The Swanky Tourist Hotel In Tokyo

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If you think that you can come to Tokyo and forget to lodge in Palace Hotel, then your visit is not complete. This is a swanky Tokyo hotel that has been designed to  suit  a king, queen  and because it is in Japan, we may say that even the Japanese Emperor himself would be glad that he is coming here for a comfortable break. The Palace Hotel Tokyo is not just only type of  hotel but has been equipped with a sap, gym, 290 rooms and a swimming pool.It also offers the guests incredible Japanese food and Michelin-starred French cuisine. The rooms are luxury with amazing views that spread across the famed Imperial gardens .

Palace Hotel, Tokyo

Greatness has been designed with this place which is the reason why a lot of people are seen coming here for their relaxation.  It may not really look like a grand palace but this 23 storey building that is situated in the  Marunouchi business district will give anyone that sumptuous lodgings  facilities and dining of the highest order . The meals here have been designed in such a way that even the scion of the imperial linage may want to have a taste. This is how good that this place has become.

One thing that would impress  a lot of people who are coming here is its collection of restaurants. The location of this hotel is perfect which is the more reasons why people come around to relax and have the best time here.  If there is one place that makes a difference here, it is the Wadakura restaurant that has been designed with elegant back lit hand carved floral  stylish patterns.  The designer of the Palace Hotel is Terry McGinnity, however, he had taken time to impress those coming here with900 pieces of Japanese art on the walls .

Palace Hotel, Tokyo

Coming around to eat, there are Japanese dishes, three satellite stylish restaurants and lots more to capture your imagination.

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The extraordinarily peaceful setting that comes with the black rock waterfall that is seen in the walls and the ambient Japanese traditional music can be all you need to have a great time here.  There is a 15 course tasting menu that you would really love here and you are served by waitresses in kimonos.

Palace Hotel, Tokyo

In Tokyo, the Palace Hotel has become where the rich and even the average come around to have a swell time, and for those who are coming to the country the first time, there is no telling the surprises that they would receive. So many people who have lodged or eaten in this hotel are always excited to tell us about the great services that are offered.

You can take your vacation or even break to another level when you visit this luxury and swanky hotel in Tokyo. This is not going to be one of those hotels that you visit and still have regrets. It does not end in eating here but in witnessing one of the greatest things that Japan has got in its tradition.

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