Ultimate Travel Guide To Eldoret

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Eldoret is a beautiful town located in the Western Kenya and the fastest growing city in Kenya. It is the 2nd largest urban settlement in the mid-western part of Kenya after Nakuru and currently the 5th largest urban centre in the country. The name Eldoret is derived from Massai word 'eldore', which literally means stony river. This is because of the stony bed of the Sosiani River.  One of the things that stand Eldoret out is its cheese factory; there are a number of other factories and textiles companies. It has a large market and houses Moi University and Eldoret International Airport.


A lot of tourists visit the Kisumu Museum located in Kisumu town along the Kisumu - Kericho highway. The museum disseminates and stores information in the cultural and scientific issues of the country, with its exhibition of artifacts and diverse collection of flora and fauna species. Kakamega Forest National Reserve is a relic of the African Equatorial jungle and   it is now famous as the home of birds, insects, butterflies, some snake species and monkeys. This is the only rain forest in the country which explains why there is rainfall in most part of the year in this region.

Simbi Nyaima is a destination to so many tourists who would love to see the crater lake a few kilometers from the shores of Lake Victoria. Simbi Nyaima actually means the ‘village that sank’ for the locals. If you would love to hear the folklore of how this part of the country came to be, you can visit this site.

The attraction center in Eldoret is numerous; you can visit the Tom Mboya Mausoleum that is built in honour and remembrance of the late Kenyan’s country man, Tom Mboya. Travel to Kanam prehistoric site, a tourist attraction centre that is located along the shores of Lake Victoria on Homa Peninsular around Homa Mountain.  This was where a lot of palaeontological bones have been discovered.

Night life is not like the one you see in the capital, Nairobi. The clubs that are in Eldoret are called sams which are very expensive but you would not want to miss out from the fun and night excitements here.

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In 2001, this airport has been voted the cleanest airport in Kenya.   It is located Uasin Gishu District  and close to  the International border with Uganda. It lies approximately 269 kilometres (167 mi), by air, northwest of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and every airline that is coming to the city arrives here.  The Kenya-Uganda railway is also served by it.

Eldoret tourism

Hiring a car can be the best way to explore Eldoret and its surrounding areas. There are different vehicles you can make use of, from the luxury high end vehicles, cars for families, small cars and even airport pick up can be arranged by Travelstart

When the temperature is most comfortable is the best time to visit Eldoret, interestingly, this is seen throughout the year when temperatures range between beween 10°C / 50.0°F and 20°C / 68.0°F on average.  The coldest season is in August and September



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  • Eldoret is a beautiful town located in the Western Kenya and the fastest growing city in Kenya It is the 2nd largest urban settlement in the midwestern part of Kenya after Nakuru and currently the 5th largest urban centre in the country The name Eldoret is derived from Massai word 'eldore', which... Read More

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