What To Do In Hokkaido

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What to do in Hokkaido

I am a nature lover and I love spending my vacations at a place which is rich in natural beauty. Recently, I visited Hokkaido which is the largest island of Japan. This island is tremendously beautiful. The beautiful flower-beds, serene lakes and stunning mountains make this island an alluring tourist destination. The eye-catching landscapes add to the beauty of this island. Hokkaido is like seventh heaven for nature lovers. I spent my one week vacations at this wonderful island. It was the most beautiful time of my life. It’s a perfect destination to get rid of your daily routine and enjoy the charm of nature.

What to do in Hokkaido

My journey in Hokkaido started from its capital city Sapporo. This city is ideal for starting your vacations in Hokkaido. It’s a beautiful city with many attractive places to have fun. Mt. Okura Observatory is the most famous amongst the tourist attractions of Sapporo. It is located at 20 minutes walking distance from Sapporo Station. Sapporo was the host of winter Olympics in 1972 and many events including Ski jumping were held at Mt. Okura Observatory. The jump that was used in 1972 winter Olympics is still in use. This jump is 300 meters high. It’s the best place to watch the magnificent 360 degree view of the city. At the bottom of the jump; there is a museum that exhibits the memoirs of Winter Olympics 1972 and the Crystal house which is home to a restaurant where you could enjoy the delicious food while watching the beautiful views of the city.

I was very impressed by this place and I decided to see every part of it. I went up to the jump by the escalator. The escalator ride was really a fun and I saw some splendid views of the surroundings while going up to the jump. The views of the city from the jump were breathtaking. I was bowled over at the views. I also visited the museum. It was very interesting to watch the exhibits of winter sports. After the museum, I moved to the Crystal House. The restaurant is also very good. You could enjoy some yummy food while watching the beautiful views of the city. Mt. Okura Observatory is really a great place. You don’t have to pay any entrance fee to enter this beautiful place. However, you need to pay for the escalator ride to go up to the jump. Well, the panoramic views of the city deserve this little amount of money. After watching the views; you won’t regret paying for it. I had great time at this wonderful place.

What to do in Hokkaido

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Moerenuma Park is another wonderful place in Sapporo. This park is very unique. It is the most amazing park that I have ever seen. There are many wonderful and eye-catching attractions in this park which would definitely impress you. Some of the part of this park is specially designed for children. This part includes the forest of cherry trees and the play mountain. Your kids would love this place. And if you don’t have kids; never mind because this park has many wonderful surprises for you. The sea fountain is the best of them. It’s a wonderful fountain which shoots water up to the height of 25 meters. It looks like a natural geyser. I was very much impressed by this fountain.

What to do in Hokkaido

There is a glass pyramid in this park which looks amazing. You could enjoy hiking on Mt. Moere which is a 62 meter tall grass pyramid. I love hiking and availed this offer. There are five different routes to climb this grass pyramid. I started from its summit. I reached the top in 15 minutes. I loved the gorgeous views of the park from the top of this glass pyramid. I could see the beautiful views of city also. The views were awesome. After this, I sat near the pond to relax. This park is an awesome place to spend a few hours. You could engage yourself in watching the wonderful artistic work of this park or enjoy the amusing activities. I really enjoyed being in this park. It’s a complete fun package.

The sun was about to set when I left the Moerenuma Park. I had seen the pictures of sunset night views of Sapporo on Internet. Now, I wanted to fill that beauty in my eyes. So, I hired a taxi to visit Mt. Moiwa Ropeway. This company operates the cable cars to reach the top of Mt. Moiwa Mountain which is the best sightseeing spot of Sapporo. The cable car ride was very enjoyable. I reached the top before sunset. I could see the entire city. It was very large than my imagination. The sunset looks amazing from this place. The panorama of sunset spread a magic in the environment. I was lost in the charm of twilight. With the fall of night; moon took the place of the sun. Now, I could see the sparkling moon in the sky. It was shining and looking like a diamond in the sky. The innumerable floodlights lit in the city and it made the city look extremely glamorous. The night views of the city were incredible. I was very amazed to see the beauty of Sapporo. It was my last day in this city and it went superb.

What to do in Hokkaido

After Sapporo, I visited Chitose. This city is famous for Shikotsu Toya National Park. This national park has been named after the two caldera lakes; Lake Shikotsu and Lake Toya. Both of these lakes are situated in this park. I was very willing to see these natural splendors. So, I decided to visit Shikotsu Toya National Park. This national park is easily accessible and many tourists visit this park to enjoy the magnificence of Shikotsu and Toya Lake. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty; you could also enjoy hiking on the beautiful treks. There are also some natural hot springs in this park.

I started with Lake Shikotsu. This dazzling lake is surrounded by many mountains. Mount Tarumae is one of those mountains. Actually, Tarumae is an active volcano. The best way to watch the beauty of Lake Shikotsu and the surrounding is to hike this mountain. I decided to hike this mountain. It was a great decision because I saw spectacular views of Shikotsu Toya National Park from its top. The views of Crater Lake were astounding. I was very happy to observe such natural wonders. It was not possible to watch the whole of this park in just one day. So, if you want to observe the nature at its best then dedicate 2 or 3 days to enjoy the magnificence of this park. I had a tight schedule; so I couldn’t rove all the natural wonders that this park has. But still, I was contended with what I discovered in one day. Watching the stunning views of this park from the top of Mount Tarumae is an unforgettable moment. I left this place with a promise to revisit it to explore its unseen beauty.

What to do in Hokkaido

I spent the last two days of my Hokkaido travel in Otaru. It’s a gorgeous and photogenic city. The ambiance of this city is exceptionally beautiful. You could feel the romance in the aura of Otaru. The snow covered mountains make its beauty even more alluring in the winter season. Many tourists visit this city to enjoy the splendid natural views. Otaru canal is the top attraction of this city. If you are visiting this city then make sure to visit the Otaru canal. This canal is very serene and romantic. Otaru canal is itself very beautiful and the snow in winters makes it even more stunning. I really loved this place. I also visited Otaru Aquarium. It’s an interesting place where you could see many sea creatures. It was fun to be at this place. Watching an octopus at this aquarium was very delightful. I enjoyed my time in this beautiful city.

I spent one week in Hokkaido and I had a wonderful time in this lovely island of Japan. There is still much to explore and I would definitely revisit Hokkaido to enjoy all of its beauty.


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