Holidays In Maldives

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Holidays in MaldivesWhen my boyfriend and I left for Holidays in Maldives last year, we did not know that it was going to be the most memorable of times. This is because Maldives is more of a paradise on earth. We had booked our accommodation at the Vilamendhoo Island Resort where we had an excellent stay. The hotel is beautiful and incredible as it overlooks that turquoise water and the white sand beach. The general atmosphere around this resort was cozy making it a great destination for escape from the busy everyday life.

Holidays in Maldives

There are a couple of great places to visit that will complete your holidays in Maldives. One such place is Maldives Victory. This is a great location for scuba diving and even though we have not mastered this art perfectly, we dived here several times because the visibility was good and there were no currents. We also enjoyed checking the marine life. Maldives Victory is perfect for relaxing and I would definitely return here.

The Sun Island Beach is another great place that you need to visit when you go for Holidays in Maldives. This beach is gorgeous and warm. Even more, the colors are really nice to look at that you could easily spent the entire day here. This Island is not that huge hence you can walk around it in just over an hour as you enjoy some breathtaking views as we did. There are a couple of good restaurant here where you can dine. Moreover, you can also take part in some of the water sport activities like jet bikes and skiing.

Holidays in Maldives

We also went to the National museum even though you should not expect to see so much here especially if you have gone to many other museums across the world. This is because most of the items at this museum have been donated by other countries. In addition, there are no Maldivian items that will take you back in time so that you have an idea of the history of Maldives. Ironically, the building itself is so huge. Even then, you can consider checking it out.

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Another exciting place that we spent some time during our holidays in Maldives is Banana Reef. My boyfriend and I had one of the best snorkeling experiences ever. The corals were nice, the water was transparent and we were lucky enough to see mantas. There is an abundance of sorted fish to see here. If you are into snorkeling then this is a must visit site as you will enjoy the color.

We also went to the Hukuru Miskiiy museum that is also referred to as the Old Friday Mosque. This is another great place to visit especially by history buffs because of its architectural heritage that gives it its beauty. It is while at this most that we got to learn some interesting history of the introduction of Islam to Maldives. Unfortunately, we were not able to go in because we are not Muslims. There are old beautiful tombs of nobles outside built from corals including that of the late president of the Maldives, Ibrahim Nasir as well as a lighthouse looking minaret at the front. Other things that you will see here is the spectacular garden as well as pond that has since fallen apart as its water is no longer clean. Moreover, the fountain is also not functional. However, this could be restored over time. This mosque is simply magnificent.

Holidays in Maldives

Maldives has so many beaches that offer a great experience so we also went to the Veligandu Island Beach. This beach is outstanding and an exotic location for honeymooners or lovers who would like to spend time alone. We had a romantic dinner like no other on the beach where we were assigned our own waiter. The food offered here is wonderful. There is also a sunken with a mixture of quirky. The staff here is very friendly and committed to ensuring that the beach is clean by sweeping the leaves from the pristine sand. It was amazing to see reef sharks patrolling up and down the beach with the hope of catching fish on the edge of the island.  Certainly want to go back to this island.

Hulhumale is another nice island that we went to in Maldives. The unique thing about this island is that it is artificial but very nice. However, we were advised not to wear bikinis because this is a Muslim nation. Therefore, it you are thinking about tanning then you can be sure that it will definitely not be fun, as you have to be in shorts and T-shirts. Thus, if you are looking for some luxury then you should not expect to enjoy Hulmale Island that much. The brighter side of it is that while here you will experience the local culture.

For a feel of the chain of leadership of Maldives, we went to Mulee Aage that is the small palace where the sultans as well as president lived. This place is bright and is well secured from the walls to the gates that is significant of the importance of the position even though it is not so much. It is a great site for photographs as it has a cute appearance. Surprisingly, it is small unlike other presidential palaces that you can think of. The Tiny Island Marine Conservation Centre is another must visit attraction in Maldives. This was one of the many memorable experiences in Maldives. I was moved by the efforts being directed towards the turtle conservation program by volunteers. This program is particularly good for someone who is passionate about conservation of wildlife as well as the environment.

Apart from the romantic dinner, my boyfriend also took me to the Veli Spa at Kurumba before we concluded our holidays in Maldives. This spa is truly a fabulous haven that offers you relaxation through the treatments that are out of this world. I had a facial, body scrub and wrap that I recommend if you want to have a time of your life. The massage is top quality and it is done within a relaxing setting. If you are into yoga then you can be sure that this need will be well taken care of here by the team of professionals that are at hand to attend to you.

We also tried out a range of water sports with Extreme Water Sports at Kurumba. Some of the sports that you can enjoy include tours, para sailing, Jet Ski safaris, water skiing, kayaking, windsurfing as well as day excursions among others. The instructors here are friendly and keen to ensure that you have fun to the fullest.

We also went to the Male Fish Market that is one of the flea markets. There is nothing much about this market except the different types of fishes. In addition, this market is smelly but quite interesting to see different people bargaining over the fish. It is also a good photo opportunity. Closely related is the Male Local Market that is a great place to purchase souvenirs. However, you need to use your own judgment to bargain because most of these souvenirs are overly priced. You can also visit this market to simply get an insight into the life in Male, as there is plenty of local vegetables and fruits being sold here. Overall, Maldives is a great holiday destination that you can visit more than once and still have fun. 

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