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Don't Miss Places In Luxembourg

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Luxembourg is bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France. The hills of Ardennes extend up to the north of the country and the Sauer and Moselle rivers form its eastern boundary. The south with its green pastures and fertile farmlands is known as the Bon Pays (Good Land).

Don't Miss Places in Luxembourg

Today, rich deposits of iron have made the country one of Europe’s leading steel producers. The “Luxembourg City”, is perched high above the gorge of the Alzette River, is a center of international banking and finance. The people of Luxembourg enjoy a very high standard of living with free social security and health care.  

These top ten tourist attractions are the not to be missed places when in Luxembourg.


Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial

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The Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial is an interesting place with convenient access. It is where the American soldiers who died in their tour of duty of this region during the Second World War (mostly killed in the Battle of the Bulge) are all laid to rest. It looks like a traditional American Cemetery with its vast lawns of green grass and neat rows of crosses. It has more than 5,000 white crosses that can take anyone’s breath away and come to a realization that something great really happened around here. Sometimes, instead of crosses it presents the Star of David if the soldier buried is of Jewish American descent. This is a memorial to the many identified dead but at the same time a tribute to the many still missing sons, brothers, and fathers to which one could never grieve properly.

Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial

For those who know the genre, it is a classic American war cemetery that instills a great sense of peace and a lot of emotion. It is particularly touching to see the grave of General Patton, the legend of the U.S. Army and one of the founders of the armored forces. While it is true that he was killed after the war in a car accident the day before being sent home in the United States, he asked to be buried at this cemetery along with his fallen soldiers in the Ardennes. This memorial is 1.5 kilometers away if you take the bus ride from the main entrance gate where the road ahead is clearly indicated. This cemetery is impressive (although to say that about a cemetery is certainly not just the right thing), elegant, and makes every visitor leaving with goose bumps thinking about the scale and ruthlessness of war.


Philharmonie Luxembourg

The Philharmonie Luxembourg is a place for lovers of modern architecture. It never fails to leave a good impression especially with its stunning exterior that is very imposing. It is nice to see this building at night when it gets illuminated with different colors to create a magical effect. The interior is a theater with excellent acoustics and marvelous in its kind.

Philharmonie Luxembourg

The Foyer is special because it runs through the circle but it is not straight, it is a little slope and is often used for receptions, cocktails, concerts, and events. The Philharmonie offers prominent artists and bands from different places. It can be easily accessed to be able to see a host of interesting activities including the screening of old films with live music. The location (by French architect Christian de Portzamparc) is very impressive and is rightfully placed in the Kirchberg area in the European district which is just a few steps away from the MUDAM, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Luxembourg.

Philharmonie Luxembourg

Together with the Cinémathèque, the point of reference for the most demanding moviegoers should be thankful for its rich and preserved film archive that features old movies in clear quality. The Philharmonie and the MUDAM (free on Wednesday evening) are the symbol of a city that continues to build their own wealth without underestimating the cultural level of its people.


Mudam Luxembourg Modern Art Museum

The museum building is located in the area of European organizations, across the bridge from the historic center. Its skylight “grows" out of the remnants of the old fortifications that are visible from afar. The building which was built by architect IM Pei (the same architect who created the Pyramid at the Louvre) is more interesting than the art represented inside. It is a great heritage from the long reign of Jean-Claude Joncker. The value of the collection is variable depending on the current exhibitions. It is a very nice museum.

Mudam Luxembourg Modern Art Museum

In particular, the guide is very good in giving a comprehensive explanation of the artwork and the artist. The history behind the museum is very interesting to know. The complete exhibition of contemporary artists with installations, videos, sculptures and paintings is the best way to highlight the mix of the old and the new. The choice of artists that is picked every weekend is always in tune with their interesting and exciting monthly themes. Do not postpone any visit for this is just next to the Philharmonie, behind the Fort Thungen (museum of three acorns). It is a beautiful building and certainly pleasant to go and visit especially for lovers of modern art.


Le Chemin de la Corniche

This fortress with 1050 years of history tells much of the history of this small nation. A part of Le Chemin de la Corniche was dismantled but there is still a part that can be visited together with the inner part that houses the approximately 1,200 soldiers that inhabited here. It is well maintained and clearly shows the awesome care of the heritage and how everything is preserved and on display in the correct way. It is a nice example of a civilization and historical preservation.

Le Chemin de la Corniche

This magnificent man made structure has a natural balcony from which visitors can enjoy the wonderful view looking out to what history has created for the city of Luxembourg. Beginning here and continuing all the way around the walls you can venture up to the new area of the Court from which you have more prospects of the bridges and the canyon that almost surrounds the walls of the lower town. You can stand for long and enjoy the unusual and different views of the city especially in good weather. From here, you can walk in any direction. Just be prepared that the city goes up and down, therefore, you will have to overcome a large number of steps.


Casemates du Bock

The Casemates du Bock is an interesting and slightly unusual place. Inside, you can see loads of features starting from its monotonous, raw and narrow corridors, steep spiral staircase connecting the floors, unexpected deadlocks, and loopholes with guns. Be careful in your exploration because there is a risk of getting lost in the dungeons and not find a way out for some time. This place is so much fun, but you may run out of parking time and pay a fine.  Navigation can be done by following the signs and markers, but climbing the narrow stairs is already a tiring experience. Wear a good pair of shoes when visiting this site.

Casemates du Bock

It is located in the center of Goroda, and all the elements seen and experienced here help the guests fully feel the atmosphere of the Casemates during their era. This building was designed to defend the city from enemy incursions and was built high during the second half of 1600. There are approximately 40 kilometers of tunnels and passages. Along these places, guests can feel transported into another era. Here, you can feel extraordinary emotions and looking out from the openings where the artilleries are you will discover the beautiful view of the valley below. You can see the buildings of the European Community. It is worthwhile to schedule a visit to the casemates.


Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathedrale Notre Dame)

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the main attractions of the city. Apart from its imposing cathedral that was built in two phases, the oldest of up to about half a century is divided by a narrow part where there first altar was constructed. The second part, houses today the altar of the nineteenth century and one of the most interesting features are the decorative windows that can tell the story of the country. To visit definitely and most of all get the new part in and out of the old. The cathedral is very visible even from afar.

Cathedrale Notre Dame

The entrance is accessed by a small road and the front lot. The interior is what every cathedral should be; sober, with high arches, made of stone, few furnishings and frescoes, and stained glass windows. It is the perfect place for reflection and prayer for those who believe in the Christian faith. It is impeccable in its north European perspective and in terms of significance; it is much more valuable than any other Baroque churches of Southern Europe. This enchanting Cathedral in the historic center of Luxembourg is located in the pedestrian area next to the Palazzo Ducale.


Viaduc (Passerelle)

Luxembourg is not a very big city and when walking in the center you will come across in this attraction and be filled with amusing questions like, is it a crater? A landscape with pitched depression? Call it what you want, but down below there is the lower city that stretches for about twenty square miles surrounded by a small river and greenery. The atmosphere is surreal because there is so much peace that gives space to meditate and weeping willows that adorn the perimeter that looks like the icing on the cake of a landscape that is worthy of being in the indescribable world of the fairies. Luxembourg is rightly called the city of bridges.


And this bridge over the Petrus River is one of the most beautiful in the city. You will be in awe of its 290m length and 24 arches. This classy and old viaduct high above the valley looks stunning even in late autumn. There are lots of places on the Viaduc around and under it that is ideal for photography. It also provides gorgeous views of the old town. Be sure to visit the viaduct and other bridges around the city. It is all definitely worth it. Certainly go from start to finish and do not get distracted by the observation platforms that are always full of curious tourists.


Parc Merveilleux

Parc Merveilleux

The Parc Merveilleux is large, with large a paved wooden walkway that leads to a route with various animals. There are two groups of structures in wood and iron for children to enjoy; the one with slides, monkey bars, and see-saws. Plus, there are three attractions that are “mechanically operated” and have an entrance fee for kids and adults who want to ride and play with train, toy cars / motorcycles, and mechanical horses.

Parc Merveilleux

On a busy day or weekend there are lots of visitors and the parking gets saturated up to the roadsides and its nearby villages. The access to the rides also becomes limited as the long lines are expected in every ticket booth. Nevertheless, it is an ideal place for families with children. It is one of the best attractions in the region of Esch-sur-Alzette.


Beaufort Castle

The Beaufort Castle in Echternach City is an old castle in which it is possible to walk and climb on the walls. This nice little castle collects € 5 entrance fee where guests are given a small brochure that serves as guide to understand the rest of the attraction. You can read general information about the castle as well as explanations for some of the rooms. Every hour, there is a film screening showing the history of the castle.

Beaufort Castle

The view from the tower is great. In the torture chamber there are simulated torture instruments that show how the atrocities of the past treat every prisoner with electric shocks. The castle is not large and thus it creates a break in an hour.  It is a small but fine castle ruins, but you should not expect any huge highlights for it appears desolate and abandoned at most times. 


Chateau de Vianden

Chateau de Vianden

A visit to Luxembourg would not be complete without a trip to the Chateau de Vianden. The castle is impressive from the outside. It was recently renovated, same with the rooms and courtyards. Parking is down in the village and can go cozy up to the hill. Combine your castle visit just in time with The Medieval Festival to witness the annual fireworks around the site. Particularly noteworthy are the medieval games that are usually held in the summer. The castle can be reached only via a steep staircase. Strollers must remain outside in the yard.


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