Skopje To Tuzla By Train

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Skopje is famous for its Old Bazaar, which has a maze of narrow pedestrian roads at the foot of the fortress. It is lined with colorful merchandise in a myriad of small shops that has a bit of everything; goldsmith, carpets, and classic souvenirs that serve as testimony of the former regime.

Skopje To Tuzla By Train


Tuzla's Srebrenik Fortress is accessible via two hour bus ride from the city center. The road is not the best, but it is passable. Inquire in advance about the opening hours of the castle; otherwise you drive for nothing "upwards".

Here are the available modes of transport from Skopje to Tuzla.

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Skopje To Tuzla By Train 

Travelling by train from Skopje to Tuzla is possible via the Macedonia Railways MZ (Line Express). The travel time is nine hours and 36 minutes. The one way ticket costs US$24. However, the train ride is only up to Belgrade and from here, you must take the Lasta bus (a three hour and 55 minute ride with a fare of US$8) to reach the city of Tuzla.

Skopje To Tuzla By Train

Skopje To Tuzla By Bus

The distance between Skopje to Tuzla is 638 km. There are two bus rides to complete when travelling from Skopje to Tuzla. First, you must take the SAS MK bus from Skopje to Belgrade, which takes six hours and five minutes. From Belgrade, take the Lasta Bus (three hours and 5 minutes) that goes straight to Tuzla. The total cost of this journey is US$35. To get the latest timetable, check:

You can also drive from Skopje to Tuzla; the travel time is seven hours and 35 minutes.

Skopje To Tuzla By Plane

Only Jat Airways offers air travel (one hour flight for US$120) from Skopje to Tuzla daily. However, the plane lands at the Belgrade Airport and from there you can take the shuttle bus from the airport that will bring you to the Lasta bus station where you can take a four hour bus ride to reach the city of Tuzla. To get the latest information, visit:

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