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I would like to share my experience over the past 2 weeks in Maldives. We had booked a 2 weeks holiday in Maldives.

we took one week diving in Liveaboard and One week staying on a resort. First of all we didn't have any idea how it would be, . However I can tell you it turn out to be one of the best Vacation i have had in years.

Maldives Diving Adventure had us on board Eagle Ray liveaboard, and from the time we arrived we was taken care of. Transferred to the liveaboard immediately . We had to wait for other 5 couples who joined with us on the tour as they arrived just 30 mins late.

We sailed of and was assigned cabins and given briefing . And had Lunch before we got ready for our Dive. Dive Master Manic introduced all the members of the team. And we did our first dive briefing , As it was a simple check dive, it was relaxed and we dove in Maagiri reef, however we saw plenty of fishes and two in love turtles, and a small baby shark . It wasn't bad for a first dive. And from that point onwards i got the good feeling we will be having more of the underwater paradise. As water was crystal clear.

All our dives was fantastic , Marine life was in clouds , Pelagic of All types, Schools of Dolphins, And same time Manta feeding, also to complete the tour at the end we got lucky to see the big guy Whale Shark and swim with it for almost 20 Min's .

The service on Eagle Ray was fantastic , had plenty of delicious food made by the experience chef to keep us full. We got a Maldivian night buffet and also experienced the great Music of Bodu beru by the boat crews.

It was disapointed to end the 7 days tour so fast and head to the resort.

We went to Angsana and relaxed ourself at the beach sun bathing and gazing at stars at night.

It was one of a kind vacation and i would sure return back to the exotic destination and hopefully dive with Maldives Diving Adventure.

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WOW  :js:)
Sounds like a great experience, actually I was thinking to do some divining in my next vacation.
I had an idea to go to Asia since it is cheap, but had no idea where to go dive.
I think you pretty much provided me a great idea of where to start my first diving experience.

One question is what was the cost of stying there, like doing the diving course, eating outside, and the hotel cost?

Do you have any hotel recommendation, that will not be too expensive?

Have you done actually a full diving course, or just diving introduction?
Do you got some pictures of it?

Thanks for the advice  :buu:)

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Thanks for your nice advice

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Maldives Maldives
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Maldives Live aboards are common among surfers & divers

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