, Abidjan-sud and Bouake and 2 regional branches located in Yamoussoukro and San-Pedro.

Bicici Abidjan

The bank’s portfolio is quite impressive with many current accounts and saving accounts, loan facilities, investment loans, consumer loans, credit cards, cash management along with the facilities of doing your banking online and through your mobile. It operates on a network of 31 points of sale through the main branches mentioned. This bank is impressive and is one of the reasons of Abidjan being a developing city in Ivory Coast. Visit this bank to learn more about the financial and other details of Abidjan and the Ivory Coast.


Code Barre

Code Barre is another very interesting place to be at while you are in Abidjan. This bar is known to be a listed and a quite renowned bar in the city with a major population going over for a good party during the night. Code Barre is a place worth visiting because if you really want to enjoy your trip to the city of Abidjan then clubbing and dancing with drinks is one of the best ways to keep the fun going.

Code Barre

Take a step into the party life of Abidjan and discover how the people tend to enjoy these places. Listen to the African music and dance to its beat. To enjoy your vacation to Africa this place will certainly lighten the party up and make sure you remember the exotic fun in the city of Abidjan. Grab some friends and go down to this place to thoroughly entertain yourself and to understand more about the culture of the city and to interact with the people present there. Get your dance moves going!


Life Star Abidjan

This is another nightclub renowned in its own place for the entertainment and enjoyment it provides to the tourists and to the tourists equally. With salsa nights and live singing and dancing this is an exotic experience that you surely do not want to miss out on especially when you are looking for a place to party in the city. Life Star Nightclub is located in the district of the Plateau with a very characteristic interior. Each area inside the club is designed differently with a lot of hard work. Music in each one of these areas is matched and played according to the atmosphere it holds.

Life Star Nightclub

The club has a lounge floor and a dance floor each decorated according to what is suitable. The amazing sound system of the club is the best part. The music is chosen especially for each of these places and people tend to enjoy whatever the club plays. You will find many people relaxing with their friends in the lounge and many others dancing the night away on the dance floor. People prefer going to this place because it fulfills what they want and need for a good party with their friends. So get going to the Life Star Nightclub and enjoy the groovy African music along with many other tunes played. Make it a night!


The National Museum of Abidjan

To learn more about the culture, history and traditions of the country, you need to visit the National Museum of Abidjan which holds history of the city and of the country in one place. While going through the museum you will find many traditional items, coins, clothing and other artifacts which are important in contributing towards the city. The National Museum of Abidjan is a place where you can spend your day roaming around the building and gaining knowledge about the city and the independence of the country. Take your family here, including your kids who will like to walk around and also will learn some historical facts about the city of Abidjan.

The National Museum of Abidjan

It is located in the central region of the Plateau, in a somewhat small building which is decent. The museum mostly focuses on the traditional Ivorian costumes, jewelry, masks, carvings and many other interesting items. Most of the exhibits are made from gleaming ivory which is stunning to look at while going through the museum. Be enthralled and enjoy your trip to the museum which holds almost everything related to the surroundings of Abidjan.

The city of Abidjan is a very interesting place to be. It has many sights to visit. The buildings bordering the skyline are magical to look at. Visit the nightclubs and get your party started or just walk around the areas of Treichville and the Plateau and shop African items. Go to the parks and golf club to enjoy nature. Make this trip exciting and fun filled with these places to visit. 

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