Travel To The Archaeological City Of Petra

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My classmates had long planned of a visit to Jordan and specifically to the amazing land of Petra. Petra is certainly a dramatic place of adventure to leave you compactly overwhelmed with joy upon visiting. There is a vast collection of highlights such as mountains and valleys, which are highly likened to those in the bible, castles, museums and park which have been a reason as to why there are many tourists streaming into the region. Our experience was mind blowing that I had to share with anyone looking for a wonderful place to tour.

 Travel to the archaeological city of Petra

We commenced our visit at the dazzling Petra Archaeological Park. This park was surely mind blogging with lots of things that held our eyes wide open to ensure nothing passed unnoticed. The sites scenery was one which no one would want to leave. There were pink tinged mountains which were undeniably astounding. It was awkward to imagine that we had never thought of such beauties existing. We spent much time ascending the rocky mountains up to where our efforts allowed. We also had numerous photos of ourselves relaxing on them. this experience was exquisite to begin with. It was definitely gorgeous and enthralling to start our long awaited visit at the park.

 Travel to the archaeological city of Petra

The magical Wadi Musa was the second place we adventured. this was the valley that is linked to Moses of the Bible and in fact we learnt that the wadi was known as the Valley of Moses. The valley was truly mysterious that we had to keep our curious eyes wide open to ensure we gathered every attraction that came our way. There were many noteworthy points we discovered with the first being the Ain Musa. This was the spring where the welcoming locals explained to us as being the place where Moses had stricken the ground to give the Israelites water.  We liked very much being there. It was indeed a golden opportunity we had had. This experience would never be forgotten for all ages.

 Travel to the archaeological city of Petra

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Out of the valley, we climbed up mountain Jebel al-Madbah though a winding path that had stones arranged along it to form the stairs.  However, we had to note the Treasury house that lay at the base of the mountain with lots of religious things making it very holistic. We esteemed the ascent as we only though ourselves being thee then biblical locals who used that path. With no time we had arrived at the pinnacle. This mountain was what many people knew as Mount Sinai. The mountain had a sure tranquil atmosphere which was perfectly undisturbed by pollution. This experience was indeed worth of treasuring. The summit had all kinds of divine altars which we only had to take photos of to keep the good memories. There was a part that had been carved into rocks to form obelisks which were in effect eye catching.  Gleaming blue slates were also evident. The Actually, everything at the peak was wonderful and surprising. We would definitely plan a whole trip to the mountain to utterly amass the beauty.

 Travel to the archaeological city of Petra

The magnificent Roman Style Theatre could hardly be left out. This was a breath taking place that was perfectly structured to house over 3000 spectators. It was indeed impressive. There were the obelisks and charming temples which all had fabulous outlooks. The temples had numerous notable religious objects which could barely escape our eyes. the sacrificial platforms were also in plenty which left us desiring to have come at a time when the sacrifices were being offered. They were however, worth of seeing. Walking along the many auspicious streets that were part of the theatre was also thrilling. they actually made us feel like the royal. The Ad-Deir Monastery was also not to be missed out. Its location was the first thing that lured us into discovering it. It was perched high over a hilly and actually a t the mouth of a great valley. It was indeed brilliant ascending to the top to have a look at that heaven like structure. We cherished every moment we were strolling within the area. Indeed, our visit was going great.

 Travel to the archaeological city of Petra

 The enticing Petra Nabataean Museum was next on our adventure list. The museum was unique and fascinating. Its architectural only left our mouths ajar as it was incredibly enchanting. Its compound was also well placed with lot of things indicating its usage.  The friendly guides got us into the halls where the first one was a real wonder to us all. It looked more of an industry than a museum. There was a food dispensation area which showcased the production of Neolithic foods. It was certainly a great moment being there. There was also a corner that exhibited how Endomite ceramics were made. We enjoyed watching the few guides there demonstrate and explaining the whole process. The area with statutes of the Nabataean was also amazing and we had to have their photos. The part with artifacts of hydraulic early technology was also worth of seeing.

 Travel to the archaeological city of Petra

The second hall represented excavations such as those of the Neolithic rural community, the Iron Age settings of Tawilan among many others. We were very grateful to the guides who helped us understand all those details. The last hall was also very inviting with many delightful relics of jewelry, terracotta collectibles and coins. There was also a lot of informing info on their formulation which made us feel proud and appreciate our efforts of visiting the site. It was unbelievably a nice place to adventure. We would have to visit it again in our other trips to Petra.

 Travel to the archaeological city of Petra

We then progressed with our adventure to the magical Wadi Rum which is popularly known as the Valley of the Moon. This was a scenic site as we and outstanding among many valleys in the region. We actually learnt that it was the largest of all the wadis in Jordan. The valley had a lot of things to marvel at. We started by climbing the rocky mountainous terrain which led us to the mouth of the valley. This was a memorable event that we would not want to imagine missing. Though very strenuous, it turned out as a great activity to help us keep fit. We then booked horses for a ride across the valley. It was a gorgeous thing as we got our hairs flying with the wind once the horses started pacing the steps. I liked it very much and wanted the moment to last forever. The cool air also got us thinking we had travelled to another planet. Upon getting off the horses back we went to watch a marathon race that was very popular in the area. We joined the big crowds who were already gathered there in cheering the winners that we got tempted to join. However, time was not on our side and so we started hiking back to get our cars. Our visit was certainly awesome.

 Travel to the archaeological city of Petra

The stunning Showback Castle was yet another site we mesmerized touring. The site was spectacular and offered charming scenery to walk in. the castle was situated on a hilly terrain. The base of the mountain was full of luscious fruits which we hypnotized munching on. it was indeed a remarkable moment. We enjoyed ascending up the lovely mountain while cherishing the cool and tranquil atmosphere that filled the entire place. it was incredibly a nice place to tour. Once we were done with the winding path, we stepped at the entrance to the castle. The gate was one of the best we had ever witnessed though it looked a bit forewarning. The castle was more of a paradise. Its outer layout was formidable. It had 3 walls encompassing it. This made it look like a hideout. We took it several photos and headed to its interior. There were many rooms where we toured most of them appreciating their impressive designs. We would certainly consider visiting the castle again. Our visit was indeed great and we would tour Petra many more times.


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