How To Get From Tokyo To Manila

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The capital city of Japan, Tokyo is a wonderful place to spend a holiday.

How to get from Tokyo To Manila

There are many interesting things about this place like, this is the largest city in Japan, which is having more than 200,000 restaurants, you get the designer clothes at cheaper rates, Harajuku and many more. So, plan your holiday today.


The cultural hub and the capital city of the Philippines is Manila. This place is a popular tourist attraction which is having a lot of discovered and undiscovered tourist attractions for its tourists. It is an amazing place to spend holiday or live.

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Here are the available modes of transport from Tokyo To Manila

Flight ticket from Tokyo To Manila

Tokyo and Manila are among the most interesting places in the world to spend your holiday. But unfortunately, you don’t have too many transportation options between these two places. The options that you have are definitely the best and hence you need not worry. You will first have to reach the Haneda Tokyo airport to board your flight to Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International MNL airport. The flight duration is 4 hours and 20 minutes and the fare starts from $200 to $390. From MNL airport, you will have to take a bus or train to reach thecenter of the city Manila. The total duration would be 7 hours and 31 minutes and the fare is $208 to $399.

How to get from Tokyo To Manila

Flight, train ticket from Tokyo To Manila

The next option that you have to reach Manila from Tokyo is also by Flight only. You will have to board your flight at the Tokyo Narita airport and reach the MNL Manila airport. Then you can take a train to the center of Manila city. The total duration of your journey is 8 hours and 3 minutes and the fare is going to be around $172 to $352. So, it is good to choose this option via the Narita airport than the other option as this is cheaper. But the duration is 30 minutes more of this. So it all depends on your choice.

Train Ticket from Tokyo to Manila

There is no direct train facility available between these two places. 

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