A Trip To Liberia

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A trip to Liberia

Barely a week had passed when my exciting dad astounded me with an air ticket to Liberia. Liberia is surely a mind blogging country to make your adventure trip spectacular. Liberia is a great country in West Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Cote d’Ivoire. It has a versatile collection of enthralling attractions. There are numerous attractive parks, beautiful iron mines, lovely beaches and more so the amusing firestone plantation that are just a few among the many enticing attractions that have made tourism a major activity in the country as millions of internal and international tourists flock there to admire its beauties. It also has a tranquil climate and an inviting weather all through the year. We had a wonderful experience in Liberia and this gave me a startling desire to share the wonders to as many people as I can and thus help them plan for the best and most amazing resort for their adventure.

 A trip to Liberia

We first stopped at the dazzling Sapo National Park where our eyes greeted nice looking and gorgeous fauna that made the whole territory look stunning. There was also a wide coverage of placid green foliage that was a magnificent source of food for the mind blowing animals. This park is known to be the crown of other national parks in Liberia due to its vast collection of enticing species of animals. We first sited the astounding Giant forest hog. It looked enormous for an animal in the park though very enthralling. It also seemed frightening as it kept roaring slightly to show its hunger for the many alluring features surrounding it including us. We also took it several photos to keep its enchanting memories. The amusing African civet was also present in this park. We mesmerized seeing it. There was also the charming white necked rock fowl. It was very beautiful and inviting that we went closer to it to get clearer images of it. We also enjoyed watching many leopards lying silently in their shelters and moreover we were excited to see several lovely kingfishers resting peacefully on tree branches and probably planning for the first lake to visit to get their delicious fish meals. We had seen them long time ago. It was indeed a great start and we wished to return to the park again to admire more of its beauties.

 A trip to Liberia

 We then proceeded to the amazing Buchan city. This city is located in the coastal regions of Liberia. We enthralled visiting the impeccable port within the town. There were lots of huge submarines that had just arrived and were waiting to be off loaded their colossal luggage. There were also several cranes busy loading other smaller ships with huge loads. We loved the site as we had never witnessed the big submarines. The loads were also enticing. They were carefully sealed that none of us could realize what they held so tightly. We took them several photos and headed to the attractive iron mine that was a few miles from the port. This site was scenic. We first sighted the gigantic trucks that were used to transport the iron. They looked huge enough for their tasks. We then went closer to the magical mine where we found loads of people all bee busy but we were fluky enough to get one to help us in exploring this beauty. He was so friendly and explained to us clearly the beautiful history of the mine. He then took us round to admire some of the iron that was awaiting transportation. It was indeed a nice moment being there. What surprised us more were the yawning and treacherous hovels that run several meters into the ground. We were able to catch sight of some darling individuals in them who seemed to be exploring more channels of getting the iron ore. We were full of joy and loved that experience so much.

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 A trip to Liberia

We then went on to adventure the striking Monrovia city. This city was a home to the most beautiful beaches we had ever come across. We went right into the swimming activity for about an hour in the serene warm waters that were so inviting and hardly could we want to swim out of them. It was indeed a good feeling being in them. We then got busy snorkeling besides the beautiful and well maintained boats for the next one hour. We went far into the waters each time appreciating the beautiful Atlantic Ocean waters that were remarkably enchanting. We were happier when several head collisions occurred with the countless charming fishes that had been hiding beneath the magical blue waters. We liked this pleasurable experience very much. We then went to laze around the lovely sandy beach that was compactly embellished with soft sand. We felt good lying there while listening to the beautiful formations of nice blue waves before visiting one of the captivating hotels around for some luscious local dishes and mouth watering drinks. We were indeed happy that our visit was going great.

 A trip to Liberia

Zwedru town was next on our adventure list. The town was amazing with lots of massive and impressive buildings. We had fun walking through most of its lovely streets admiring the many beauties that were beautifully displayed in all the shops and others in the open air. Sooner than later we had arrived at one of the tropical forest that expelled a sweet and superb atmospheric ambiance. We cherished walking into its interiors admiring the tall mammoth rainforest trees that had protruding propping roots. Their crowns were more stunning as they kept out all the sun rays that none hit the ground. We loved this behavior as it aided in wiping away the scorching sun. Later we visited the mysterious anteater arroyo. The creek was remarkably amusing as it looked so small for such a creature. We however mesmerized visiting it and took several photos of it. It was a lovely experience.

 A trip to Liberia

The awesome Executive Mansion was another site we had great fun visiting. The building offered a formidable look. It had a unique external architectural design that seemed the only of its kind in the whole of Monrovia City. Its interior layout was also amiable. We walked into it and were surprised by the numerous eye catching rooms that were housed under its roofs. We were also lucky to find a group of popular cabinet officers leaving after what was probably a lengthy meeting. They made the whole compound look very royal and we loved being there. We also met a fabulous guide who toured us all round the spectacular building giving us much of its history. We liked every moment that we were there and would want to visit it again.

 A trip to Liberia

We fuelled our fun full adventure at the dramatic Firestone Plantation.  This was the most scenic site we visited. We were indeed grand as we had never heard of such a plantation. The vast area was totally covered with rubber plants. They looked lovely and we hardly turned our eyes away as we got soaked with mind blogging and eye comforting views of how rubber is tapped from the trees. We liked it very much and took several photos of the whole process. There was as a friendly employee who came to our assistance and helped us with much info of the impeccable plantation. It was indeed a breathtaking moment and we wanted to remain there and watch more processes that were going on.  We were however, shocked beyond believe when we learnt that most of the employees had been forced to work there and lots of humiliating child labor went on in the plantation. Liberia is surely a real adventure hub. We planned on visiting it for a second time. I highly recommend this awesome country to everyone. You would love spending your holidays in Liberia.

 A trip to Liberia

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