Don't Miss Places In Jordan

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Jordan is located in the Middle East. This country is famous for its hospitals and excellent medical facilities. Travel and tourism is one of the most contributing sectors in the economy of Jordan. Major tourist attractions include visiting the historical sites, some medieval mosques and churches and unspoiled natural locations. Along with health tourism, it offers educational and shopping tourism also. More than half of the tourists visiting Arabian countries prefer spending their holidays in Jordan.

 Don't Miss Places in Jordan

Hiking and scuba diving are the famous activities that attract a lot of tourists. Jordan is an awesome place for sightseeing and spending all the free time in a refreshing environment. Jordan is investing money to develop the tourism infrastructure in the form of luxury hotels, spas and many other real estate projects.

Here is the list of some places you will not like to miss while planning a trip to Jordan.


The Citadel

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The Citadel

This L-shaped Citadel hill is located in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. It towers above the city from Jabal Al-Quala’s, is the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon, and features remnants from several cultures. This archeological museum was renovated a few years back and it is now better, cleaner and easy to walk around area. It included massive walls of the Middle Bronze Age but most of what you will see today is the remains from Roman, Byzantine or Umayyad periods. The most impressive among these is known as Al-Qasr.

The Citadel

The temple of Hercules which is also known as the Great Temple of Amman was built during the reign of Emperor Marcus.  The great exposed rock at the heart of temple of Hercules is thought to have been part of an earlier sanctuary. Between a grand hall and Citadel lie the remains of Umayyad Mosque.  This historical place has many ruins in good condition which adds to the importance of this place. Amman’s famous gold souq is just a short distance away from this place. All the tourists love to watch this place on their visit to Amman. You will not even need a guide because the signs are in English.


Berenice Beach Club

This one and only private club beach is located on the coast on Red Sea about 10 miles from the city Aqaba. This beach provides a lot of facilities. Some of which are towels, changing rooms, rest rooms, sun beads etc. it even has a separate kids section with shaded area. This beach will offer you all the facilities you want from an ideal vacation spot.

Berenice Beach Club

Beach club offers water sport activities, Yacht cruises, Jet Ski rides, coral viewing and snorkeling cruise. Beach club has its own Diving Centre named as Black Rock with special trainers for both advanced and beginning divers. Well, while visiting Aqaba don’t miss to have a look at one of the top diving site (Cedar Pride Wreck) which is located next to this beach club. The beach is pretty nice and clean. The water is crystal clear and the beach looks very inviting. The food provided here is of excellent quality.  Visitors love the pizza most.

Berenice Beach Club

The management is very good here and the drinks served are of excellent quality. This beach contains 3 swimming pools, a bar and restaurant and all are very well maintained. If you don’t like diving and snorkeling then this beach is an ideal place to get a tan taking in the beauty of surroundings. This beach will give you calm and relaxing atmosphere.


The Treasury (Al-Khazneh)

This 2000 year old monument resembles a Greek temple. It is one of the modern seven wonders of world. It is located in the city Petra, which is no doubt Jordan’s best tourist attraction. Entrance to the city is through a narrow siq. Just walking through the siq is wonderful experience in itself. You will catch the first glimpse of this breathtaking site at the end of the siq. It has an urn at the top that was once reputed to hold treasures. You will see some bullet holes at the top. The face of the treasury is beautifully designed. After paying close attention, you will be able to see the seven goblets reflecting the seven days of week. This whole exploring journey will be very educational to you.


It will take 4-5 days to explore this huge site and you will be amazed to see this beautiful architecture. A long walk around the treasury is worth the effort but make sure to wear comfortable shoes and carry water bottles with you because the journey can be a tiring experience in the end. You can choose visiting the place either at the time of day or night. The carvings provide a spectacular view due to sunlight but night time can be more wonderful due to candle lit walkways. The story teller will be there to tell all the famous stories. You will be unable to stop taking photographs of this amazing place.


Monastery (Al-Deir)

This largest monument in Petra is absolutely spectacular. After entering Petra you will be overwhelmed by the natural beauty offered by this city. On the way is a Roman Style theatre which can seat about 3000 people. There are temples, sacrificial altars, colonnaded streets and above all is the impressive Monastery. You will need to climb 800 rock cut steps to reach here. This place is called Monastery because a small ‘cross-sign’ was found in the back of structure while no one knew the real function of these carved structures. A café is also at the top. It is the farthest and awesome place in Petra Complex. It is advisable to take a donkey ride upwards. The steps are well developed and are easy to walk.


The rock colors are worth admiring. You will be awestruck to see the beauty after reaching at the top. Make sure to bring scarf to protect your face from sun and blowing wind. This place will become your favorite if you love climbing hills. The café offers a sitting place to enjoy the site of beautiful ruins while sipping the tasty coffee. You will be amazed to see the unbelievable constructions in the desert. Don’t miss the lion tomb which is little off the top. It is advisable not to take the donkey on your way down as it can be a bit scary.


Wadi Rum

This place is worth watching in Jordan. You will be amazed to see the beauty of nature at this place. Fantastic scenery behind you will be the most beautiful creation of nature. This desert has many sand dunes and the hills here look like melted chocolate. If you never experienced camel riding before, then this place will be the suitable destination to begin your journey with the help of camels.

Wadi Rum

However, if you don’t want to enjoy camel riding then exploring the desert with jeeps will be the best. This place has a spirit of its own and you will be amazed to see the beauty of mountains. Introduction to the Beduin life style and tasting their tea and coffee will be a memorable moment in your life. You will not feel isolated in this desert area as certain camps will be in the mid of desert to serve you food. Local musicians will entertain you on the way.

Wadi Rum

The experience of staying at night camps can be interesting as there will be showers and toilets and tents look like rooms with solid floors and beds. Watching the sky at night will make the surroundings even more stunning. All the mountains here are a beautiful piece of sculpture. Listening stories from the local guides will give you a magical experience and you will feel like a part of the historical age. Don’t forget to fully charge your camera before visiting here.


Madaba (city of churches)


Madaba is also known as the City of Mosaics.  It is best known for its Byzantine Umayyad Mosaics, the Holy Land and Mosaic Map of Jerusalem. Mosaics are covered by a roof to protect and the landscape around is impressive. Near the Church of Virgin is the Madaba institute for Mosaic art and Restoration. This institute trains the students in the art of making, repairing and restoring Mosaics. You will even find some people praying in the church and it will give you piece of mind and relaxation after visiting this place of great religious value. Inside the rock walls you will find some unusual natural colors. Outside the church there are some seats to look at the valley below.

Blue Church, Mabada City

The Blue Church with four Upright columns is also worth a visit. These churches are calm and have few good restaurants to eat and enjoy the beauty around you. The intricate mosaic floor is the highlight of this place. This place is the best to do some research if you are interested in Church History, because everywhere you will see the beautiful ruins of some ancient churches. Standing on the platform and admiring the church is the favorite activity of tourists. It overlooks the Jordan valley and Dead Sea and the view is breathtaking.


Jordan Valley and Dead Sea

No doubt Jordan Rift valley is an amazingly dramatic and beautiful landscape. The western border of Jordan runs below the sea level and about 400 meters below sea level is Dead Sea which is located at the lowest place on earth. That is why it is named as Dead Sea. Dead Sea is saline in nature. However its sea level has fallen badly in last years.

Jordan Valley

This vast reservoir of water receives a number of rivers including the river Jordan. The sight of sunsets at dis place leaves you speechless. Once the waters mix in Dead Sea they are left with no place to move and hence water evaporates leaving behind a number of minerals. Dead Sea is flanked by mountains on east and hills of Jerusalem to the west making it beautiful.You will find some cats also on this property. The main attraction at the Dead Sea is the warm, soothing and super salty water as it is ten times saltier than sea water.

Dead Sea

This saltier water is rich in Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and many other salts. This place is useful to research on the salts. The nearby hotel is the main vacation spot for tourists. The hotel is very well maintained. It has very hardworking and attentive staff. It provides medical facilities also. Spa facilities are excellent. Rooms are very clean and pool area is also very nice.


Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is locally known as Siyagha. Its extraordinary good state of preservation can lead to the fact that it was laid buried for centuries beneath a mosaic. This holy land is very beautiful. What makes this place even more beautiful is the history related to it. The mountains and valley underneath look incredible. The scenery of Mount Nebo is really impressive but this place is the most crowded one.

Mount Nebo

So it will be a little difficult to take pictures. After visiting the place you will be unable to stop yourself from appreciating the solemnity of this holy place. The nearby hills will attract u even more. However this place is under construction as Jordan Tourism is trying to modernize this place. Here is an interesting museum also. A numbers of guides will be there and you will be stunned after coming to know about stories about Moses. Don’t miss to see the olive tree planted by the Pop on the top of this mountain.


Royal Automobile Museum

Royal Automobile Museum

This royal automobile museum is located in the city Amman. It has the proper collection of cars and motorbikes of King of Jordan named as King Hussein. You will be able to see the old life of kings through photos and captions. It is the best place for cars and bike lovers. You will feel the royalty after having a look at the collection of cars and motorbikes.

Royal Automobile Museum

The museum is very clean, organized and well maintained. Several books and footage is also available in the museum to know about the history in a better way. All the audio information is available in you will not face any difficulty in realizing the passion and love of the King for cars and bikes.


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