A Trip To The Beautiful Lesotho

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Lesotho, a landlocked republic in the southern part of Africa and bordering South Africa, is an amazing destination to make your holidays awesome. Lesotho has a versatile composition of attractions. There are lots of beautiful mountains, parks, historical sites, forests and many more alluring things that will not let you leave Lesotho. These attractions have lured thousands of internal and international tourists into the country and thus boosting the county’s economy to a high height. I visited Lesotho with my husband for the charismas holidays to appreciate its magnetic wonders. The weather was also the best and welcoming at all times. The experience we had during the visit was the best giving us a desire to visit it more times and more so help anyone searching for a place to adventure.

 A trip to the beautiful Lesotho

We started off from the dazzling Sehlabathebe National Park. This site was scenic with lots of plants, birds and antelopes. Right from the beautifully designed gate, we enjoyed watching the many lovely birds mostly little ones that were peacefully perched on tree branches. They were really amazing and were mostly shocked by their enormous number. We walked to the bird cages where we had a chance of seeing the enticing birds more closely. It was a great experience to start with. We then moved to watch and admire the many stunning antelopes that were scattered all over the whole territory. There were incredibly good looking that we tried to catch them, all our efforts ending in vain as they were too fast for us. We however took several photos of them. The alpine plants were also amazing. They were immaculate green giving the park a more lifelike look. It was indeed a formidable chance being there. All through we came across gigantic but attractive rocks where we periodically sat on to get more vivid views and photos of the park’s charm. It was truly a good feeling.  Our visit had surely started well.

 A trip to the beautiful Lesotho

We then advanced to the stunning Katse Dam and the enchanting Botanical Gardens. This site was perfectly designed for irrigation farming purposes.  We started our adventure form the gardens where we enjoyed admiring the numerous alluring vegetation that we came across. The flowers were the most appealing as they were beautifully packed in their places to attract and release sweet fragrance and hence make the whole surrounding compelling. We also enjoyed picking some of the elegant flowers to carry with us. The trees were also of the best kind. They were large enough to spread their shadows over a wide area hence a lovely shade from the high sun. We then walked to the mammoth and the impressive Katse dam. Its waters were stirring and inviting. We enthralled riding a well maintained boat across this wonderful lake trying to catch sight of any fish which we would definitely walk home with. It was surely a great time being there. We then fuelled our fun further by riding on charming brown horses across the whole territory. It was surely a noteworthy moment that would never be forgotten. My husband was particularly amused by the many channels that cut across the garden that he went round taking several photos. This site was worth a second visit.

 A trip to the beautiful Lesotho

The impeccable Maletsunyane Falls were next on our historical adventure. They offered the most fabulous scene we had ever witnessed and we were excited to learn that they were the highest falls in the world at a loftiness of about 204m. The drop down was miraculous. It was hard to see any water falling down as the whole place was fully roofed with mist. We took several photos of this picturesque site. The atmosphere around was nice and cool. It was so breathtaking that we spent several hours relaxing on the beautiful rock protrusions that were exposed on the green grounds. This experience was good that we hardly wanted to leave. The hotels around the fall were too stirring. We enjoyed consuming wonderful local foods and drinks from them as we socialized with the locals we found there. We were grand that our trip was going perfect.

 A trip to the beautiful LesothoA trip to the beautiful Lesotho

We then progressed to the mysterious Kome Cave Dwellings. We were totally overwhelmed with fun by the numerous good looking caves that were well carved under giant like gorgeous rocks. We enjoyed and got more surprised by these wonder as hardly could we think of finding human beings living in them. Walking into their inside, we found lots of household items giving a clear indication that there were individuals who were using them as their shelter and within no time, we came across some fellows who looked so much carried by their culture, but very friendly. They indeed explained to us the history of the cave dwellings and took us round to better sides where we were able to see ancient and fading paintings of the Sotho community.  It was so pleasurable walking into these caves admiring and exploring these beauties we could have never known were it not for our visit to Lesotho. There were also lots of tiny to large villages that were entirely composed of mud and cow dung huts. Their residents too were imposing as they willing gave us much of the history of this dwelling. We also took several photos of this spectacular area as we would never want that experience escaping our canning minds. We liked all that was there and would want to visit the place on our next adventure trip to Lesotho.

 A trip to the beautiful Lesotho

Morija area was another place anyone would never want to get out of while in Lesotho. The area was very scenic with lots of dinosaur footprints. The footprints were astonishing. They were wide and seemed as if they had been marked just a few couple of minutes before our arrival. It was hard to understand how such prints would remain even after so many decades as the dinosaurs are known to have lived many years in the past. We were however, happy having discovered some of the leftovers. Luckily enough, we came across a group of wonderful explorers who were probably archeologist who helped us gather much information about the area. We learnt that many aged rocks, trees, bones and other surprising remains were found there making it thus a resourceful site for archeologists. This site was a must to take photos and so we took several specifically while we were digging hard into the ground trying to find any of the many remains we had been told of. We loved the place so much and vowed to visit it again. Our trip was indeed going great.

 A trip to the beautiful Lesotho

Our final destination was at the charming Maseru city which is Lesotho’s capital city since the time of British colonials. The city was worth visiting. We had great merry walking through the attractive streets of the city admiring its beauties. The city was home of massive residential and business buildings whose architectural layout was so astounding. We also enjoyed walking into the many shops and supermarkets that had beautiful and good looking vast displays of all sorts of items. We really cherished doing some shopping in them before progressing to one captivating restaurant that was beautifully and charmingly designed in a way that was so easy to go through. We were severed the very best traditional foods which could never be compared to any other. We also had fun spending a night there while listening to some cool music all through the whole night till morning. Lesotho can only be described as a land full of amazing and interesting wonders that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our visit was awe inspiring that we vowed to visit Lesotho again. 


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This water fall pic was very beautiful, i want to visit this place int his year. Thank you for your great guidence.

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