Things To Do In Monrovia

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Monrovia is Liberia’s capital city and one of the most populated cities in West Africa. Monrovia is the hub of all cultural, political and financial activities of the country. Located on the Atlantic Coast, this city has to offer some amazing sights to people who visit it and some really delicious food which varies from authentic African cuisine to other different cuisines. The bars, clubs and restaurants of the city have some really cool fun to provide to people. Exploring Monrovia could not get better.

Things To Do in Monrovia

When To Go:

The city is a tropical center with very harsh and humid summers and pleasant winters. The sea breezes from the ocean bring in some really nice winds during the day which makes it pleasant and fun to walk around the city. During the summers, because the city has a tropical climate, rainfall is high making it extremely difficult to enjoy sightseeing in the city and also making the weather highly wet and humid. Best time to visit would be during the winter season which includes the months of November till January. The rainfall is low, the weather is lovely and it is much easier to walk about in the city and enjoy different places. Accommodation is easier and cheaper to find in Monrovia during this season too. So winters and fall are the best time to visit the city.

These are the top things to do in the city of Monrovia…


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Social Impact Tours

The Social Impact Tours are specially run tours by one of the civil organizations which raises awareness in the locals and tourists regarding the social and economic problems in the city. Not only do they raise this awareness but also try to bring change in the society related to the issues that are present. The Social Impact Tours takes you through the city with very friendly travel guides who make you interact with various NGOs and initiatives taken in Monrovia regarding the business and social issues faced by the population. These NGOs and institutions explain their part in fixing and resolving these issues while showing their work to the people.

Social Impact Tours

These NGOs help the people who are economically weak, to establish themselves and become successful in their own businesses while supporting themselves and their families. These Liberians are creative and enthusiastic about the business opportunities provided to them. The tour includes an NGO which helps new and creative filmmakers of the city to establish themselves in making projects and documentaries. Then there is a woman who set up her own business of flour and banana crisps with the help of the NGO while there is also a recycling business set up who sell products made from recycling. These small set ups keep their products for selling to the tourists and visitors who visit them. This tour is highly educative and makes you learn about the possibilities within the Liberian city of Monrovia, the talent hidden in the people and the help being provided to them to stabilize themselves. Take this tour and learn more about the city and its people.


Centennial Pavilion

The Centennial Pavilion located on Ashman Street is a site of great importance in the history of the city of Monrovia. It was built in 1947 for the celebration of the hundredth independence anniversary of the country. This pavilion was renovated in 1977 and is now used to inaugurate and commemorate the newly elected presidents of the country. Being a very historically important place in the city it contains some very important things related to the past of the country, many monuments and the grave of one of the former presidents of Liberia, William V. S. Tubman. It is the key place for gatherings within the city where many important events and happenings take place.

Centennial Pavilion

After some years of rejection the site has now been brought into its real state with the help and hard work of the state men and people of Monrovia. If you are able to visit the Centennial Pavilion on the National Flag Day you will realize the history the monument holds for the people. The pavilion has a very church like feeling with the modern reconstruction of the building and the grand hall with seating facilities and the large windows. This all fits right within the city and its surroundings because Liberia is the home for people with faith and this structure shows and depicts that faith like none other in the city. You will find a mural of the declaration of independence of the country. Going through this site you will find many historic pieces which are of great importance to the people and the whole idea of Liberia’s freedom is packed in one place right here. So walk through the place and find interesting facts and history.


Ce Ce Beach

The Ce Ce Beach in the city of Monrovia is one place which you will enjoy thoroughly. The clear blue water with the white sand allures all from across the country and across the world. The beach was quite affected and destructed by the war that hit Liberia but has now been brought back to its original and good state once again attracting the population. The beach has many eating places around it which offer seafood that is very renowned and delicious to eat. The restaurants and bars at the beach are quite crowded and you will find many friendly locals to interact with. This beach was also quite affected by frequent storms that hit the coast, so the bungalows that used to be provided for rental services to people were destroyed.

Ce Ce Beach

However, now they have been reconstructed and are now fully operational for people who want to spend their entire day on the beach and even spend one or two nights there. The view from the Ce Ce Beach is fantastic and mesmerizing. To find some peace you should head out here and lie down in the sun letting yourself relax. This place is a great spot for both families and friends. You can plan a picnic here and play around on the beach or just go for a swim. This beach is one of the very few beaches in Monrovia which is safe to swim in as the waters are usually dangerous around the coast. The sunset from this beach is also another very pretty sight which one should not miss if they are heading out to the beach. Take a walk along the shore and just relax in the calm and peaceful surroundings of the beach, away from the noisy city.


Providence Island

The Providence Island of Monrovia, Liberia is another very important landmark in the history of the country. This was the spot where in 1822 the very first freed slaves from America landed and decided to settle. This very significant cultural heritage was first known as Dozoa Island but it was later changed to Providence Island during which it was also called the Perseverance Island to refer to the hardships and the difficulties the first people of the city went through. This place shows the determination and hard work the settlers went through to settle their homes and find a new one after facing many setbacks.

Providence Island

The area is surrounded by palm trees which are set in a very distinct way around the island to give it a very humble look. The water around the island is clear blue with activities of youngsters and other people going about. This place completes the honor and peace of the country with the very significance it holds for the people and the history that it has. Taking a walk along this island you will feel the culture and the true distinct Liberian history stand out. Small shops around the place hold small souvenirs and artifacts which depict African culture. Head to this small little island and discover the history and culture of Liberia.  


Liberian National Museum

This museum is one of the most amazing museums in the country which went through many turmoils of war and was reestablished to gain popularity and to depict the history of Liberia. During the war years, many of the collections found in the Liberian National Museum were stolen, depleted or just removed. However, after the war ended many artifacts and relics were brought back into the museum and added to the collection. The museum now holds art exhibitions, photography collections and many other historic collections.

Liberian National Museum

You will also find many cultural and ethnic exhibits while touring the museum. The second and third floors of the building have an amazing aesthetic and lighting system which is amusing to the eye. On these floors you will find Father Joseph Jenkins Roberts’ dining table which was gifted to him by Queen Victoria of England. On the first floor you will find many interesting masks displayed across the walls and you will also be able to find a tour guide who will take you across the museum while explain the history. Pictures of pre and post war Liberia are another sight to see within the Liberian National Museum. Going through these collections and exhibits you will find the true culture and origin of Liberia and the history of its freedom. Not only is it educative but also highly exciting.


Sky Bar Entertainment Centre

This is one of the most amazing night clubs in the vicinity of Monrovia. The party never ends here. This rooftop bar and entertainment centre is definitely the place that you want to go visit to enjoy some African dance beats and have some drinks. The Sky Bar Entertainment Centre provides non-stop fun with exotic drinks and a lounge that is always crowded with people who want to enjoy. The nightclub is amazing with continuous African beats and even some international ones which makes the people groove till the night ends.

Sky Bar Entertainment Centre

There is also a lounge available for people who want to just sit after partying too much with sofas and separate seating for different groups. The lounge is where you can literally chill and relax with your group of friends while the others dance on the dance floor. The people around the club are really friendly and if you interact with them you can socialize your way into the society of Monrovia. For a memorable night you need to head out to this one of a kind sort of place where you can party your heart out and truly call it a vacation. The sound system here is really good, the music is of good quality and the atmosphere is superb. Do not miss out the chance of exploring this part of the city out and try dancing till you drop.



This is the new most exciting place to be in the city of Monrovia. Scarlet bar and lounge is the place where you can hang out with your friends and party till the sun goes up. Mostly known for very exclusive and amazing Valentine Day parties and dances this place also runs on other days with very exciting stuff going on about. Scarlet has made it to the top mark in Monrovia’s new nightlife places with very good surroundings and a remarkable atmosphere which you just can’t refuse.

Scarlet Bar n Lounge

The lighting with its regal effect, the couches with the lovely plush cloth covering them and most of all the cocktails and drinks that are the trademarks of the place are something that you need to experience within the African city of Liberia. Go out and sit here with your friends and feel exotic with the very exotic surroundings and drinks offered by the bar and lounge. Another experience that you just cannot miss.


Waterside Market

This amazingly colorful and vibrant market is one place where you can find anything to shop from ranging from smaller pieces of articles to bigger things, from crockery and decoration items to a whole palette of textiles. This unique place in itself offers everything for shopaholics visiting the city. You will find large upscale shops and smaller elegant looking boutiques along with many other stalls completely stacked with African items which turn out to be a huge attraction for Europeans and other foreigners visiting the city. These air conditioned venues have the traditional colorful African clothing with the signature embroidery and tie and dye patterns which makes these fabrics and readymade outfits a must buy for those who truly want to experience Liberian culture in Monrovia. Handicrafts and specially carved items are the true essence of Liberia which are readily available here.

Waterside Market

Hand painted masks, artifacts made from natural hard stone, metal jewelry, basketry, pottery and the traditional musical instruments make this place full of exotic Liberian culture and something that tourists enjoy. While shopping do not forget that poverty is a raging epidemic in the country so try to bargain less. Find some amazing little gifts for your friends and family back home. You will find necessities and items made from leather here too as this is the major hub of such shopping. This Waterside Market is an amazing shopping place with a very rich African culture found here. You will literally find everything here to buy from. So just wear your walking shoes and start walking in this chaotic little market to find the things that you need.


Kendeja Beach

This beach is another exotic place to relax in the sun with the palm trees dancing in the wind. The view from here is absolutely marvelous. The white sandy shore with the blue waves crashing on it is one of the most serene sights in all of Monrovia. You can sit on the beach all day long until the sun sets and not get bored. Plan a picnic out here with your family or friends and play some games along the beach. The water is not very safe but you can swim near the edge of the beach. This beach is less crowded than the others making it more peaceful and enjoyable, especially if you want to enjoy a true vacation in the city. Quite far away from the main city this beach is very calm with some small bars on the side and some restaurants a little farther at the end. You can enjoy your day in the sun and then head out to these bars to have a little snack or you can do the opposite. The sunset is worth watching from this lovely little spot. The water is lovely and your vacation will be splendid if you visit the Kendeja Beach.

Kendeja Beach

Make your trip to Monrovia memorable with the exclusive places to visit from, the historical monuments and the very cute little Providence Island which has the first mark of history in the country of Liberia. The Centennial Pavilion is another grave site which you should visit for more history regarding the city and the presidents of the country. The beaches here are absolutely exotic with lovely sightseeing experiences and very delicious food. The markets are filled with unique Liberian items that you can’t seem to refuse. The bars and lounges are the nightlife of the city that you must enjoy. So go ahead and visit all the places and call it a vacation. 

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