Jordan – The Country Of Dead Sea!

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Travel to Jordan

I and my girl friend Jenifer had a trip to Jordan last December. We were there for almost a week and we spent fantastic time there. Let me be cheeky to accept that the trip was really memorable and crossed the expectations of us both.

The fun about going to Jordan is that most of the people do not know much about it. Most of us have heard about Dead Sea and the fact that it is in Jordan, but many will not be able to tell why it is called Dead Sea. Our experiences with Jordan were definitely off the beaten track and we had really good time.

I shall be detailing my experience in the form of best reasons to go for Jordan during your next holidays. I am sure that not only you shall have something new to experience but will also have some element of adventure in your life at least the time you are in Jordan.

Travel to Jordan

A) Why Jordan – because it is unique for you and other want to know about it

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After visiting Jordan, I have no qualms to accept that Jordan is very less travelled by people and you will find lot many who want to know something about this place. So, if you plan to go to Jordan, then be ready to enjoy your bragging rights in your friend circle after coming back.

So, if you are looking for a place that is unique and something that people are interested into, then Jordan may be one of the best choices.

B)  World Class Street Cafes

Whenever I visit a place I always find a cool place like a café to spend some time and just watch the way the locals socialise. It is a very nice way of understanding a place and its people. You may actually socialise with people there or just sit and watch the ways and routines of the people around you. I carry great memories of cities I visited and my experiences in the cafes there is an important part of that. And if you have not tried this trick just do it next time when you to go to visit a place.

Travel to Jordan

On this criteria also Amman did not disappointed me. After reaching there we went to a street side café and ordered for the mint tea and cookies. The atmosphere was great, the waiters very friendly and the weather was just great.

C) Jordan is in middle east – But is it safe

When we decided to do to Jordan, many of our friends warned as the place us in Middle East and there have always been news of unrest there in one or the other country. But let me tell you that Jordan is different, despite of its geographical locations. This is one of the safest places I have ever visited.

Actually, Jordan has practically good relations with all its neighbours and it becomes of the safest place to venture in Middle East. After our visit to the place I can tell you with authority that we never felt unsafe there in any time of the day. So, if you had not tried to go to this part of the world for safety reasons then you can definitely plan to go to the Jordan.

Jordan is a good place to have good Mediterranean food, like Olives, falafel, baba ghanouj etc and do not forget to get a taste of the national dish of mansef. 

Travel to Jordan

D)  Our experience with Jelly Fish in red Sea

One of the great experiences that we had in Jordan is related to snorkelling in Red Sea. The place has very clear water and there were lots of Jelly Fish swimming all around. Though Ashuli is a good swimmer, but initially I was a bit apprehensive about going into the water filled with jelly fish and I had always believed that they have poisonous stings. I got really surprised when our guide took out a fish and put is on his hand. Only then I could get over my fear of jelly fish and entered the water. Inside it was just marvellous, something that I had never experienced earlier.

This experience will definitely be something that not many of your friends can claim to have. So if you a good swimmer, then do not miss this opportunity to swim in red Sea among jelly fish.

E)  If you want to see everything in a week – Come to Jordan

Jordan is a small country. You can actually drive from northern to the southern tip of the country in 5 hours. The roads are good and one can easily see everything that is important in a week. You may hire taxi to do this otherwise there are buses available on each tourist spot that can take you easily to all the important places, and this will be economical too.

Travel to Jordan

So, if you have a limited time on hand, say a week and want to see all then Jordan gives you this opportunity. You can see all that is important in the country easily in a week.

F)  If you have time, do visit the Wadi Rum

On advice of our tour guide we decided to go for night camping tour to Wadi Rum. It was a night to be spent in Bedouin camp. The experience was just great. Spending the night in the wilderness of dessert, with no internet or any gadget, open sky and listening to locals playing the zarb sitting close to camp fire was an experience that can be understood only by having it once as it could not be expressed in words. On short we were very thankful to our tour guide to have advised us to go through the experience.

Next day we went to see the Wadi Rum. Let me tell you that the place looked as if we were on Mars. Everywhere there were desert canyons on red rocks.

G)   Get the experience of floating in the dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea in Jordan is a magical place to be. This sea has the saltiest water so there in no life in it. The water is so dense that you start flowing as you enter in it. We had heard about it in our test books, but after going there we actually experienced it. This part of trip is favourite of us both.

H)   When in Jordan, do not forget to visit Petra

When you are in Jordan, then your tour can not be complete without paying a visit to the old city of Petra. Though it takes about a week to see the place properly but as we had only a day so we tries to do best by seeing the main places like the Monastery and the Treasury. Though we could not get time, but there was also a guided tour done in night when the whole place is lit up with candles. People say that during such time the place look divine as if from some other world.

All in all, our visit to Jordan was a really memorable one, and we shall look forward to visit the place again one day. This country has some of the best things to see and the best people to meet. The people and place is tourist friendly and you never feel unsafe.

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What a graet and lively introduction to beautiful Jordan bigtup

Your enthusiasm about the place is really communicative and you have a very evocative way to describe all the wonderful places you visited !

And Jennifer is particularly pretty and radiant wink


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