Romantic Vacations In The Mesmerizing Maldives

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My husband had always surprised me with many visits to stunning places but this one was definitely impeccable. Right at the beginning of Easter holidays, we booked a flight trip to Maldives to explore her unsurpassed beauties. Maldives is an amazing country composed of several small islands, and an awesome destination for enthralling holidays. Maldives has oodles of attractions. There are stunning beaches, forts, mosques and moreover charming locals and this is a sure reason why thousands of tourists visit her territories every year. The country also has the very best atmosphere to cool down in as you explore all the beauties within your reach. Our visit was impeccable and worth of mentioning as we had a superlative experience right from the time we stepped in the wonderful landscape of Maldives. I was absolutely compelled to share with everyone searching for a magnetic place to have a breath taking holiday. Maldives is a sure place of attraction and fun.

 Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

We kicked off from the dazzling Maldives National Museum.  The museum was really spectacular that we hardly concealed our joy or our mesmerism. The exterior architectural design captured our attention right from far. It was also massive giving an urge to explore its interiors. There was every sort of beautiful and attractive item on display. We found numerous well formulated coins, attractive jewelry and imposing majestic sunshades. All this pieces revealed lot of history about the ancient Maldives. We really had a great moment strolling through this impressive museum. We were then caught to surprise by the countless exhibited charming relics that dated back to the pre Islamic period and thus more history to learn. We were indeed grateful to the friendly guides we found there as they helped us understand and appreciate every kind of beauty that lay within the stunning museum. The museum was surely a good site to start off our trip.

 Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

We then progressed to the magical Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu Al Auzam mosque. This site was so scenic that we got ourselves yearning to stay in Maldives so as to explore its wonders on a daily basis. Its architectural design was matchless as we had never come across any other of its kind. We were greatly amused by the enticing golden crypt that it exhibited along the Male’s Skyline. We had to take a few photos of it. We then walked to its inside. The atmosphere there was the best as none of us could reject of having visited a real paradise. It looked so beautiful with a breath taking interior layout. We were actually lucky that we found a wedding ceremony taking place. It looked more of a heaven. The bride wore a gorgeous long attractive gown that run down to the ground. I loved this experience as I was real fun of weddings. The mosque culture was however a little strange. We had to wear long dresses to be allowed into it and more so my husband had also to change into trousers as shorts were not allowed in there. We were totally in the good mood of excitement and vowed to schedule a second visit to the mosque. Our visit was indeed fabulous.

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 Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

The impeccable fish market was yet another mesmerizing site within Male city. The spot was astounding. There were lots of enchanting fishes of all types beautifully exhibited at every part. I was very thankful to my husband for having organized this visit to Maldives. The fishes were attracting and compelling as their sweet smell filled every part of the stunning market. We were actually tempted to devour a least five of the mouth watering fishes that had been filed accurately. We then moved to the shores to join hands with the assiduous fishermen who were busy doing their normal job. We liked very much the way they had made their hooks that no fish escaped their trap. They were also very generous as they helped us with a few tips on fishing that we found the visit very important. We indeed did a few spot fishing where we were lucky enough to catch six of the big fishes to carry home. This was one of our best moments in life as we felt the happiest persons on the whole universe. This site was a must to visit on our next travel to Maldives.

 Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

Kurumba village within the Male city was one place we would not want to imaging failing to visit while in Maldives. The place embraces the best sort of refreshment. Right from the moment we entered the village, we were compactly and intensely amused by the eye catching trees that stood all over the whole area. The grounds were also very green thus exhibiting a relaxing mood. We walked straight to several coconut trees to have a look at what they offered. The coconuts were impressive and large for a thirsty tongue. We certainly had to crack several to enjoy their appetizing milk. We were grand to have found one fantastic local tending the trees as he willingly helped us learn how to grow and nature the plants till they bring in the charming results. He also issued us with several of them as we greatly wanted to make coconut rice back home.

 Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

The village also offered the best dramatic white sandy beaches. We enthralled swimming in the warm tranquil waters of the lagoon within the beach where we took more than three hours chilling out in its serenity. We then had a magnificent moment stretching out on the pristine white sand listening carefully to every wonder that was made by the vibrating coconut trees surrounding the area. It was indeed one of the most moving moments in our life time that we promised never to forget the beautiful island.

 Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

We also had a stirring moment visiting the Seenu Atoll Maldives. The atoll was the best place to be in after a tedious journey. The site was completely protected from every sort of injustice that is mostly caused by bad weather as there were numerous islands surrounding its environs. We thus calmed in the very preeminent atmosphere free of harsh winds and storms. The site was also a paramount home for enchanting dolphins and whales. The dolphins were particularly larger that we had expected and were a sure reason for taking them several snaps. My husband was also greatly surprised by the young whales that were dancing fussily beneath the waters. We loved to learn more of their history so we planned to do a serious research on their life. It was truly a place worth of visiting.

 Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

We lastly toured the magnetic Banana Reef to explore its wonderful wonders. The place was so cozy that we hardly wanted to leave.  We thrilled diving in the reef’s water and surveying the large shoals of lovely fishes swimming with us and somehow showing us the way through the water. I liked this experience very much.  We also had fun fighting fiercely with the strong currents that were forming every second. They were immaculate blue and very nice to look at or even to listen to their inviting formation. We certainly basked in the appealing sun and watched every blue waves that were blossoming beautifully like the bubbles in soapy water. It was surely a best place to relax.

 Romantic vacations in the mesmerizing Maldives

The beauties of Maldives can barely be assembled within one holiday. We planned of visiting Maldives again in the year. Our visit was with no doubt the very best we have ever had.


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Thank you for taking us on a beach and beyond tour of the Maldives smiley3

Heavenly is the word that comes to my mind and you are very lucky indeed to have such a romantic and imaginative partner wink


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