Top Tourist Attractions In Japan’s Culinary Island

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Japan is one of the hotspots for education, business, tourism, religious and entertainment in Asia. People see innovation transform even the uncommon things here. The people are friendly, the food is exotic, the attraction sites are numerous, the security is high and the entertainment is simply out of this world.

Do you want to have an amazing thing in Japan? We mean a place of quietness and beautiful landscapes, if that is your desire, then we would be taking to you to Kyushu. That name may not sound familiar to you because it is one of the hidden secrets of the country.

fukuoka, Japan

The island of Kyushu is one of the exotic destination in Japan where the locals are seen living above 80 years.  What this means is that the people in this place have a healthy lifestyle that has made this place one of the tourist haven in the world. Endless seafood, good company with the locals and amazing sites are some of the features that has made Kyushu a must visit this year.

The City Of Fukuoka

This is Japan’s third largest island that lies in the Southwest of the country. You are going to enjoy sashimi, sake and sushi when you are here.  People come here with open mind ready to explore  with a pair of chopsticks the first time. Food is exotic and the people are warm and friendly. Fukuoka is located below the Genkai Sea.

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fukuoka, Japan- minou mountain range

Surrounding the historic city of Kurume is the Minou Mountain Range.  You can start your trip from the Fukahori Estate, where you can eat some of the finest foods in the country.  You are going to seat on the floor as custom demands as you feast on delicious meals like the flavoursome bonito broth topped with chrysanthemum, spinach and shiitake.


fukuoka, Japan

This is a peaceful village that is renowned for its tea production. The green tea that is unfermented is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. The tea is a great of digesting a meal.

The Kitaya

This is a 190 year old sake brewery that is located in Yame.  The people here are experts in producing fermented rice wine.  There is still another thing that you can enjoy here, the wine that are exotic.

 Kani Goten (Crab Palace)

fukuoka, nori seaweed-Ariake sea

Welcome to a crab palace that is called the Kani Goten. It overlooks the Ariake Sea, where you would see some of the finest nori seaweed in Japan and these weeds are known for their subtle flavour.

This has become one of the places that tourists visit in Japan without getting chocked with the busy cities of the country. If you really want a quiet time with your spouse and family members, then you should be here. We must tell you that food is what makes the difference in this part of the world. You can learn how to live a very healthy life with food and tea.  Life is really beautiful and that is what makes the island of Kyushu a place to be.






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