My Travel To Lithuania Cities

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Travel to Lithuania

My travel to Lithuania was good although I experienced some few difficulties in some cities of Lithuania.  Some of the cities in this country are dangerous and you have to be very careful while making your tour. I thought that my travel to Lithuania would be fruitful although I had received some warnings earlier from friends who had gone there but I decided to take my trip anyway. The trip was quite good but I actually came across some dangerous incidences in some cities.

It all started with a very nice visit to Kaunas, the capital city of Lithuania. It was very wonderful walking along the streets of Kaunas admiring the great buildings and the structures in this wonderful country. However, when I moved to another city called Vilnius, I realised that it was a dangerous place with uneven paving slabs and cobbled roads falling over. You have to be very careful of paving at your feet while you walk in the streets admiring the architecture. The architecture of this city however is just quite wonderful and admirable.

Travel to lithuania

It was also evident that there are thugs who can mug you at night. When I was getting into the hotel that night after alighting from a taxi, I saw some men staring at me and one of them was contemplating mugging me as I walked towards the hotel door then he changed his mind all of a sudden.

I decided to make my tour to Kaunas city. This is actually the second largest city of Lithuania. It was just awesome admiring the great architectural works in this place. I visited the great Kaunas Town hall and its then when I actually realised how superb it was. It is painted white with ivory shade making it a very interesting and nice place for the meetings and public functions that are usually held there. I really loved that place.

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Travel to lithuania

However, I noticed a high water level on a wall which showed that Kaunas is usually flooded heavily and it’s very devastated by floods especially before they constructed the hydroelectric power plant with the Kaunas Sea. I was becoming worried that it could flood while I was still there so I decided to move to Klaipeda. I then visited the Kaunas castle which was very historic because of its originality and because it is very ancient castle. I was able to see a lot of very interesting art of gallery and artefacts in the castle that was very nice.

I went to Trakai Island Castle which was a great place in Lithuania to be in. I enjoyed every bit of my stay there, enjoying the great nature of Galve Lake that is strategically located around the marvellous Island. It was a very interesting and attractive site to be in within the country of Lithuania. I actually wanted to stay there for longer. I went to Kaunas airport for my flight and I have to admit that I was really harassed. The security check-in queues were extremely long with only one person checking boarding passes. I inquired and I was told that it was always like that. I spent more than an hour just in the security passport check queue. It was terrible!

Travel to lithuania

When I reached Klaipeda, the taxi that I took upon arrival actually overcharged me and I got to know that there are private taxis that are very expensive. They usually change the calculator to count higher price even if they have gone through a short way. I can advice that you ask the price per 1 km first before you get to the car otherwise you risk being overcharged.

Getting an accommodation was another hell of life because all the hotels were already booked for the Sea festival as it was around July. I was told that I should have booked earlier enough. I think that it is just advisable to book earlier enough because even the first weekend of June is a Jazz festival.

I also learnt the foreign registration plates attract thieves in this place so it is better to have your alarm system well equipped and not to leave any valuables in the car. Otherwise you risk finding your car’s side glass broken and the staff stolen. My neighbour in the hotel had her car glass broken for a simple perfume that she left visible with some water flask. She felt horrible being in that Klaipeda city.

When I moved to Siauliai city, it was another nightmare with the bumpy sidewalks somewhere close to Cathedral. I actually fell down while walking and knocked my knees on the ground.

It is important to watch your steps while walking on sidewalks in downtown Siauliai to avoid falling like I did.

Travel to lithuania

I was surprised when I found that Siauliai Tourism Information Centre was closed because I reached there some minutes past 4pm. Upon inquiry, I was told that they actually close at 4pm on Saturdays and they don’t open on Sundays. What a failure! Most people have time over the weekends to do their tour and this place is closed. I was very disappointed. I also learnt that this city is also dangerous with thugs who can mug at night. It is advisable to be very careful after dark.

I decided to move to Palanga for a few days. I went to a mini temple at St Maria that is hewed in one rock to see how the people in Lithuania have their prayers to their gods of the moon, the sun and the thunder. After seeing how they pray, I went to park near a palace that was built long in 1897by project of famous French park architecture designer. I can say that this place was really very beautiful in the whole of Lithuania i visited during my travel.

I moved to Trakai where I visited the Trakai castle and it was very good with several things to view and admire so much. However, there were many people who visited the place and it was really overcrowded during that time of June. Then those round stairs that were so steep also put me off. There were round stairs inside the tower of the residential part of Trakai castle. The doors, stairs, wooden galleries and some passages around the yards of Trakai palace were very narrow and made me feel awkward. Another thing that made me feel horrible was the one-way-traffic there and very steep stairs to be very careful about.

During winter, the Lithuania streets are very slippery with the waters and snows and I learnt to be very careful lest I fall because the residents don’t add some salts to avoid the slippery ground. So its better if going at this time can be postponed.

Lithuania is a very good place to visit and feel very comfortable even though there may be some dangerous towns that you have to be very careful when you are planning to have a tour there. Some of the places where I just passed through and experienced good times within Lithuania are also Hill of crosses, Gediminas Tower and Kernave among others. While you enjoy the great tour in Lithuania, just be careful of the above mentioned very few dangerous cases while visting this bery beautiful country.

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