Lithuania To Berlin By Bus

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In spite of being very small place, this place Lithuania is having a lot of things to offer to its tourists and you should plan your trip.

Lithuania to Berlin by Bus


A wonderful place in Germany which is known for the modern architecture, nightlife and art scenes, Berlin is a great place for your holiday and this is the capital of Germany.

Here are the available modes of transport from Lithuania to Berlin

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Bus Ticket from Lithuania to Berlin

There are no direct buses available from Lithuania to Berlin. You will first have to board a bus at the VincoKudirkosAikste to Vilnius. This is going to take 7 minutes and you will have buses from every 10 minutes, the bus ticket would cost you $1. Now, from Vilnius to Messegelande, Berlin, you will have to board another bus and this bus ticket would cost you around $45. The time taken is 18 hours and you get buses only twice a day. Finally from Messegelande, Berglin take a bus to HackescherMarkt, Berlin. The journey time is 48 minutes and the ticket fare is $13.

Lithuania to Berlin by Bus

Train Ticket from Lithuania to Berlin

The distance from Lithuania to Berlin is 992 kilometers and there are many modes of transport available to reach your destination. One of the best options among so many available options is by train, but you don’t have direct trains available. Firstly, you will have to reach the Vilnius railway station and from there you will have to board a train to Minsk. The journey time is 3 hours, 48 minutes and the train ticket fare is $24. This train is available four times a day. Later, you will have to board a train to Berlin, the journey time is 16 hours, 27 minutes and the ticket cost is $85 to $120.

Flight Ticket from Lithuania to Berlin

From the Vilnius airport VNO airport, you have flights available to Berlin TXL airport. The journey time is one hour, 35 minutes, this is a non stop flight and the flight ticket cost is $85 to $220. 

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