My Great Holidays To Luxembourg

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After a hectic month of working hard and hardly spending time with each other, my boyfriend and I decided to take a short break and go and visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a land locked country and is bordered by Germany, France and Belgium.

On our holiday we wanted to be able to spend as much of time together yet at the same time doing activities that involved the outdoors. We were told that Luxembourg was lovely to hike, go cycling, canoeing, horse back riding and also doing a bit of fishing and rock climbing.

My Great Holidays to Luxembourg

A friend of ours who is an ardent hiker, told us that we must hike the trail which is called the cross –continental GR -5,which runs on the North Sea from Hoek of Holland to the resort of Nice in the French Mediterranean and is  a 1600miles long. We decided to do the E2/GR5 Rosport Manternach which is about 17 miles. The walk was very picturesque and the landscape went from World War II battle sites to medieval castles and to lovely vineyards, ravines and limestone cliffs. The route was a spring-fall-summer route .We came back well and above exhausted but totally happy. The day had been brilliant.

Having spent the previous day hiking, we decided to go and have a look at the Parc Naturel de la Haute-Sûre. The best way we figured was to go horse back riding. It was magnificient exploring the undulating area of the Haute-Sure Lake on horses ,as they raced forward over the glorious greens. The thrill was super.We also got to rent canoes and explore the country side which was beautiful.

My Great Holidays to Luxembourg

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I was fascinated by a town called Little Switerzland and really wanted to see what it was all about. So we decided to combine Little Switerzland or Mullerthal and the Moselle Valley .We decided we camp outside the city and take picnic and packed lunches and explore the city and the countyside by foot.We climbed unique rock formations and some we could simply just admire from the ground level up. Of course, it wasn’t really like Switerzland but one certainly got the feeling that they were in Switerzland from the houses and the little cottages.

Since we were ardent outdoor people, we were told that we had to go rock climbing in Berdorf or as its locally called Wanterbach craig and is located in Little Switerzland area of Mullerthal. My boyfriend who loves rock climbing was well and over excited about the prospect of it. I was a bit wary, though I have been a number of times but I also had the feeling that the cord might snap and down I go! Nevertheless, I was also very keen and the sandstone nirvana of Berdorf was exciting. We reached the craig as it was only a short walk away and there and behold in front of us was this truly breathtaking and not mistaking high rock literally screaming in your face! It was incredible. I was positively terrified at the very sight of it but as we started climbing I began enjoying the magnificience of the rock. We did more than 600 meters of climbing and the trip was long but the part through the gorges was especially nice. Before climbing the craig though ,we had to obtain a climbing permit  and it wasn’t very difficult to do.

My Great Holidays to Luxembourg

Wanting to taste a few wines and being in the Moselle Valley we drove twenty miles south to Remich and visited the St.Martin Wine Cellars. Moselle Valley is known for its exceptional white wine and we really indeed enjoy the entire experience.

We then headed into the little village town of Vianden. Having the possibility of being able to rent bikes and we set off on the bike trails. We could literally cross the river and infact land into Germany or we could head northwest into the Ardennes. Since Belgium is less than 25 miles west of Vianden, we figured that with a morning of biking we could literally cover three countries at once. It was absolutely incredible to be able to cycle through all these wonderful countries in just a morning of biking.

One day we spent exploring the chateau at Vianden, which is considered to be one of the most striking castles in Western Europe. We walked up the hill for a wonderful scenic overview of the little town and its surrounding area. We then came back into town and visited the Maison Victor Hugo,where the French author stayed during his Exile. The day was fun and relaxed as we were really spent from all the biking we had done the previous day.

My Great Holidays to Luxembourg

Having explored more than a bit around of Luxembourg , we decided to come back to Luxembourg City to explore some of the city and its cites. The best way of exploring Luxembourg City was by foot and were told that the Wenzel Walk was one of the best things to do when in the city. The walk took us through the major cites of the city like the Bock Casemates and also the Castle Bridge and the Petrusse  Casemates. We explored some the historic fortress, which was a witness to many European Rules and battles. We also visited the Place D’Armes, the Buckingham Palace of Luxembourg and the Cathedral de Notre Dam.

On the last leg of our journey we decided to visit the Red Rocks region of Luxembourg. The Red Rocks is one of the main reasons of Luxembourg’s wealth and economic stability. Much of the countries wealth comes from this tiny little area. The ore under the rocks helped in the development of the iron and steel industries. Esch-sur-Alzette, which is the highlight of the region of the Red Rocks was indeed beautiful. We decided to leave the city a bit and explore the surrounding areas by hiking the trails around the Red Rocks. It was easy to do as we had managed to get maps from the local tourist shop. It was lovely walking through the rock formations and seeing the city from on top of the rocks.

The last day in Luxembourg I wanted to do a bit of shopping as Luxembourg has a low VAT rate of 15% and is great to buy a few designer articles. I headed off to Grand Rue and then to the streets of Avenue de la Gare and the Avenue de la Liberté, which are close to the station. Avenue de la Liberté is considered to be the second most attractive shopping street in the world. Every third Sunday between June and October there is a flea market and one can buy all sorts of things. I was indeed a happy shopper and enjoyed my time shopping a bit.

Luxembourg is a beautiful country and the best part is though being so little ,it had so much to offer .We had gone hiking, biking, horse back riding and rock climbing and as a culinary delight a bit of wine tasting too ,all in just one week!  It was a week well deserved and well spent .We came back home happy with the time we spent with each other and also visiting a little country packed with activities!










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